knittedrainbow said: You can block them dear! <3 They won’t be able to go on your blog while logged in or reblog anything from you.

oh gods, I feel so silly now because I thought blocking only made it impossible for them to send me asks and that I wouldn’t see their content. but if that’s the case then I think I’m gonna do that! I noticed they saw and liked my post but they’re still on my follower list so either it’s just tumblr being slow or someone else unfollowed me?? in any case, I’m gonna start doing that, thank you for informing me! ^u^

kookybun  asked:

I don't know you, but you like Pokemon and MLP and Harry Potter and pretty/relaxing pictures and dragons so I automatically think you are awesome. :D

Uuuuu, thank you! I think you’re awesome, too! <3 Honestly, your blog is one of my favorites! Also I’m Ame, and I offer you a ~*tumblr friendship proposal*~ !!