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Hogwarts House Aesthetics

Gryffindor - thunderstorms, dancing in a rain storm, really close flashes of lightning, midnight conversations where you share secrets you never thought you’d share because you know they’ll never tell anyone, confrontation, the uncontrolled feeling of anger where you see red and your blood is hot in your veins, whispering during movies, loud bursts of laughter, voices gradually growing louder and louder in arguments, being a sore loser, adrenaline rushes, taking risks, goofing around, dancing like no one is watching, loud music and loud singing/yelling along, playfully insulting friends, over the top poses for photographs, being unable to keep a poker face, the sparks that fly off of fires, unbuttoned plaid shirts, talking back, everlasting incredibly fierce loyalty and love for their friends, the satisfaction that overrides all exhaustion after exercise, scraped knees, constantly covered in plasters, climbing trees, loud celebrations, giant hugs

Slytherin - tiny hidden tattoos, the cold but refreshing feeling of freezing wind hitting your face, resting bitch face, ripped jeans, being brutally honest with their friends when it’s needed without guilt, hoodies, the determination to prove themselves different to people’s ideas of them, an old teddy bear or knitted gift from their grandma they hide away but treasure, wary of too much affection, having only one or two really close friends and liking it that way, not wanting to share the things that bring them the most happiness because their favourite things belong to them, being able to find loopholes in everything and using it to their advantage, smug smiles when they know they’re right, the satisfaction of knowing someone is wrong and knowing they’re about to prove it, confidence, only ever respecting people if they prove they deserve it no matter how old the person may be, doing things just because people say they can’t, fierce protectors, swimming way underwater and pretending to be a mermaid, constantly cold hands

Ravenclaw - always getting the perfect present because they remember the smallest thing about you, messy smudges of paint on desks and skin, biting lips and tugging hair in concentration, the mixture of exhaustion and relief when they finally perfect their work, the sound of pencil against paper, saying they’re fine when they’re not because other things need to be focused on, always being ready to listen, giving great advice, elegance, the light shining through stained glass windows in churches, travelling to historic places, unfinished notebooks, unable to resist starting that new project even when they said they would take a break, knowing random bits of information that other people may find useless, classical music, listening to film soundtracks to concentrate, crumbling castles half hidden in fog, forgetting simple things but knowing everything about complicated stuff, realising the answer half way through a question and yelling it out, watching people pass by and trying to deduce their life

Hufflepuff - dungarees, flowers tucked into pockets, fairy lights, the feeling of warmth when you’re inside all cuddled up and there’s bad weather outside, blanket forts, decorating the walls with pictures of good memories, birthday cards filled with stick men and scribbles of inside jokes, oversized sweaters, decorating bags with badges, nicknames, not wanting to leave bed, wearing a blanket as a cape, laziness, swing sets and slides, the lovely feeling when a stranger is nice to you, the rush of happiness when you meet someone and just know they’re going to be a good friend, stickers all over their belongings, wind chimes, cottages in the country side, disney fairy tale movies, scented candles, singing christmas songs all year around and planning decorations in September, cheeks hurting from smiling so much, dressing up for halloween every year even if they’re just staying at home, lying on their friends laps, surprise presents even when there’s no occasion, collecting acorns, candy shops


🇬🇧🇦🇺 Little by little I’m taking practice!
Have a good night! 🌙

🇪🇸 Poquito a poco vamos cogiendo practica!
Buenas noches! 🌙
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Lance sent pidge a huge amount of birthday memes and a bunch of nice knitted gifts and also her headphones back. Keith simply texted her birth with a picture of a poorly drawn alien. Hunk goes all out with a cake, a robot for pidge to program, and other personalized gifts (pidge cries), shiro told stories about her dad and brother because this is the first birthday she’s celebrating without her biological family (she cries again), coran takes her around the castle and explains all the technology she wants to know about, allura takes pidge on a trip to a very tech wise planet and they have a sapphic sister day of fun

I’m Back!
I took a little time off of posting because I was busy and tired, and not really working on anything exciting.
As you can see, my current projects haven’t really changed. The only new thing is my urgent need to start a baby project. I have a new niece being born at the end of the month, so I have to start something. The plan is to make it a few sizes bigger, so when I finally finish it and mail it, it will fit her perfectly.
Other than that I’m just whacking away at that sweater… the sleeves might be the death of me, or the sweater. They make for some sloooow knitting.


When I said I became obsessed with african flower stitches, I really meant it lol. So here are two blankets that I made, one for my mom, and the other for my (hopefully) future mother in law who is battling cancer.

what the characters of red queen would give each other on christmas p
  • Mare: stolen items from other people
  • Farley: personalized knives with the users' names on them
  • Gisa: hand knit items
  • Cal: meaningful gifts
  • Evangeline: a bag of spoons and a picture of her middle finger
  • Maven: a framed picture of himself
  • Kilorn: a. bag. of. fish.

Headcanon: Fleur was the only one of Molly’s daughters (because all her daughters-in-law became her daughters) who carried on the tradition of Weasley Jumpers. Hermione liked to use what little free time she had reading or spending time with her family, Ginny absolutely hated knitting and Angelina had never learned to knit.

Fleur’s last Christmas gift to Molly was a beautiful purple jumper with a gold ’M’ on it and a card that read: “Mum - After all those years of making them for everyone else, I thought it was about time someone made you your very own Weasley Jumper. All my love, Fleur.”

To the end of her days, it was Molly’s favourite item of clothing.

Bitty is a Thrift Store Enthusiast. Yes, all caps.

He combs through the local thrift stores, consignment stores, and secondhand stores looking for the next piece of his wardrobe. 

Those bowties he wears? That shit is vintage. No one makes spiffy AF ties like the ones he wears anymore. His flannel? Probably used to belong to a lumberjack. Those sweet sweet sweaters and jackets? 100% secondhand baby, those are the best kinds of finds.

All the patches in his clothes, the knitwear, the scarves? A mixture of his Mama’s knitting, gifts from Jack, and hours spent looking through every rack and bin. 

No one does tiny Southern hipster chic like Bitty, and Bitty works hard to make sure it stays that way. 

He’s probably going to get those glasses just to keep all those wannabes in check.