knitted tea cozy

Nicholas Wilde is such a fucking PTA Dad. I don’t know why I’m thinking about this right now but it might be because now I’m working with the schoolboard before my grad program starts and I just can’t believe how right I was.

Nick is a fucking PTA Dad.

And because of that, his style of revenge is just actively being as kindly passive aggressive as he can.

He’s the sort of person who will knit you a tea cozy in the shape of a giant hand with its middle finger sticking right up. But he used only the best wool and your favorite color scheme.

Like here, I wanted to get you something nice.

But also, fuck you and your budgetary plans for the Spring Fling. I will not skimp on streamers, and you’re a weak ass link to the K-5 planning committee if you think I am. 

Things get pretty heated at the afterschool parent meet and greet.

Because half these husbands wives have received a passive aggressive gift from Nicholas Wilde. But Judy really can’t do anything about it.

As if he’s going to apologize for Brenda wanting to use cream napkins instead of eggshell GOD people open your fucking eyes.

DIY Mug Sweaters from mugsweater’s Etsy store.

This is a BUY or DIY post for these knit or crochet mug sweaters with poseable “arms”.

The BUY prices range from aproximately $18.75 to $22.50.

You can also purchase a pattern from mugsweater for $5.50 and DIY your own - both knit and crochet versions are in the PDF file. If you choose to knit or crochet your own mug sweater, this is an absolute beginner project.