knitted hobbit


Its been a very stressful morning/early afternoon. Had a job interview and class straight after that. So happy to be back at home, enjoying the late afternoon and starting The Hobbit!

Funny story, I was given a copy of The Hobbit when I was 8 years old but back then I wasn’t much of a reader so I gave it away (I know… I’m an idiot). Anyway, 14 years later, I finally bought myself a copy and finally reading it!

I also finished knitting this cushion cover yesterday and I’m so obsessed with it!  

Currently reading 


Knitted Fill and Kili (and Thorin) by Kat Bifield

To continue my Knitted Hobbit series I stuck with the line of Durin. Fili and Kili brought new challenges with patterned edges to tunics and getting that dwarven hair right!


Dragon yarn bowl. This popular item is now also available to order for those who don’t knit or crochet and want a decorative fantasy art bowl instead. It can be made in other colour choices too.