Winter, or rather, InTheLittleKnit is coming.

YouTubeKnits’s pattern called for Martyn’s usual green shirted, pink skinned avatar, but I always thought it would be fun to knit him in his winter skin colors (my favorite color is blue so I had plenty of blue yarn).  AND, wouldn’t I be so lucky as to have a light blue yarn, perfect for his skin, in the color of ‘lapis’!?   It was meant to be.

I really want to continue this Yogknitting streak, but I have to knit/sew for upcoming conventions.  But when I do, which Yog should I knit next?

Hey Yarnies!! 

Just wanted to throw this out to you guys if you’re interested! 

A few months ago I signed up for my first fibreshare. Whats a fibreshare, you ask? 

It’s a group that got started by some yarn enthusiasts where you get assigned a partner and you send them a “yarn care package” as I like to call it. 

I tried it out for their summer share and I LOVED IT. It was an amazing way to connect with some really cool people (my last partner became a really great connection and we’re planning a mini exchange actually!) 

So if anyone would like to try it out, here is the site: FIBRESHARE 

It costs between $5-7 (to cover admin fees and to insure everyone gets a package in case of outstanding reasons). 

It’s for: crocheters, knitters, spinners, weavers and anyone who loves yarn! There are no limitations on where you live. You can chose to ship domestically or internationally if you like. Hope you give it a try if you’re interested. :) 

Halloween Craft Swap!

Hey everyone, I’ve been wanting to organize a craft swap like the ones I did on ravelry a couple years back for a while. I figure everyone loves Halloween, so why not do one with a spooky theme?


  • Participants must be over 18 or have parent/guardian permission to participate. This is a physical craft swap, which means you’ll need to provide your address so it can be mailed!
  • Crafters of all types welcome! Even if you just draw, you can make a piece of art on physical paper and mail that.
  • Package contents should be valued at no less than $10. If you’re not sure how much your craft is worth, check out etsy and see what other people are selling similar things for. If in doubt, you can throw some store-bought candy or craft supplies in with it.
  • Participants are responsible for shipping costs.
  • Whether or not this swap will be international depends on if anyone participating is willing to ship internationally!!
  • Participants must fill out THIS FORM and reblog this post by September 15th, 2015. After that, swap partners will be assigned. Please have your submit boxes open so you can receive your partner’s information!!
  • After swap partners have been assigned, you will have until October 15th to mail out your package!
  • If you need to back out at any time, please notify me (curefloraofficial) and I will send a package to your partner myself so no one is left out! Similarly, if your partner seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth and you’re sure you won’t be getting anything in the mail from them, let me know and I’ll send you something.
  • Track the tag #HalloweenCraftSwap for updates!!!

Again, if you’d like to participate, please fill out THIS FORM and reblog this post!!! Thanks!!


Spent my day in the art museum and knitting in the park, and then took pictures of some of my older crochet and knitting projects to finally put up for sale! I’ll be posting pictures of those tomorrow.

Bonus: a picture of Helena, my mannequin, who was the star of today’s show:

and my best friend Tiara, who was the other star: