knitted turtle


Xander’s pile of catnip toys. These aren’t even all of them. There is the lemon, cigar, cowboy boot (since he is from Texas), pumpkin and the sad little knit turtle he has destroyed. He bit my hand while I took this pic. You’re welcome.

Things I associate with BTS

Jin: First dates, innocent kisses, large scarves, baseball tees, lilac, snowy days, the feeling of hugging a loved one, trips to the country side, flower crowns, butterflies, white button ups, dream catchers, long hugs, glass figures, soft purple light, city lights.

Suga: Forehead kisses, walks during the winter time, face masks, over sized sweaters, day dreaming, napping on a rainy day, walking deep into a forest, holding hands, listening to rain, burnt matches, statues, lightning, abandoned cities, dried flowers, inverted colors, reflections, brick streets, crystals. 

J-Hope: Cherry blossom trees, bomber jackets, jacket patches, thigh high socks, neon lights, laying in the grass, ripped jeans, walks on the beach, graffiti, blurred city lights, brooches, high tops.

Rap Monster: Radios, watching the clouds, city views, sitting by a lake, purple sunsets, rolled up sleeves, walking on the beach, chokers, tribal patterns, black and white clothes, over sized teddy bears, leather jackets, beanies, crashing waves, cliff diving.

Jimin: Hanging lights, sunlight shining in through curtains, turtle necks, knit sweaters, orange sunrises, trees in the fall, walking around museums, aged paper, sitting in cafes, lazy morning cuddling, frames of photographs, gold bracelets, red ribbon, mist in the morning, cactus, over grown greenery.

V: Circle glasses, broken glass, fluorescent light, water distortion, train yards, looking into water, abandoned libraries, damask, winter over coats, looking out of the window.

Jungkook: Knit blankets, sweater paws, messy bed sheets, bookshelves, white flowers, hand written letters, postage stamps, hanging plants, embroidery, antique shops, oil lamps, green houses, paisley.

Imagine a female version of Killing Stalking where instead of killing women Sangwoo would play out the goody two shoes sweet girl role but kills men and works the fuck out in her free time like some bad ass. She would be tall, beautiful, lovely long dark hair with some blonde hightlights.

She hates guys with a passion because of sexual abuse by her father and perhaps some physical towards her mother. But maybe at one point before it started happening she was a true daddy’s little girl who adored him before he became her own monster. The story would have gone the same way where she kills her father and her mother, she hates her mother because she was never believed or she never helped her. 

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dating ten!

-ok so #1 good job because ten is Probably the Sweetest guy on earth
-anyways he’s honestly the definition of fluff!!!
-like he probably loves giving lil kisses all over your face
-“hey y/n come here”
-after he says that you should anticipate at least a thousand kisses all over your face
-on top of that he probably loves cuddling more than anything if he’s in a relationship
-and he’ll always insist to be the little spoon because he likes feeling your body warmth
-it makes him feel Safe And Comfy
-he loves letting other people know about your relationship
-“hey, johnny! have i told you about what y/n did yesterday? because it was so cute i almost died”
“hey, lee sooman! yeah you know how i have the cutest s/o? well they’re really cute!!!!”
-as you can see he’d always be calling you cute
-and if you called him cute back, his whole face would probably light up and he’d turn a little bit pink and just be so Happy
-like?? the cutest person he knows just called him cute? Instant Knock-Out
-also he’d buy you guys matching knit turtle necks ?? just because he imagined seeing you in it and nearly died
-anyways, he’d be the most doting and caring boyfriend ever
-he would really take care of you
-he also really loves getting nose kisses
-can you imagine just randomly giving him a lil kiss on the nose and then his cheeks turn super red and he’s just like
-he would also probably take a little bit of time to say i love you to you
-because he doesn’t have much experience with love and he doesn’t know if you love him back
-but he would find out he loved you so much while you’re doing the most mundane thing
-and if you said i love you back he’d probably cry or at least tear up
-OVERALL!!! he’s the sweetest boyfriend who tells everyone who’ll listen about you