knitted kili


also known as Imagine knitting an ugly sweater and forcing Thorin to wear it.

A/N - Yes its a day early because I’m busy tomorrow! Yes, its christmas in middle earth and yes the reader has knitted Thorin a Christmas jumper. What more do you want?

Pairing - Thorin x Reader
Words -  1,538

It was finally nearly Christmas.
The company wasn’t even half way to Erebor and tensions were getting high.
A day didn’t pass without Gandalf and Thorin arguing or Fili and Kili getting into trouble.
You were even sure that they’d forgotten all about the human holiday that resided in December.
Luckily for them, you hadn’t forgotten.
In fact you made it your mission to get the perfect gift for each of them with what little resources you had.
Hopefully, it would cheer them up at least for a little while. 

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From the beginning to the end (a journey)

Thorin Oakenshield, Prince of Erebor and Heir Apparent to the Kingdom under the Mountain, set for an impossible mission, taking with him many of his kinsmen and his immediate family: his sister sons, the only direct heirs who were left to him.

Pride and boldness filled their hearts, but many dangerous encounters changed their attitudes towards this mission and life in general: Thorin learnt what coping with the shadow of the Gold Sickness meant; Fili learnt that the most important thing to him was his family and loyalty to them was worth any sacrifice; Kili learnt that in times of grave danger and dire need, help could come from unexpected people.

I would have loved them to remain close in the final chapter of their lives as well. I am afraid to admit that the weakest link in these so tightly knit storylines is Kili: not because a Dwarf could not fall in love (on the contrary, their love is the most passionate and fierce, I reckon), but because this is not the way a Tolkien Dwarf would fall in love.