knitted scales


had to frog back the whole first one since it was too big. this is a custom upsized version of my scaled gloves. unlike other fingerless versions of these i prefer mine with a thumb gusset and cuff ribbing for comfort and having the underside being stockinette since i think it looks nicer/more finished. 

now to knit the left one then off to finishing work to make them look nice. i really need to see about doing a knit BJD shirt some time. need more scales tho.


“…With a design concept taken from the store’s name, Endpiece, in which the real hero is the hyper-scale chunky knitted wall. The wall isn’t just a pretty, just-cause gesture – but rather links closely to Endpiece’s brand identity. The name ‘end piece’ also refers to that part of the glasses which connects the lens-frame (front) with the temple (side). Many brands apply their own details to this junction of the glasses. End piece therefore becomes an important element which forms an integral part of brand identity, providing the perfect canvas for imagination and creativity. Like tiny components of a high-end watch keep time by moving accurately as they are supposed to, the ‘end piece’ of glasses is also the most important object that raises their value…”

ENDPIECE optical store by WGNB


Custom-made/custom-colored dragon merch on Etsy

Custom painted bi-color faded baby dragon hair clip (choose head and tail colors) by ArtByAelia - $30

Custom knitted scale mail bracelet by youronlybird (choose yarn and scale colors) - $9

Custom two-color scale mail bracelet by LiksCreation (choose 2 scale colors) - $40

Custom dragon shoe wings by 50ShadesOfDerby (choose 1 material and thread color) - $10

Custom knitted scale mail cuffs by Crystalsidyll - $22

Custom knitted scale mail dice bag by RogueRedDesign - $20

Fully customizeable dragon plush toy with poseable wings by nightwinggalleries (choose body, belly, wing, horn, spine, and marking colors, back fin design, and eye color)   - $225

(I tried to find relatively cheap items, but the plush toy was too amazing to resist including)


small bag/wristlet purse but enough for a cellphone and other “essentials” straps long enough to fit comfortably around wrist when pulled taught. opening is also stretchy enough to stick your whole hand in the bag if needed. straps/pulls are deceptively strong as well..

laid flat and unstretched bag measure about 5 1/5in tall and 4in across widest point


hmm i don’t think i ever posted this necklace here. its made using the large mirror finish scales and can be worn tied in the front or back for different looks. its also extremely soft to wear. another thing going up on etsy tomorrow.