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do you have any fluffy headcannons of the wonderful anko family in modern times? btw your blog is literally my all time favorite on tumblr rock on you majestic human being <3

-Denmark is really good with little kids and will play with them and tell them stories

-Norway likes kids but always scares them away until they get to know him, then he’s really in touch with their sense of humor (fart jokes anyone?)

-Iceland hates loud children because they kind of alarm him and he dosent know how to deal with them but kids always flock towards him because of his hair colour and mr puffin

-Denmark keeps children away from icey

-They have a christmas tradition of giving joke gifts as well as a real gift

 -Den has gotten: neon pink bondage gear, several sets of lego (which he actually enjoys), a shit ton of colored hair gel, a knitted bikini                        -Nor has gotten- About 15 butter dishes, a set of real antlers on a headband, and, the only gift that has been met with rage, decaffeinated coffee                                                                                                             -Ice has gotten- shitty handmade christmas sweaters that are purposefully bad, a bunch of photographs from the dick museum, and once got an entire barrel full of puffin feathers

-In the winter they tend to form snuggle piles in the middle of the floor

-Nor refuses to drag his butt out of bed to make coffee on the weekend so den or ice is stuck making it

-denmark has week-long baking stints sometimes and theres pastries everywhere. E v e r y w h e r e

-Nor actually faces more consequences for stupid impulsive shit he does because ice just chills out and den is really good at getting out of trouble so at least once a month den needs to climb up a tree to get him out, normally because he was trying to get one of their cats down on his own

-They have two cats (very fluffy norwegian forest cats) and a dog(unknown giant fluffy breed)

-Ice sometimes will wake up in the middle of the night and go for a midnight snack sometimes and ALWAYS knocks over something and wakes the others up