knitted web

Aries: Sometimes the cruelest demons were once the kindest Angels; but just because satan used to be an angel doesn’t mean you should dance with him.

Taurus: Like an old home memories from your past creak and moan within you, and sometimes they even ache. Nostalgia is nothing but a dirty liar and nothing was ever sweet; just dusty.

Gemini: I can see the summer air still stuck in your throat. I know that fall leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, but poisoning your body won’t be the death of the cold; it’ll be the death of you.

Cancer: You are a spider tightly knitting together your web of sadness. If you’re not careful you will just end up entangled within yourself.

Leo: You’ve been in the darkness for so long that the light burns your eyes. Even stars have to collapse and burn out sometimes. I promise the pain is always worth it in the end.

Virgo: A heart like yours can easily hang heavy like a weeping willow, but I still catch you holding your breath under tunnels and sending your wishes out to space on shooting stars. We both know that you’re too strong to let something so small destroy you.

Libra: The most beautiful flowers are sometimes infested with bugs and decay, and although they smell lovely, taking them home with you is never a wise idea.

Scorpio: You can bury your skeletons as deep as you want, but the ghosts that once embodied their flesh will still be waiting at your doorstep.

Sagittarius: Your heart is made up of paper and you keep playing with matches and gasoline. Sometimes the best thing to do is back down and swallow your pride; you will always be forgiven.

Capricorn: As the air gets more frigid and bitter so do you. You’ve always found beauty in the death of things, especially yourself.

Aquarius: You’ve formed a habit of locking your heart away in an ice cold box with warning labels taped across it. Just because you’re fragile doesn’t mean you can be broken.

Pisces: Venturing out is only temporarily thrilling and a homesickness for a place you once new will soon set in; it’s time to return.

—  horoscope poetry; 9.2.15
Forbidden Thoughts

Dreams of you,
are forbidden to me;
Yet they breach,
through they come,
into my sleep;
They love me,
with gentle words,
with feather-light,
they touch me;
I imagine,
soaring into your arms,
into the fires,
of this sun;
And melting,
into moonlit embraces;
Listening to your voice coax me,
cast your magic spells on me;
Your web,
is knit,
and I am un-forgiven,
in falling;
like the tendrils of a plant,
inside my quilt.

© soulreserve 2015

Mohawk Gerudo has different jewelry/embellishments than Nabooru. Some places say it was an early Nabooru design that wasn’t updated with her model, others say the original intent was for all the Iron Knuckles to reveal Gerudo inside them when you beat them in combat but they decided to drop that later in development. When a series play as fast and loose with story and canon as Zelda does, people are free to take what worldbuilding they have and read into it how they want. People can extrapolate whatever they want because the actual set in stone spoken canon is pretty lackadaisical. That’s why series like Zelda grab people so much, the story is so thin it tricks the players into expanding it to the bigger one they want to see in their heads. Zelda fandom is largely a loose knit web of headcanon exchange, people picking and choosing and passing along the elements that resonate with them personally. 

The only way to really get Zelda lore wrong is to say “the story elements that you chose to read in to and expand on were not read into and expanded the same way I chose to read into and expand on them and as such are incorrect and invalid”

we, like knitted web;
intricately manoeuvring times
between stars, for the sky
could crumble before us-
like its all that keeps us away
and our hands lying open in
between, waiting; waving-
i see you, they’ll say; i’ll see you
soon, darling- as i watch
the clouds tonight- fading, oh
but they’re going to you and i
see you, they’ll say; i’ll see you
soon, darling- the sky will be
the one shade of blue.
—  goodnight, love.