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Googly Eyes [2]

[title]: Googly Eyes [2]

[pairing]: Peter Parker x Reader

[summary]: Y/n’s falling for the Spiderman and while Tony likes Peter Parker, he doesn’t feel too great about his daughter dating him.

[warnings]: none bruh

[a/n]: oMF so iM sO SOrRY i havENt pOStED iN foreVEr bUT i GoT RLLy bUSY AnD iT Was My biRTHDaY ANd tHeN THe fOUrTh Of juLy aND pLs dONt hATE ME i LoVE yOu

Googly Eyes Part 1

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           Y/n had been constantly waiting for the text from Peter Parker, much to her father’s displeasure. For the first few days that he had left, she was checking her phone every few minutes, anxiously awaiting contact with the Spiderman.

           After a few weeks, she gave up checking her phone often, but if it rang out, announcing a notification, she would scramble to check who it was and her lips would droop with disappointment with it not being the boy that she wanted.

           The ding from her phone that was lying face down on the coffee table notified her. She and her father were sprawled across the sofa, watching a movie. It was the first real constructive interaction that they had had together in a very long time. Nonetheless, Y/n jumped to pick up her phone.

           A hopeful glint glittered in her eyes as she hurriedly read what had lit up the screen.

           Hey, it’s Peter Parker. Remember me?

           A triumphant grin erupted joyfully onto her face as she slid the notification across the screen to answer.

           Suddenly aware of her distraction, Tony lifted his head from the couch’s armrest to see that Y/n was smiling brightly as her fingers danced expertly around the screen.

           “Who’re you texting?” he asked suspiciously, narrowing his eyes at the way she tried to hide the dreamy smile that fought its way onto her face and refused to move.

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anonymous asked:

I was looking for David's new Paul Smith shoes (unsuccessful, unless it's the Rabknit Knitted Trainers With Striped Webbing when seen under weird lighting), and I noticed there's a big sale going on. I'm bracing myself for new additions to his wardrobe. Also, did Paul Smith always have a kids section?

Yeah I noticed the sale too. Basically while doing the same thing you were.

I think the Rabknit trainers are the closest thing currently in stock to his shoes, but I’m pretty sure these were purchased a few seasons ago, and he’s just started wearing them now.  I don’t think they’re new, new.

I wonder if he hits the sales? I mean that cacti shirt is pretty brand new so he could have gotten that on discount. But his shopping seems to have more to do with his work schedule than anything else. Seriously though he should have a permanent frequent shopper discount or something.

Fantasys about someone getting their kids to RP as a DT mini me.

Mohawk Gerudo has different jewelry/embellishments than Nabooru. Some places say it was an early Nabooru design that wasn’t updated with her model, others say the original intent was for all the Iron Knuckles to reveal Gerudo inside them when you beat them in combat but they decided to drop that later in development. When a series play as fast and loose with story and canon as Zelda does, people are free to take what worldbuilding they have and read into it how they want. People can extrapolate whatever they want because the actual set in stone spoken canon is pretty lackadaisical. That’s why series like Zelda grab people so much, the story is so thin it tricks the players into expanding it to the bigger one they want to see in their heads. Zelda fandom is largely a loose knit web of headcanon exchange, people picking and choosing and passing along the elements that resonate with them personally. 

The only way to really get Zelda lore wrong is to say “the story elements that you chose to read in to and expand on were not read into and expanded the same way I chose to read into and expand on them and as such are incorrect and invalid”

Forbidden Thoughts

Dreams of you,
are forbidden to me;
Yet they breach,
through they come,
into my sleep;
They love me,
with gentle words,
with feather-light,
they touch me;
I imagine,
soaring into your arms,
into the fires,
of this sun;
And melting,
into moonlit embraces;
Listening to your voice coax me,
cast your magic spells on me;
Your web,
is knit,
and I am un-forgiven,
in falling;
like the tendrils of a plant,
inside my quilt.

© soulreserve 2015

Oneshot: Alive

AU Missing Year (No Zelena), wherein Greg’s torture and Neverland have taken their toll on Regina. She collapses shortly after they all return to the EF. Snow and Charming fight to help her in a land without medicine and technology. Established SQ. SwanMillsCharming Family feels. Some angst. Some fluff. I don’t own Once or any of its character. Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you all enjoy :)

TW for electroshock/torture and panic attack.

Regina sighs wearily as they walk into the main entrance of her old castle. She feels exhausted and sluggish. It’s a feeling that’s been bearing down on throughout Neverland but she did her best to fight it. She couldn’t give into it, not when she was fighting to save Henry. A tear rolls down her cheek at the thought of her son who she may never see again along with the woman she loves.

She’s put her exhaustion and pain down to her heartache but now as she leans heavily against the door she wonders if perhaps something more is going on.

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025. He Embarrasses You

025. He Embarrasses You

HARRY: You couldn’t stop replaying the video clip. Over and over, almost on loop, and each time you would look over your shoulder to where Harry was lying against the headboard, eating an apple. 

“It was just a flub!” Harry cried out, having already said it before. He had tried to explain himself, but all he could do was apologize and chalk it up to a mistake. 

Rolling your eyes, you played the video clip again. It was bad enough, the interview, but the worst part was that it had been your grandmother who emailed it to you. Usually, you didn’t pay attention to Harry’s interviews. 

“It’s safe to assume the song is about one of your ladies then…?” The ‘journalist’ asked the group of boys as they sat, side by side, almost squished on the red couch. Awkward chuckles erupted from all the boys as they tried to steal a moment and each figure out how best to answer the question without really giving an answer at all. “Is it about you [Y/N], Harry?” They pressed on.

Your boyfriend flushed for a moment, shrugging his shoulders and clearing his throat before giving his hair a quick shake. 

“You know what, I like that, yeah, it could be, because she is a sexy little animal after all.” Once more he shrugged, looking happy with his answer before catching shifty eyes from Louis and a chuckle from Zayn that suggested he was a total idiot.

“It’s not that bad. It’s a compliment, really.” With his mouth full of apple, Harry said from behind you. He reached around to turn your YouTube off as if that would stop you from seeing the clip. 

“Harry! My grandma sent this to me! My family has seen this!”

ZAYN: “Ah, I knew this would happen!” You darted around the small dorm you called home as if you had just swallowed an entire bottle of caffeine pills. “Why did I let you stay over again?” Grumbling, you asked your boyfriend rhetorically while throwing your messy bed head into a ponytail with one hand while shuffling through your laundry basket with the other. 

“Because you can’t get enough of me.” Sleepily, Zayn smirked with his eyes closed. He didn’t have a meeting with the head of the faculty he was trying to get into. He could sleep in for as long as he wanted. He was on break from tour after all. 

“Yeah, that must have been it.” Rolling your eyes, you mumbled and began to swish a little mouthwash into your mouth before spitting it into an empty mug on a wall shelf. There was no time to jet to the end of the hall where the communal washroom was. You put on deodorant and squinted into the mirror, without any lights on, and tried to cover up the bags under your eyes and color your lips in with a quick gloss job. “Can you pass me that? The dress?” You nodded at Zayn and then pointed at the cotton blue dress that had gone over well in your last job interview and when meeting Zayn’s parents. It was hanging up on a plastic hanger on the curtain rod. Sitting up reluctantly, Zayn reached up and handed it to you, watching with sleep in his eyes as you danced your body into it with a few quick movements. “I love you.” You knelt onto the bed’s edge and reached over to kiss him, ignoring the morning breath alive in his mouth and then picked up your black heels and flew out the door. It was a busy morning in the hallway, as it always was on Mondays since most people had early morning lectures or just wanted to get to the cafeteria before all the bacon was gone. 

“Hey babe!” You could hear Zayn on the other side of your dorm door. It swung open and before you could turn around to see his arm sticking out, you and the rest of the hall heard him. “Don’t forget your lucky thong. It’s always worked for you.” He chuckled, shaking the little black piece of fabric around. Zayn had never been to University, he didn’t know how population dorms were. You spun around your heels, a dead stare in your eyes while your face turned thirteen different shades of red. 

LOUIS: It had been a while since you felt completely zen. In fact, you weren’t sure if you had ever been zen before, but right now, after a day of being pampered at the spa with two of your best friends - you felt zen. It had been your boyfriend who encouraged you to go. You two had just moved in together and you were constantly running errands to get the place together when you weren’t in class or studying. He thought a little time focusing on yourself, getting your toes done and a nice facial would be a nice treat for you. 

“Louis?” After kicking your flats off at the door and locking it behind you, you called out. While you two lived alone, your place was rarely silent. A television was always on playing sports recaps too loudly to be considered background noise or music would be playing out of one of the rooms and pouring into the other. It wasn’t uncommon for one of yours or Louis’s friends to just stop by either and take up refuge in your kitchen, blabbing away and helping themselves to a drink. “I guess he is not home.” You said, only to yourself while walking into the kitchen and putting your purse down on the counter. Without a second thought, you took your cellphone out of the flap to text your boyfriend. With your fingers and eyes focused on the screen in your hands, you walked absentmindedly towards your bedroom. As you stood in the middle of the room lit only by the sunlight through the window, a sudden force grabbed you by the shoulders while a loud roar surrounded you. All you could do was scream and scream you did, dropping your phone and turning around to face Louis and his version of a frightening face. Not even a beat later, he was laughing so hard that he had to hold both his sides. You started to catch your breath, zen feeling gone, and you shoved your palm into his heaving chest. 

“You jerk! I peed myself a little bit!” You laughed slightly, though still looking cross and terrified. 

“It was priceless. You are too easy!” Forever a prankster, Louis chuckled and reached around to embrace you in a playful hug. To make matters worse, Niall wandered out from the master bedroom,  his cell phone recording the whole thing.

“Damn, you were right, Lou.” He chuckled, typing away on his phone. “This is going on vine. I’m going to call it ‘[Y/N] wees herself’.” He said, looking and sounding so proud of himself.

NIALL: Niall and you had a lot of things in common. You both liked music and bonded over going to live shows together. You both loved food and spent nights together devouring take out meals in bed. You both liked sports and took walks to the park together to kick around the ball or toss a Frisbee back and forth. However, what you two shared the most was a wild sense of humor. You weren’t afraid of doing anything or saying anything around him. He saw a side of you not everybody did. You would do bad impressions together, tell obnoxious stories, and even just make weird noises that only you two understood. It was a special little thing that you got to do with Niall and only Niall. You could go to a concert with any of your friends, eat like a farm animal with any of them, and play ball, but you couldn’t be as crazy as you were with Niall with anybody else. He let you be yourself and you loved that most about your relationship. 

Surprising him while he was away had been something you wanted to do since he first mentioned he was going to be heading out on the US leg of his tour. Perrie had helped you plan how to get there and find him, so you felt confident once you arrived at the venue in Seattle. A security guard led you through the winding hallways of the backstage area and you even gave yourself a quick once over in a mirror before walking into the group room that the boys chilled out in before a show.

“Babe!” Niall shouted, putting down his water bottle and nearly jumping over Lux to wrap you up in his arms, kissing you on every inch of your face. “I thought I wasn’t going to get to see you til I came home.” He looked completely astonished that you were there. Niall couldn’t have wiped the smile off of his face if he tried.

“You’re here.” Louis emerged from the washroom, tilting his head from the side and then waving. “Please, do the Truffle Shuffle for us.” Like a little boy, he sounded like he was begging. You gave him a look of confusion for a moment before spotting Niall’s expression of guilt. 

“You told them!” You gasped, nudging him in the side with your elbow. 

“Truffle shuffle! Truffle shuffle!” The boys, all but Harry, chanted in unison with childish grins on their faces. 

“So, when I said ‘don’t tell anyone I can do this…’, what did you hear, Niall James?” You asked, holding your pelvis while jetting it out to the side with enough sass to be considered a cartoon character.

LIAM: You were finally starting to feel at ease with the rest of the boys in the band. Even though you and Liam had been together for a while, it was a process to work your way into the close knit web that the One Direction family had created. However, they all seemed to be warming up to you especially now that you and Liam had gone on a vacation together. They looked at that as a big step. If Liam was serious enough to be taking you away to a resort in the Bahamas for two weeks, they could consider this relationship the real thing. While Liam was sensible, he could be naive when it came to the girls he chose to be with and they just wanted to make sure you checked out first. 

You were sitting quietly, legs folded at the ankles, on the tour bus while Liam was emerged in showing off pictures of your trip on his Iphone. He had Zayn on one side of him and Louis on the other, peering over and adding in commentary almost every time your boyfriend slid his finger across the touch screen. 

“The beach was gorgeous. It was private and white sand, just fucking beautiful.” He licked his lips and went on, wishing that you two were back there already. He flicked his finger again, but he was looking up at you and smiling, giving you a wink as he remembered how much fun you had both had on the beach. 

“Uh, it’s beautiful, Liam, but I don’t….I don’t think….” Zayn flattened out his lips with an uneasy expression, looking away after holding the photo in his gaze for a few beats.

“This might be my favorite shot.” Louis laughed, looking at you with a nod and cheeky grin before looking back at the photo.

“Oh Jesus!” Liam cursed, finally looking down to see where he was in his camera roll. He moved his finger quickly a few times, going past the four pictures of you he had taken on the beach, topless in the water with your arms over your head. He was looking at you now with apologetic eyes and with the way the other two boys were laughing it didn’t take you long to recognize what happened.

“Liam!” Shrieking at him, your eyes dilated to the size of dinner plates as you felt your whole body shudder from the horror of the situation. 

“And here Harry said you were a prude.” Louis winked at you, just teasing you the way he would any one he considered a friend.

Something short and sweet before I go to sleep. I’m not thrilled with Niall’s, but c’est la vie. Do you guys prefer short preferences or the long ones I usually write? Let me know. 

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La Reine de Rien” Chapter 2 Summary

- Emperor William and Prince Ferdinand finally meet on thefrontlines to fight for the Lestein [small kingdom east of the empire, that suffered a tough rebellion not long ago]

- Colette and Hermann seem to find a common ground and that deeply upsets Beau, who’s being jealous towards the little man.

- Colette convinces the Emperor to approve her plan to take The Gray Tops by trickery. She, Duncan, Hermann and a few hundred soldiers going to go across the mountain to destroy Ferdinan’d rearward.

- Beau’s upset that Colette, once again, didn’t allow him to come with her. He goes for a stroll to clear up his thoughts and suddenly stumbles upon Sebastien. It leads to a fight, during which Beau kills Lafaielle and a chevalier, that Sebastien was talking to. Terrified of what he’s done, Beau still manages to hide the bodies and get back to the main camp.

- Colette and her party march for The Grey Tops. Letty and Hermann seem to deliver a mutual sympathy for each other, however she warns him that this ‘route’ is too dangerous for them both. Hermann convinces her to play a drinking game to try to get to know her better.

- Charlene Blackmont meets up with Odette and begs her to spare Ferdinand’s life. Odette makes her confess that she is the one who killed her husband and that Ferdinand is an actual father of her children, but agrees to help.

- Emperor William notices that Sebastien disappeared and asks Beau to lead the search party.

- Meanwhile, at Ferdinand’s camp everything goes according to plan, Colette lets to get herself captured so she can 'give up’ the false plan to Ferdinand.

- After a few hours of being questioned and tortured, Colette passes out and find herself in another one of her crazy dreams. This time The Queen of Spades herself offers her an audience… but can her intentions be truly friendly?

- When Colette wakes up again, she finds herself in the house with Hermann and James (Hermann’s half-brother, chevalier of Ferdinand’s army, who rescued her from the fire).

- Meanwhile Odette’s busy, babysitting princess Arabella, knitting her usual web of intrigues.

- Beaumont is trying to 'find Sebastien’s killer’, questioning and torturing everyone who he finds suitable to be a suspect. He still feels lost and angry, realizing that his past is dead to him and that his life now changed completely.

- Colette’s questioning herself, she’s not sure if she did the right thing, when she got Beau involved into the big game. She and Hermann are leaning towards each other, but at the same time both understand that it’s not going to work out. Finally Colette confirms that she will marry Beau and Hermann promises that he will help her to watch out for him.

In the third chapter story settings will take more medieval turn. Once again, it’s not a plot twist, it’s just a twist of my mind and there’s no logical explanation to this so yeah… deal with it xD

we, like knitted web;
intricately manoeuvring times
between stars, for the sky
could crumble before us-
like its all that keeps us away
and our hands lying open in
between, waiting; waving-
i see you, they’ll say; i’ll see you
soon, darling- as i watch
the clouds tonight- fading, oh
but they’re going to you and i
see you, they’ll say; i’ll see you
soon, darling- the sky will be
the one shade of blue.
—  goodnight, love.