knitted or stitched


My current obsession is with texture. I dove into my stitch books and am now in a deep hole. All of my on going projects mostly revolve around textured patterns. This sock for instance is just for testing out new stitches. Its pair will be similar, but I have other stitches lined up for it.
I love it. Sometimes getting lost in new things is a great way to enliven your craft. Just knowing that there is so much out there that I still have to learn about knitting is so exciting.


Since @becausedragonage encouraged crafty pics, here’s the latest on my Gloves of Missile Snaring, as brought to you by my parents’ cat Molly, currently making herself at home on my laptop bag…

The arrow chart is finished and soon I’ll be starting the fingers! Lots of tiny tubes to knit! I think I’m going to make them half purl to match the back of the hand with the chart, half knit to match the palm side. (It occurs to me I keep forgetting to get pictures of that palm side! Coming soon…)