knitted mask

(death mention) one night when junkrat is having trouble with sleep, on roadhog’s watch, he starts talking about after death. he doesn’t know exactly what he believes but he’s got a few suspicions. or stuff he hopes, anyway. and he says, “hey roadie? can you promise me somethin’? promise me you’ll find me in the next life. promise me we’ll find each other.”

and hog just kinda stares at him and rat rolls over and just keeps talking anyway. “you believe in heaven? i dunno if i do. we can find each other easy if it’s like that. but if i come back here, i’m gonna be one of those stars way out there. i’ll burn bright as day for ya. ya gotta come find me, okay?” 

roadhog is amazed at how serious he looks, saying something like that. it should sound too cheesy to take serious, but hog can feel his brows knitting under his mask, and his throat going tight. he should be keeping watch, but he’s just staring.

“i dunno what you’ll be, but you gotta promise you’ll find me. i don’t wanna lose you. i dunno how much time we got left, but i don’t wanna lose you after one measly life.” junkrats running a hand through his hair, picking at his bald spot. hog grunts at him, and rat turns and props himself up on his good elbow.  “you gotta find me, okay? promise.”

roadhog nods and grunts again. he swallows, face hot and eyes too wet. he turns away, and when he turns back, junkrats curled up and passed out in his bedroll. “promise,” he says, softly. he resists the urge to tuck in the grown man beside him into his ratty bedroll, by getting up to do another perimeter check.

I don’t know the illustrator. Would love to know the source of this beauty.

Amended: You guys are the best detectives and found out the artist for me. This is “Superhero Girl” by IrenaSophia and she sells this beautiful illustration on Etsy along with other lovely drawings.