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Yarn Magic

Hello everyone! Now I know a lot of spoonies, and a lot of witches who either knit, crochet or sew. These activities suit both groups: for spoonies they offer a creative output without having to spend too much energy, and for witches they’re a really easy way to practise magic daily. So yarn/knot magic is perfect for spoonie witches!

This year (2017) I am crocheting a square each day, and making these into a massive blanket. I am choosing the colours of each square based on each day, how I felt, or magical colour correspondences I want to instil. 

As I crochet, I set my intention for the blanket within each stitch- for me these include protection, comfort and safety. Other ways to add magic include adding strands of your hair or the hair of a loved one into the blanket to add extra protection (this often happens by accident for me as my hair sheds everywhere!), or you can crochet with the colours specific to your intentions.

My colour correspondences are: 

  • white: cleansing and purity
  • black: protection and binding 
  • red: strength and passion
  • pink: love and harmony
  • orange: courage and comfort
  • yellow: communication and self love
  • green: fertility and wellness
  • dark blue: dreams and psychic abilities
  • light blue: joy and new beginnings
  • violet: divination and inspiration 
  • purple: authority and power
  • grey: neutrality and secrets
  • brown: the home and grounding 
  • silver: intuition and reflection
  • gold: prosperity and luck 

Happy Witch Crafting everyone! (see what I did there? good pun)

Emily xo

You’re not less of a boy for liking to wear skirts
You’re not less of a boy for wanting to wear makeup
You’re not less of a boy for knitting or sewing
You’re not less of a boy for expressing “softer” emotions
You’re not less of a boy for wanting to feel pretty.

Boys come in all different types. It’s okay to be a soft boy, a pretty boy, a femininely dressed boy. You’re still a boy. The only thing that determines how much of a boy you are is how YOU define your boyhood. And no one, nothing in the world, can take that away from you.

okay but the crew stops at a planet for a diplomatic mission, but as they step off of the ship, it immediately starts to pour.

The inhabitants of the planet come running out - the rains a sign of good luck and fortune in their culture - and greet them enthusiastically. Lance tries to remember he’s a paladin. Tries to remember he has a job to do. tries to remember he has a reputation to uphold. Tries to remember that one wrong move could ruin this whole meeting.

But he can’t hold it in.

He drops to his knees in the rain, quiet sobs wracking his body as his eyes squeeze shut. Everyone around him backs up, creating their own circle far away from him, thinking that he’s happy to see the rains again. That he’s finally getting what he’s wanted after so long.

But they’re wrong.

All he can think about is his family. Sitting out on the porch with his grandmother, listening to the soft pitter-pattering of the rain while she knits or sews. Playing out in the puddles with his littlest sisters teaching them how to jump to make the biggest splash. Talking with his dad, listening to him hope that the rain doesn’t wash away the new coat of paint he just put on the house. Cooking with his mom, sharing in her hope that his siblings get home safe and sound.

But he doesn’t have that anymore.

They’re on earth. He’s on some strange planet. They’re going to school. He’s learning as he goes. They’re eating real meals. He’s eating goo. They’re together, happy. He’s alone, pretending everything’s okay. They’re living their lives, probably thinking he’s dead. Half the time he’s wishing he was.

But he has a job.

There are people who count on him. a universe that counts on him. He can’t exactly just leave them behind because the rain brings unwanted memories. No. he has to suck it up and push through.

But a hand finds it’s way to his back.

Lance doesn’t dare look up, not trusting his eyes to not allow tears to spill over, nor his ability to put on a smile and make a joke about how much of a baby he’s being. He stays still, focusing on the hand rubbing circles on his back. It’s probably Hunk. He always knows when Lance needs him, no matter how neutral his face is, or how convincing his laughter rings out.

But it’s not him.

“Take as much time as you need,” says a voice he’s become all too familiar with. A voice he’s fought with time and time again. A voice he’s dreamed about for months on end. A voice he’s longed to wake up to. A voice he’s told himself he hates just to be able to deal with the fact that its owner hates him.

But maybe he doesn’t.

Keith stays, eventually kneeling next to Lance. His hand never leaves his back. Not when Lance stops crying, nor when Lance leans onto him, eyes drooping, face void of any emotion. He stays. And Lance will hold onto that for as long as he can.

Living for my days off so I can tackle this mess of a desk.
Have way to many projects and way to many great ideas for even more. Gotta figure out a better way to organize things… any suggestions would be awesome. I prefer analog to digital, apps and websites don’t really work for me.
But it is getting a tiny bit overwhelming.

fabrickind’s cosplay help masterlist


Here is a masterlist of my cosplay help posts and tutorials, broken down by type of cosplay help. This will be updated as I do more cosplay help.

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Dyeing a Beaded Dress
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Sewing Knits
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Determining fabric yardage from a mockup

Wigs, Hair, and Makeup

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Using Real Hair
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Wearing Heavy Wigs

Foundation Garments

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Making shapewear
Preventing strapless bras from slipping
Making superhero briefs
Preventing bra show-through
Bra cup replacement

Props, Accessories, and Armor

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Sterek Fandom I Need Your Help

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I’m thinking about opening up my own shop to raise funds for my semester abroad this fall, and since I have ZERO art talent, I figured stick to what you know, right? So here is a survey to figure out what y’all would potentially like to see in this dorky little shop of mine.


(again, not an artist, so please ignore my horrible sketches)

piesandfalcs  asked:

Hi Tammy! I love your work. I was wondering if you have watched Ash Hardell's series on asexuality? (ABCs of LGBT) Also, I love the way that you portray crafting in your books. How much research do you do into things like sewing and blacksmithing?

I haven’t watched the series, no. Where does it air? 

As much research as I possibly can. There’s always somebody in the audience that knows more than you do, and you don’t want to make an idjit of yourself. I observed glassmakers, and I had a friend who had done glassmaking, so I was able to talk to him. My father introduced me to the intricacies of gunpowder (boom dust!), including how it smelled. My friend the glassmaker also helped me with bonsai, and I went to several bonsai stores and talked with the proprietors. 

With knitting, sewing, and weaving, I had my mother and a program that did spinning thread and raw yarn. I also observed the weavers and spinners at Renaissance Fairs and I have a good friend who’s a champion knitter. 

I work that way. I get videos, I get books, I talk to people. For Renaissance crafts, I discovered that the Society for Creative Anachronism not only provides a lot of living examples of crafts at their gatherings, but their publishers produce chapbooks (small paper-bound books) about individual Renaissance arts and crafts. Falconry, shoemaking, hats of particular periods and so on. You can buy them online.


One of the reasons I haven’t been knitting very much. I got bit by the sewing bug. I am working on making a variety of purses. Most of them are Alice in Wonderland themed. Right now I just have the totes finished. I plan on making more circle bags, similar to my original Alice bag. As well as a few non-Alice themed projects, such as the cat purse. I hope to sell them in the near future online and possibly IRL. So keep an eye out if you are curious to see more. I will be sure to let you all know where and when I post them for sale.