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Guess who’s here?!

Rude as ever Quentin. And after I cut myself getting you out of that box…

That’ll learn ya.

So Kid Omega met my dog. He’s fine. Don’t worry. 

He’s super duper cute and I can’t thank @knitpool enough for his adorable face in my house. Now… where to put you…

Not with Nano-Hulk I don’t think…

@bethama made me want these

I knew they were stashed in the kitchen but the child has had enough sugar for one day so I couldn’t get them out until she’d gone to bed (also I didn’t want to have to give up 90% of the bag, which I will if she finds out they exist)

But now she’s gone to bed and they’re mine, all mine!


Kurt: I heard you mention jelly beans, yes?

Guy: Did you just say ‘jelly beans’?

Clone Clint: Ooooh, I love jelly beans!

Dracula: I want the banana ones.

Pickles: [makes possessive growling noises]

Me: Oh, forget it!  I’ll have ice cream instead.

Reaction #20: “Depression”

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Baekhyun looked at you as you curled around a pillow, silently crying.  You had been like that for a good 45 minutes already and he didn’t know what to do.  He’s never seen you like this, as you were silently crying and holding onto your pillow he came up and slowly dragged you back into his arms.  His head rest on top of yours as you kept curled in.  His arm snaked around you as he let your head rest on it, as other arm wrapping around until he gripped your fingers with his.  He began to hum as you knew he was there when you were ready to talk.  

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Chanyeol opened the door to hear the TV on.  Smiling he walked into the room to see you staring at it blankly.  His eyebrows scrunched together as you didn’t even acknowledged his presence.  

“___?”  He asked worried as you slowly turned your dead set eyes on him.  You blinked unsure how to register anything.  You just felt dead.  He sighed as he took of his coat and sat behind you, wrapping his arms and placing your head on his shoulder.   

“I’m taking you to your therapist tomorrow.”  You nodded as he kissed your cheek.  “I’m not leaving I promise.”  

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When Jong-dae found you, you were sitting over your baking sheet of burnt cookies.  Your mind had wandered and you had forgotten you were baking.  Rushing over, he pat your head as you shook it off.  The tears wouldn’t stop as he bent down turning the chair to face him.  

“___, Look at me.”  He commanded as you slowly looked him in the eye.  “Whats wrong?”  He knew that getting to the problem was the only way to get you to stop.

“I wanted to make you cookies, but then I forgot.  By the time I got here, they were burnt and ruined.”  You pointed as he smiled a little bit.

“Okay, what’s really wrong.”  

“It just made me think of…”  You didn’t have to finish to for him to know.   “Maybe there is something wrong with me that everything I want to do either burns or bleeds out.”  You stood up kissing your forehead as he held you close. 

“We are going to the specialist tomorrow.  We will find out okay?”  He smiled as you wrapped your arms around his waist.  “Even if it’s bad news.  At least I get to spend the rest of my life with you.”  A new wave of tears came as he rocked you back and forth.    

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crocordile replied to your post “crocordile replied to your post “I bought myself a new (to me)…”

I LOVE IT also you’re so cute becca abgshsdn

<3 thank you from me and my endless chin

it is VERY Comfy, I usually can’t wear wool things but this is long-hair wool (is that how you say it???) and it’s much more doable!!

My Halloween Inspiration

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: its Halloween and every avenger is in the race to outshine the other. It might be a tough competition, but you leave everyone in awe with your costume.

Author’s Note: okay, I know I am a little late but I had to write this. I was reading around and thought who or what would the avengers would dress as on Halloween and got the idea as someone dressing up as Bucky. It’s kinda funny. The reader’s power is fire manipulation. Hope you like it!

Warnings: none!

Word Count: 1482

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Everyone had decided to get some drinks after the tough mission. Everyone was a little tipsy except the two super soldiers who were chatting happily unaffected by the alcohol.

  ‘it’s Halloween tomorrow, isn’t it?’ tony asked with knitted brows. ‘congratulations on figuring that one out genius.’ Clint sipped his drink and Natasha snickered. Tony gave him a bitch face.

‘why do you ask?’ you walked in the room after changing clothes and plopped on the couch besides Natasha and Bruce. Your cat suit was burned because your powers had gotten the best of you in this mission, it barely covered you and you had to keep yourself on fire the whole ride back to the tower.

‘you took it off? Someone couldn’t take their eyes of you. am I right Barnes?’ Natasha looked towards Bucky. he blushed, folded his arms and muttered something under his breath.

‘let’s leave him alone.’ You looked at her. ‘tony?’ you faced the billionaire.

‘I thought as everyone is here we can have a competition.’ He stated simply. ‘what do you guys say?’ tony looked at everyone and received a couple of groans. ‘winner gets a thousand dollars.’ He sipped his drink. ‘I’m in’ almost everyone said in unison. ‘now we’re talking.’ Tony grinned. ‘okay, so the rules are: I’ll be the judge, everyone should be ready by 8 tomorrow night and you should act like your character.’ He exited the room with his drink in his hand.

Everyone moved out of the room one by one, saying their goodbyes.

  You lied on your bed thinking about your costume. The thoughts of Bucky suddenly invaded your mind. His steely blues, his dark hair and features, his plump lips…. You stopped abruptly. ‘wait, I can dress up as him! He won’t mind. He won’t be offended……’ after a while of pondering, you decided to dress as the former assassin.

The next day, you went to shop for the things you would be needing. You got clothing like his and some body paint for painting your arm.

You got back to the facility and could already see the others running around with their costumes in hands. Wanda walked towards you when she noticed you had got back.

  ‘all set for the contest (y/n)?’ she confronted you with her bags floating in the air.

‘you bet.’ You pointed at her with your free hand. ‘what are you dressing up as?’

‘I won’t tell but let me give you a hint, it’s a character from a Disney movie we watched together.’ She folded her arms.‘what about you?’ ‘it’s someone from the team.’ You tapped your fingers together in the classic evil manner.

‘really!? Who?’ she asked with sudden excitement. ‘I won’t tell.’ You said in a sing a song manner. ‘you’ll have to see for yourself tonight. Bye!’ with that you paced to your room.

You got everything and let your hair down, they were already dark and you thought they pretty much resembled Bucky’s hair. You didn’t get any contacts and decided to leave your (y/e/c) eyes alone and not irritate them. You started painting your arm. You were good at art and thus, the arm looked very realistic. You let it dry and it was already 7 pm. You hurriedly wore your clothes. You were all set by 7: 45. ‘Now the key thing,’ you thought and let out a deep breath ‘his signature grumpy face.’

‘miss (y/n), you are required in the common room.’ F.R.I.D.A.Y spoke.

‘tell them I’ll be there in a minute.’ You said.

‘sure miss.’ The AI replied.

You took a last glance in the mirror, let out a deep breath and walked out of your room with your ‘Bucky face’ on.

  Everyone was walking around the room all dressed up. Wanda was dressed up as Merida from brave, her hair all curled up. Natasha was rocking a sexy witch costume. She was sat chatting with Bruce who was dressed up as a scientist whose name you couldn’t pronounce and Clint who was dressed as robin hood. Steve and Bucky were standing together. Steve was wearing an army uniform while Bucky, he was dressed as a vampire. Fangs showing up every time he grinned or laughed when Steve said something. His hair were slicked back and a few buttons were left open to reveal his chest. Sam noticed you and you corrected your expression.

  ‘oh my god! Hey! Everyone look who (y/n) is dressed as!’ he moved towards you grinning. Everyone looked at you including Bucky whose eyes grew wide with realization.

  ‘you dressed as Bucky!’ he placed a hand on your shoulder and looked you up and down with disbelief.

‘don’t touch me birdy!’ you growled and shrugged his hand off. He was taken aback by your sudden coldness but realized you were acting according to your costume and snickered. Everyone grinned, laughed or snickered.

‘she is Bucky alright.’ Tony folded his arms and looked at you snickering.

‘god, (y/n) how did you get this idea?’ Bruce faced you.

  ‘shut it tony.’ You gave him a bitch face, shrugged at Bruce and moved towards Steve. You smiled only at him and he grinned.

‘oh my god..’ both Bucky and Steve breathed with varying expressions. Bucky’s one was of disbelief and Steve’s of surprise.

‘hey Stevie!’ you chirped and stood beside him. Your expression hardened when you faced everyone. Everyone burst out laughing.

‘godamnit Barnes! She’s got your behaviour spot on!’ Natasha said chuckling.

‘yeah, she is not smiling at all, she’s just all grumpy like you!’ Sam said as he stopped laughing.

both you and Bucky glared at him.

Wanda moved towards you and you changed your body language a little.

  ‘your costume’s amazing (y/n)!’ she smiled.

‘thanks.’ You said with a hint of smile. ‘you look great.’ You looked at her not smiling like you did.

‘you are acting just like him!’ she gasped ‘you are so winning!’ she said and went away.

‘nice costume (y/n). your acting is also spot on.’ Steve turned to you and you grinned.

‘thanks Steve.’ You chirped. Bucky choked on his drink.

‘hey! I don’t act like that!’ he wiped his mouth.

 ‘the hell you do’ both Steve and Sam said and you folded your arms.

‘wait, your arm…’ Bucky held your left arm and examined it. ‘it’s just like mine and so…’

‘realistic.’ Steve completed and Bucky nodded.

‘how did you do it?’ Sam asked.

‘I painted it bird brain.’ You said in a dead panned tone. ‘you like it?’ you asked Steve sweetly.

‘yeah’ Steve chuckled. You stood with them for a while and Bucky couldn’t take his eyes off you. you must have observed him so well. You knew what he liked and disliked, how he acted and….

‘the hell are you looking at?’ you asked with a grumpy face and folded arms. Steve and Sam snickered.

‘hmm?’ he looked at you dreamily ‘oh, um, nothing.’ He stuttered.

‘good for you.’ your stance defensive. ‘won’t take me much time to knock those fangs out.’ You muttered.

 Sam and Steve couldn’t contain themselves and started laughing. Even Bucky snickered. He found it very cute.

‘you look adorable.’ Bucky pulled your cheek. You blushed but glared at him.

‘okay people! Time for the announcement of the winner!’ tony stood up on a chair. All eyes on him now. ‘it is no surprise after the great acting and costume, the winner is….’

‘can you be a little quick!’ you shouted. ‘idiot’ you muttered.

‘(y/n)! who acted great and well, still is,’ he looked at you. ‘and her costume was perfect!’ ‘thank you’ he got off the chair walked towards you and handed you an envelope. ‘you were great.’ He grinned and walked out of the room.

‘I can finally smile!’ you squealed and slid the envelope in the pocket of your jeans. You walked towards Bucky.

‘I am sorry if I offended you.’ you rubbed your arm.

‘no! you didn’t. you were looking rather sexy with the bitch face and all.’ He smiled.

‘really? Thanks!’ you hugged him and he hugged back tightly.

  ‘you think I look sexy?’ you wiggled your brows when you pulled back.

‘yeah.’ he blushed a little. ‘what about me? How do I look?’ he raised his arms.

‘well, if you were an actual vampire’ you leaned in closer. ‘I wouldn’t mind being bitten at all.’ You whispered. He looked at you with wide eyes. He then recovered, put an arm around your waist and pulled you closer.

‘in that case, you won’t even say a word when I do this.’ He pressed his lips to yours. You were surprised but kissed back immediately. He kissed you passionately. The kiss letting you know all the repressed emotions.

‘you’re a great kisser.’ You smiled as you pulled back for air.

‘I am good in many other things doll.’ He winked and you chuckled.

‘please don’t show us!’ Steve shouted from where you had left him. You blushed and everyone laughed.

hope you liked it! 

Pregnant (Derek Hale Imagine)

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Request: Could you write a pack mom imagine where the reader is Derek’s gf and she’s pregnant with his baby and they tell the pack at the loft and Liam is upset and jealous bc the reader is like a mom to him and he’s scared she’s going to forgot her but the 2 talk and she tells him he’ll always be her baby pls xxxx 

;Request: imagine with derek x reader plisssss

A/n: sorry to keep you waiting! Btw I included Isaac because I MISS HIM SO MUCH, I WANT HIM BACK. Buuuut i hope you liked your imagine x 

Remember to request somethinhere

Being pregnant is one of the most amazing thing ever. It’s like falling inlove all over again with someone. The feeling of carrying a little soul inside of you. Becoming a mother is one of the most enriching and soul-satisfying experience in anyone’s life.

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Prompts: “Don’t do puppy eyes, you little maniac.”, “How you are doing this wildly sexy, yet unbelievably cute thing that you’re doing?”, “This is true love; you think this happens every day?”, and “I was born for politics. I have great hair and I love lying.”

A/N: Let me tell you, when I was reading these prompts, not a single part of my mind went to angst. I can’t tell you what changed between then and when I was actually writing it. 

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Cjamm - Fanny Pack

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“You have got to be kidding me,” Sung Min looked over to his best friend, shocked at the sight before him. Bewhy just shook his head, laughing at his friends reaction. Byungyoon knew that this meet up wasn’t exactly Sung Min’s idea but his girlfriend had been insisting that her friend was perfect for Sung Min.

“Stop it! She’s so nice,” Eun Hyun chided as Sung Min started to complain again about this blind date. “Plus she is cute, successful, funny…. the whole package really. Sung Min, just give her a chance.”

Sung Min found himself agreeing before he even realized it. Now here he was, waiting by the Han River with the other couple, waiting for you to arrive.

The moment his eyes landed on you, he could see what Eun Hyun was talking about. You were a bit shorter but full of curves, your hair was styles in a short bob and you wore tattered jeans and a simple Chicago Bulls shirt. You had the effortless beauty that Sung Min loved. The only thing was how you had paired a black and clunky fanny-pack with your outfit. Sung Min was known for his unique style, but even he didn’t find this look quite right.

“G, how are you doing? You remember Byungyoon, and this is his friend Sung Min,” she gave a warm smile and slight giggle from her nerves. You had recognized Sung Min from the recent show but didn’t want to come off to strong, afraid of what he would think of you being such a big fan.

“Ah, yeah. Hey!” You greeted them with a smile.

The double date moved on well. You got to share some stories about how you all met. You even told them about the time that you climbed into your own dorm room after getting locked out.

“So, you just graduated?” Sung Min half asked and half stated.

“Yeah. I’m a sculpture. I tend to focus on the abstract stuff, but every once and a while I’ll do something realistic.”

Sung Min would be lying if he said your artistic skills weren’t yet another one of your long list of turn on for him. You were funny and awkward at the same time. You somehow managed to be sexy with that damn fanny pack that you were always making sure wasn’t too close to him while you walked along the river. But truth be told, he had to admit that you were perfect for him. The way you laughed or smiled and you always got his jokes.

So naturally there was another date. And another. By your fifth date, he just couldn’t hold back.

“Babe, why the fanny pack?”

You had grown accustomed to the way Sung Min always said what was on his mind. It was one of the traits you were drawn too. But still, the abrupt nature of his question left you sputtering.

“I mean, I get that you have your own style and I really don’t care but why? It’s not particularly cute, you know. I, oh man,” he gave a light sigh as he scratched his head. “I sound like a shallow asshole.”

“No,” you shook your head slightly. “I just thought that you knew. Like maybe they told you before that first date.”

Sung Min sat forward a bit more, eager to hear your response. You smiled shyly at him as you pulled the notorious fanny pack from the chair next to you.

Unzipping it slowly, you noticed how Sung Min shifted slightly from anticipation. You reached in and pulled out an alcohol swab…and a cotton ball. You took note of how Sung Min’s eyebrows knit together trying to figure it out. Again you reached in and pulled out a syringe.

“Shit, this is you telling me you do drugs? I knew this was too good to be true. I thought I found the perfect girl and she shoots up…” Sung Min saw the way your eyes twinkled as you watched him with a smirk on your face.

“I guess it’s time to come clean, huh?” His eyes grew even wider at your lack of negation. “Every day I shoot up. Normally three times although sometimes I need more or less. I guess it just depends.”

Sung Min rubbed his eyes and stared at you with a frown.

“Do you want me to show you? I won’t share but I can at least show you.” He rolled his eyes and went to get up. You grabbed his hand and gave him that warm smile he loved. “Please?”

He just sat back down, arms crossed over his chest as you pulled out your phone and typed a bit. You then found the vile still in your fanny pack. Shaking it expertly you pulled the cap off the needle and stuck in in the half full vile.

“This part is something hard to see, I normally put the needle in my thigh.” His eyes were wide abs you just pulled your skirt up a but higher. In one swift move the needle was in and you dispensed then liquid.

“So now what?” He asked, curious yet a bit rough.

“Now we eat!” He looked confused at how normal this seemed for you.

“Sung Min, I have diabetes. The mysterious drug is my insulin. I have to give myself a shot before I eat meals. I checked my blood sugar level earlier when I went to the bathroom. Hell I probably check my levels about 6 or more times a day.”

He just stared at you in confusion.

“So everyday?” He asked you tentatively.

“If I don’t then I’ll get really sick. That’s actually how I found out a couple years ago. My blood sugar levels were so high I went to the hospital. But luckily I’ve been able to manage fairly well,” he nodded as you spoke taking in the information. “It’s not something that will ever go away so I hope you won’t mind…. you have enough tattoos you probably aren’t scared of needles.”

He looked at you and gave a smile while he reached for your hand.

“So the fanny pack is where you keep all the stuff?” Nodding, you gave him a chuckle.

“Yeah, I guess most girls carry a makeup bag while I get a nice medical bag. Should we go eat now? You can ask me questions all day but I’m starving.”

You tugged him up with you and walked into the restaurant. You could tell that he didn’t have much experience with diabetics, but so far he seemed like he finally understood.

“So no drugs?” He asked as you sat down.

“Only my insulin. So I guess I’m not the perfect girl anymore, huh?” You gently nudged his shin with your foot as you gave him a wink

“Oh no. Now that I know your human and not some robot perfectly designed for me, you just got even sexier.”


New video! I started knitting again so I figured it’d be fun to do a video where I knit and talk about stuff. 

All is Forgiven

Request: can you do a damon smut where reader gets into a fight with a drunk and angry damon after the fight the reader leaves him and after a few days damon begs her to come back to him and they get it on ;))??? love you and your blog btw beautiful soul!! – Anon AND Could you do a Damon x reader smut/fluff where Damon and the reader get into a fight and the reader leaves and gets into a car accident or hurt and Damon saves her and it leads to passionate fluffy make up sex!? – Anon

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: swearing, angst, smut

Word Count: 2759

Angsty fics makes me cry, but here I am, writing one…

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

One thing you and Damon always argue about is his self loathing. He’s always finds something wrong about him, telling you to not love him, or to not trust him. Sometimes, he’s doubting that you even love him. He’ll make up scenarios where you’re happier with someone else, or that you’re living a normal life and not having a vampire for a boyfriend.

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❝ i’ve seen your face before. ❞  right, right, probably not the smartest thing to say  —  illana didn’t want to scare the girl off, it was just an observation  ( one she probably should have kept to herself ).  but if she knew the other, then she doubted that there were good feelings between the two of them.  eyes studied her, brows barely knitting together, trying to figure out who the hell she was and how she knew her.   ❝ …  what side are you on? ❞

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With this post, I officially declare the successful end of the “Come Back, Clint!” Project! Thank you to all involved; I hope it was fun! 

But now, on to the next thing. I had so much fun with the last project, I brainstormed with my cronies as to what we could do next. So, I am announcing the next project - DIE, REDSHIRT! DIE! 

This creative collaboration will be story-focused, and will also involve a traveling knitted action figure. Meet Guy something-or-other. It doesn’t really matter what his last name is, does it? 

I will be changing the name of @comebackclint to @DieRedshirtDie. I don’t think that it will affect the followership, but if you have trouble finding it, let me know.

Stay tuned for more details later, and consider whether you would like to participate as a host or in some other way. I welcome new and old followers alike. We will likely start in October sometime.

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Hey I love your guys writing! I was wondering if you could write a Percabeth AU where percy and Annabeth are both chefs ?

Annabeth slams her knife into the fillet and tightens her grip on the handle. Top of her class, years of slaving away perfecting every skill, working her way to sous chef and she’s constantly undercut by a pastry chef.

She thrives off competition and stress, uses it to keep her blood pumping, but this isn’t as simple as that. Jackson isn’t trying to take her glory or out do her all he apparently wants to do is make blue desserts. That however means leaving a mess on her station most nights.

“Where is he?” She growls.

Half the kitchen crew scatter and the other half keep their heads down. No one is willing to cross her but at the same time no one is willing to rat him out. Annabeth wipes off her hands and storms off from her station.

“Jackson!” She heads for the heads for the freezer first since she’s found him taking a nap in there a couple times.

She whips the door open and finds him standing there staring at the shelf of ingredients with his eyebrows knit.

“Trying to figure out if you should just stay in here until you freeze and save me the trouble of killing you?” She clenches her fists and steps forward.

“Huh? No, I was trying to decide if I should use butter or cream, I mean the butter will make the crust flakier-”

“Jackson!” She snaps and throws the closest thing at him which happens to be a  stalk of lettuce. “I don’t care about your dilemma, my station is covered in blue powdered sugar!”

“I cleaned that up!” He spins on her and throws his arms up.

“Come to my station and tell me it’s clean,” she growls and puts her hands on her hips.

“I don’t have to, I know it’s clean,” he shoots back and lifts onto his toes.

“Stop trying to act taller than me,” she snaps and steps towards him.

“I am taller than you.” He matches her step bringing them nose to nose.

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Christmas Eve Eve

A follow up on Part 20 of the Creek Texting Series. 

Click here to read the texting series

Craig was pretty sure that Tweek was the coolest boyfriend in the world.

Rated G

It was the night before Christmas Eve, not a very special day by most standards. The stores were all still open with shoppers buying their last minute presents and wrapping them up to stick under the tree. His mom was downstairs finishing up cleaning for their family that was going to be coming over within the course of the next few days. Craig was in his room with Stripe out of his cage and watching him patter back and forth across the room. He heard his phone chirp from his bed and he quickly reached up for it. He smiled when he read Tweek’s name and quickly slid his finger across the screen to open up the text.

’Happy Christmas Eve Eve’

Craig’s eyebrows furrowed together as he typed out his reply. Tweek’s enthusiasm about it being the night before Christmas Eve was pretty fucking ridiculous, but Craig found Tweek’s ridiculousness rather cute. In fact, there was a lot of things that Tweek did that Craig was starting to find more and more cute the more time they spent together.

Tweek had been his friend for a long time, he was someone that Craig enjoyed having around. When the Asian girls first started drawing him and Tweek together, he didn’t really get why they picked them to be gay or, well, draw them being gay at least. Craig had a lot of friends, some that he spent even more time than he did with Tweek, but the more he thought about it, the more it made sense. He and Tweek were able to pick up dating like they never weren’t dating. Everything seemed easy and they seemed to just work. He and Tweek evened each other out, Craig seemed to calm Tweek’s nervous behavior and Tweek made Craig not as annoyed with everything. Maybe the Asians just have an eye for that stuff.

Either way, his relationship with Tweek was pretty awesome. He got to spend more time with Tweek but now they got to kiss and stuff which is pretty awesome as well. Craig still didn’t know if he was actually gay, but he really liked being Tweek’s boyfriend so he didn’t think about it much.

Tweek wanted him to come over to his house and while it would be pretty easy to sneak out and walk the few blocks to Craig, Craig also enjoyed making Tweek squirm and fight with him because there’s nothing better than feisty Tweek. Until he actually he actually punches you because that shit hurts.

When the image went through on his phone, Craig’s eyes widened. He used to have all of those glow-in-the-dark stars that you stick to your wall, but one time one fell onto the floor and Stripe ended up eating it and got sick, so his mom made him take them down. This was seriously the coolest present he’s probably ever gotten and he felt his heart flutter in his chest. God, Tweek is cool he thought.

Craig put Stripe back in his cage, put his coat and hat on, made sure to slip Tweek’s present into his jacket pocket, and climbed out of his window and into the back yard. It only took about ten minutes before he was standing in Tweek’s back yard and carefully began climbing the tree next to his window. He tapped gently on the glass of the window to Tweek’s room and Tweek opened it up. He smiled at Craig and he couldn’t help but smile back at him. He carefully slipped into the room and looked around. The star projector was projecting stars all across Tweek’s room showing the positions of real constellations and it was even better in person. Tweek was still standing behind him and was watching him carefully. “So,” he said. “Do you like it?”

Craig reached out and wrapped his hand around Tweek’s wrist and smiled at him. “Dude, this is like the best gift ever,” he replied.

Tweek had become less twitchy lately. It was once something that was just one of those Tweek things, but he became much more calm lately around Craig. He didn’t twitch when he moved his hand so their fingers were intertwined and squeezed them gently, he didn’t twitch when Craig moved so he was more in Tweek’s space, and he didn’t twitch when Craig leaned in and kissed Tweek softly.

Craig was worried that it was going to be weird kissing Tweek when they first started dating for real, that it would be different than the couple of girls that Craig had kissed in the past, but this was better. Tweek’s lips were often chapped from him chewing on his lips, but they still felt nice against his own. In fact, they felt very nice and Craig liked kissing them as much as he could.

Tweek licked his lips when he pulled away and he smiled bashfully at Craig. Tweek may have become less twitchy around Craig, but he was definitely blushing a lot more. Craig would be lying if he said he didn’t like it. “I brought your present, by the way,” Craig said as his hand went into his pocket. “It’s going to seem really stupid in comparison to this but.” Craig shrugged his shoulders and tried to not show how nervous he was about showing Tweek what he made for him.

When he first thought of the idea about making something for Tweek, he had no idea where to start. He always was scolding Tweek for not dressing in warmer clothes and more often than not Tweek ends up with Craig’s hat whenever they’re out so he decided to start there. He thought about buying him a hat or something, but that didn’t seem boyfriend-y enough so he went to his mom.

His mom made the hate that he always wore so he figured she could help him make something for Tweek. He had absolutely no idea how to knit so he figured a hat was out of his reach, so he settled on making a scarf for him instead. Craig knew the scarf wasn’t that good, but he hoped that Tweek would like it anyway.

Tweek pulled Craig towards his bed and they both sat down cross-legged facing each other. Craig slowly pulled out the wad of yarn and gave it to Tweek. The other boy stretched it out so he could examine the whole thing and Craig looked down at his lap. He didn’t know what he would do if Tweek didn’t like it.

”Craig,” Tweek said which caused him to look up again. “This is awesome. This looks so warm, dude.”

“It’s a piece of shit,” Craig said.

Tweek crawled closer towards Craig so that their knees were touching. “Craig,” he said. “Do you think I don’t know that my shirt is usually not buttoned like, totally right or that my hair is usually kind of all over? Do you really think I care if the scarf isn’t perfect? Stop being a bitch.”

Craig usually doesn’t let anyone say things like that to him, but when Tweek does it totally does something to him that he can’t quite explain. Tweek leaned forward and kissed Craig again, this time letting their lips linger as they brushed against each other. After a few minutes? hours? they pulled away. They both had matching kiss-slicked lips and they both were giggling for what seemed to be no particular reason. Tweek wrapped the scarf around his neck before pulling Craig down to lay next to him.

The stars spread all across the room and it was if they were lying outside. They occasionally whispered a few things to each other, but for the most part they just enjoyed the moment. He wasn’t sure how long they lied there before they fell asleep, but he remembers just before drifting off that he definitely has the coolest boyfriend ever.

The story begins about 12 years ago, when my mom would try to make me wear all the pretty dresses. Every time she would put one on me, I would scream, kick, cry. I would do everything except take it off (but that’s only because I didn’t know how.) I wanted to wear the overalls and mud boots that I had. I wanted to wear a tshirt, not a ruffled dress. I wanted to go out and play in the mud, get dirty, not stay inside and play with Barbies.

Fast forward to about 4 years ago. In gym we were split into boys and girls, and the girls had the big gym because the guys were always outside. We would be inside jumping rope or hula hooping, and the guys would be outside learning how to play football. I asked my coach several times if I could go play, and her exact words were “no honey, you’re a girl. And girls don’t play football. You would get all dirty, you’d get all sweaty, you might get hurt.”
Apparently, because I sprouted breasts, I was more fragile, and seen as inferior. Most of my friends spent all their time talking about football, and typically excluded us from the conversation because I “didn’t know about football, just because I was a girl”. I quieted down at the lunch table, and eventually stopped talking to my only friends because our “parts” were different, which apparently means that we are completely different people.

Two years ago, I get my first girlfriend. I would cry to her at least once a week that I wasn’t fitting in. I didn’t like what any of the other girls liked, but I wasn’t a guy so I’d never fit in. She’s the one that opened my eyes, she told me that there were more than two genders, which is when I realized who I was. I am an individual. I don’t strictly fit into any gender, but I’m still valid. I’m gender fluid, but prefer non-binary or male pronouns. She accepted me, and I’m hoping that eventually it won’t be something that I have to explain. I’m hoping that eventually I won’t have to correct people who use the incorrect pronouns 97 times per day. 

Sadly, this isn’t going to be easy, or cheap. I want to start small, with binders and the likes, but I just don’t have time for a job. My life is overrun by debate tournaments every weekend, and practice every day, my summer is taken over by marching band and debate camps. 

So, here’s my idea: pride beanies. I knit and crochet, and figured that I could put that to use. For example, if you messaged me saying that you wanted an asexual pride beanie, I could crochet a beanie that is black, gray, white and purple. Or a gay pride beanie would be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. I can do any combination of colors, but I thought that it would be appropriate to spread LGBT+ pride. Included in the package (probably an envelope, so shipping is free) will be a beanie of your choice that was hand knitted or crocheted by yours truly, and a hand written thank you note. I know it’s not much but I promise it means a lot to me.  

There’s no set price (as long as it’s not free, afterall, I’m trying to raise funding.) Just send me an ask (I won’t publish it), a fanmail, or a kik message at hellaboveheavenbelow.

Help out a little trans boy, buy a beanie (or you could just donate???). 

I know that money is tight, but reblogs are free.

Thanks for reading this (I didn’t think it would be this long, it’s like a novel, geez)