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good mass effect: andromeda ships:

- gil/kallo (uptight nerd/competent mess and enemies to friends to lovers in one ship i mean what more do you want)
- peebee/lexi (same as above also holy shit the scene where lexi literally drowns her sorrows in a bottle because peebee thinks she doesn’t have feelings or care for her… gay)
- liam/jaal (they are positively obsessed with each other and spend a suspicious amount of time naked together… also jaal literally planned on KNITTING for liam)
- vetra/me (hold me, raptor wife)

bad mass effect: andromeda ships:
- peebee/jaal seriously what the fuck bioware i can’t believe out of all the options you made this npc ship canon why are you like this


A few weeks ago I started working on this sweater. It should have been a weekend project, but you know how I’m never able to get the right amount of yarn lol

So yesterday I finished this alpaca sweater and I’m hella proud of it.
I used the pattern “Oversized knitted Sweater” by ALEKSANDRA


So I decided to start making these big giant knit blankets and open my own online store, which I thought I would wait til 2016 to open, fresh starts and all that.

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while may know I’ve been on the road to recovery with my mental health after suffering PTSD, depression, panic attacks and all that jazz for years after some unfortunate events I wont get into here (positive vibes lads!), its been a long road, and possibly a road I’ll be on for the rest of my life, but at least now I can make out a path to travel on, as opposed to fumbling through the thicket.

And so I named my store 10 Journeys, for the ones I’ve completed, the ones I’m still on and the ones I hope to begin in the future. 

Whatever journey you’re on, however big or small, all my love and best wishes to you in 2016.

10 Journeys on Etsy

The tired joke “I knit so I don’t kill people” has lost its sting, but not the core of truth that made it funny. When total strangers notice my knitting, there’s a fifty percent chance they’ll say it’s pretty–but they haven’t got the patience to do it themselves. There’s a one hundred percent chance that I will reply that I knit constantly because I have no patience.
—  Franklin Habit

Everyone has Merle & Magnus knitting headcanons, but what about Taako knitting? Like I know everyone and their grandma has 1000000 Taako headcanons but listen:

-ties in with another headcanon, I forgot who posted it where, but it was like “Taako is lowkey devout to Istus” and that’s the truest damn thing I ever read

-Taako who’s never been sure of anything, never had any stability in his life, never understood the structure of organized religion, never understood the faith you need to have in a celestial being to Truly Believe that they’ll look out for you

-Taako “trust issues” Taaco meets Istus, who doesn’t ask for worship or even complete trust in her, who only asks that the boys keep doing what they always do, keep being themselves. Istus who believes in THEM, without asking, without testing, Istus who seems like she loves them even if they get it wrong

-Taako meets Istus and feels like maybe, just maybe, it might be ok to trust someone a little. Still doesn’t buy into organized religion, sure as HELL isnt dual classing Cleric and fucking up his Wizardly Skillz, but maybe wants to keep in better touch with Cool Fate Mom

-Taako, who’s always been a weird fashion guy anyway and has the perfect cover of DIY accessories to keep Merle & Mags out of his business, learning to knit as a form of meditation, of secret prayer

-Taako gradually amassing an alarming amount of mismatched socks, each with little sigils and secrets and wishes hidden in the pattern, and hoarding most of them to himself, but giving a couple to THB and Angus and Team Sweet Flips in the hopes it’ll help keep them safe

-Taako finding ways to trust his friends through trusting Istus

Living for my days off so I can tackle this mess of a desk.
Have way to many projects and way to many great ideas for even more. Gotta figure out a better way to organize things… any suggestions would be awesome. I prefer analog to digital, apps and websites don’t really work for me.
But it is getting a tiny bit overwhelming.

thildmcwerewolf  asked:

That's kinda funny that I used to follow you only for HP (and for YOU'RE gorgeous style, that also an important point) because now I have more feelings for Remington than for any other character, honestly.

Thank you! :D