Annoying knitting things
  • Nearing the end of a long tail cast on and realizing the long tail is about two inches too short.
  • Patterns that don’t have row numbers.
  • Forgetting a yarn-over.
  • Yarn snobs (not everybody can afford to buy $25 skeins, dammit)
  • Realizing the size needles you need are the one size you don’t have.
  • Having to go to work instead of being able to stay at home and knit.
  • Splices in the middle of a skein.
  • Realizing halfway through a project that you really should have taken the time to make a gauge swatch.

So these are the patterns that I’ve gathered together for my sock urge. I really want to attempt color work AND, because I’m insane, I want to learn how to knit two socks at once on circulars. 

I got the inspiration from a hibernating project that never really inspired me. It’s this dark rainbow striping yarn that I want to pair up with black for a stained glass look. The soon to be frogged yarn is in DK so I’m planning on doubling up the black sock yarn I have. However, when I was looking thru my stash I found two other possibilities. My rainbow handspun, that I was originally saving for a weaving project (when I get a loom someday) and another dark rainbow striping sock weight. The second has more brown undertones so I don’t think I’ll use it with the black. I’d like to know your thoughts on which striping yarn ya’ll would use.

Anyhoo. Patterns.

1. Garden Gate Socks

2. Garland Socks

3. Volteado 

4. La Mancha’s Giants

5. Keisarin Morsian

6. Fireweeds 

All are free! I’m personally leaning towards 3 and 5. What about ya’ll? 

I am loving this gradient! I’ll be adding my own Gradient Yarns soon. This color is stunning! #Knitting #CindysFinds #Pattern #Wool #Handmade #Crafts #Yarn #Knitter #HandKnit #ravelry #Knitagram #Instaknitter #Knittingpattern #knittingaddict #Knittersofinstagram