My newest finished lopapeysa! The pattern is called Loki, it’s knit from Léttlopi yarn and it took me about three weeks to finish – I was in a bit of a rush, because the friend that I was making it for is leaving Iceland soon. But the pattern was so fun to make, it was done in no time! Totally in love with it, and planning on making something like this for myself someday. :)

If there is a proper way to weave in ends, I don’t know it and I don’t do it. I feel like there is probably a graceful technique other than “just tuck those suckers in wherever”

In related news, I finished my first knitting project in a year!

anonymous asked:

So, I'm starting a new thing, and it says "CO 6 stitches on three dpns" And I'm wondering if that means 6 on each needle or 2 on each needle to make six? Thank you

I can’t really tell from this short description. I’m guessing that if you read a little further in the pattern it’ll be clearer how many stitches you’re supposed to start out with.

ETA: the unanimous consensus among my followers is that you should cast on two stitches per needle. Good luck!

It’s hard not to giggle with joy looking at these socks! I think I need to space out my Felici though, maybe with all the Christmas presents I’m so behind on….although I do have a good excuse! 😂🎄
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