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The Witches’ Web

It’s no secret, I have a strong connection to spiders, and as such, find myself working with strings, thread and yarn often. Knitting, braiding, macrame – it’s something I get from my grandfather, I imagine, who had countless books on knots and his own penchant for cordage. Of course, his stemmed from being bedridden with a broken back in his formative years. I was lucky enough to pick up the hobby without being confined.

This particular project came out of the blue. One day, having yarn and a large portrait frame at my disposal (with nails jutting from the back in disarray), I wove myself a web – it was messy, but in time, I found myself repeating the process again and again: without reason. I would simply hang them or stow them away for lack of any use. It was only after a time that I discovered their many uses.

Foremost, they work well as snares for any unsavory spirits, especially when protective charms are woven or placed within them. Feathers, chicken feet, and bones all hold very well, but you can also add in ribbons, strings, beads, whatever works for you. Alternately, they can be used in works of control and binding, imparting subtle or aggressive influence on a situation or individual. Such can be done by fastening a photos and/or personal affects/concerns into the web. Lastly, and my favorite use, is that there is an innate interconnectedness and within can be found the manifestations of one’s destiny. It isn’t necessarily an art that I can describe, but with patience, you may be able to attune to what the web can show you. Trace the strands and follow.

Things You Will Need

  • Framethis can really be anything; I’ve used picture frames, embroidery hoops, wreaths, willow rings, though I have found that sturdier, even frames make for a tighter, more uniform web; square or round, either work
  • Cordageyarn, twine, thread (though I recommend using cotton, as synthetic is usually too slick to hold with friction), embroidery floss (my personal favorite), etc.
  • Optional: trinkets, curios, charms, etc.


  1. Secure some anchor strands to the frame. The number doesn’t matter, though the more you use the more intricate the pattern (but the longer and more complicated the process). These strands should extend the diameter and meet at a central point: the first strand is simply secured on both sides, and the subsequent should be looped around the central point so as to have a concrete point to work out from.
  2. Next, cut a long strand. To get an estimate for how long it needs to be, simply wind it over the top of the strands in a spiral of roughly the shame size as you wish to create. You don’t lose much in the process, so there’s no need to allot excess EXCEPT that you’re going to need to anchor the final strand to the frame, as well. Better to have too much than too little. 
  3. You will then need to anchor the thread through the center. My preferred method (when using embroidery floss or yarn) is to thread the cord onto a needle (as you would when embroidering – i.e. no need to double it up) and knot the end. Bring this through the center (carefully, to check to make sure the knot catches) and then move out along one the the strands and make another securing knot. This is where you will begin, so go out only so far as you wish the smallest point of the spiral to be. This will vary based on the size of the web you’re weaving.
  4. Remove the needle (you could keep it on, but I find it just gets in the way of things) and move the string over the next strand, then bring it around and under the same anchor. Continue this process, spiraling outward. It can take some time to get the hang of it, and don’t fret if as you go the more central strands develop some slack, as once you’re finished, the threads can be spaced out. It is important, however, to continue the spiral in the same trajectory, even when the strands gravitate toward the center. If you compensate, you’ll wind up with a loose weave. Just continue to follow the growing spiral.
  5. Once you’ve made it to the edge, fasten the strand over the top of the nearest anchor, and you’re done! Voila!

photo: this is just a small (somewhat messy) one I made today, as my others are still packed away, though if you really have literally nothing to do, I’m sure you could find a picture of my giant one in my archive

º* Moon Braid Tutorial *º

I love the moon! I saw this as a post forever ago or else I would link the original source but I cant find it

But his is my version! So I hope you like it

What You’ll Need •

§ Black/white/grey (or silver) yarn/string/ribbon etc (I sat mine in the full moon night overnight and sprinkled it with moon water :3 but this is totally optional) So, most of the colors of the moon
§ Items that appeal to your God/god/goddess/deity/ect. (I used stones/shiny things/a pretty moon earring that I lost the other one xD)
§ (optional) Incense, tea

How To º

Okay, so this is about artistic freedom! You can weave, knit, crochet, braid, or anything else. However I weaved mine, Black, White, then Grey. However or simplicity I’ll tell you how to do the braid 

Take your black, white, and grey strands and tie them together at the top
∞ Then braid!
∞ As you braid you should be in a relaxing space, this is the time to light some incense and brew some tea, you want this braid to remind you of good times. 
∞ If you have beads weave ‘em in
∞ Take the time to pray to whatever you believe in and thank them for making/supporting the moon!
∞ Once you get to the end you can tie it or leave it as is for a fringe 
∞ Finish decorating however you like

Witchy Meanings ⦿

Protection ~ Gratefulness ~ Help With Wisdom ~ Calming ~ Help with Moon Magick ~ Strength 

And whatever meanings that relate to the extra things you put on your braid/the incense you used/the tea you brewed 

Made by @ohnoregrettio/ @spell-bound-life (same person two accounts :3)


Today I celebrated my 23rd birthday!✨✨
A lot of plans fell through, but I still had a really nice day.
So to end this magical day I’m posting my hair styles/colors from Jan 2017 to Mid July 2017
Also its been forever since I posted a photoset😆


How to change colours without weaving - this video is the only reason I decided to take part in the temperature scarf project this year. Basically, it’s a no weave knot and it’s now pretty much all I use when joining two strands of yarn.

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Of the Klance variety? You got it :)

  • Keith has a tattoo
    • Two actually
    • they’re not professionally done, since he was still underage 
    • but during his time alone in the desert, he learned how to do stick and poke 
    • the first one was more of a trial than anything, and is just a simple drawing of Saturn at the base of this thumb (his gloves cover it)
    • the second one is a bit larger, and is actually a fairly decent rendition of the Blue Lion, which he copied from off the cave walls where they found her
    • he had no idea at the time what it was, other than a robot of some sort, so he took it upon himself to tattoo the image on his upper thigh
    • after figuring out Voltron and getting to know Lance, Keith is in sort of a love/hate relationship with the thing
    • he hates it because, wow, embarrassing, how do I explain to Lance why I have a TATTOO OF HIS LION ON MY THIGH.
    • but he loves it because…well…Lance.
    • He’s dreading the day Lance sees it.
      • but also like…looking forward to it.
      • it’s all very confusing.
  • Lance is a huge fan of homemade gifts
    • coming from a large family, it was just more practical to give loved ones something homemade
    • and cheaper as well
    • so Lance got really good at making a variety of things to give to his siblings and parents as gifts
    • he’s pretty adept with his hands, and after visiting the space mall a few more times, gathers enough material to make something special for everyone on the ship
      • mostly Keith though, who he showers in presents
    • I’m talking knitted hats, painted rocks, braided bracelets, you name it
    • Keith loves every single one of the gifts Lance makes for him
    • in return, he gets Lance a massive set of paints, and asks Allura for permission to have a section of the castle to ‘decorate’
    • she allows it, mostly out of curiosity
    • soon the walls are a landscape of earth scenes, ranging from mountains to valleys to fields to, of course, the ocean
    • Lance uses painting as a method to calm himself when he’s particularly homesick
    • Keith will sit and watch him as he creates the masterpieces (because, damn, Lance is really quite good at art!)
      • not to mention he looks cute af with paint splatters covering his arms and face
    • the castle is much more colourful as a result
  • Keith is a fountain of random facts
    • he had a small collection of books growing up as a child
    • all of them were fact based
    • he liked those best because they told the world as it was, and fairytales were just a waste of time
      • especially when his childhood was nothing like those in the stories
    • so he stuck with the fact books, which had cool pictures and neat information about so many things
    • he memorized every line in those books; every singly fact
    • and at random, he’ll spew something like “human saliva has a boiling point three times higher than water”
    • the others are unsure how they feel about this
      • L: babe, do you have to sleep with that knife under your pillow?
      • K: King Henry VIII slept with a giant axe beside him Lance.
      • L: ….riighhtt….
    • Lance loves it for the most part though, because Keith’s face lights up whenever he’s presented the opportunity for a random fact, and it’s just so nerdy and adorable that Lance can’t help but grin like the love-sick fool that he is
  • Lance is a plant wizard
    • he’s got the greenest thumb of any of them
    • Hunk is super jealous, but he uses Lance’s knack for growing plants in space to his advantage, and soon the castle has a small greenhouse of herbs and veggies 
    • no one is more confused by this trait than Lance himself, though he would never admit it
    • he just uses the knowledge his mamma taught him about keeping a garden and applies the proper techniques given their spacey location
    • Keith is in awe of this
    • mostly because he can’t grow shit, and it’s super frustrating because all he wants is a cute little plant to stay alive for once in his room
      • he lived in a house once that had an indoor greenhouse, and it was his favourite place on earth. He just want’s to replicate that feeling of home
    • when Lance learns of this, he takes it upon himself to make his own room a botanical garden of plants
      • hanging vines drape over the dresser whilst potted fern-like leaves sprout up from massive containers in the corners
      • most of them glow, which is an added bonus, and reminds Lance of a scene out of Avatar
    • he also asks Hunk to design him several daylight-mimicking string lights, which he puts everywhere in his room
    • it’s like a small jungle when he’s finished
    • the look on Keith’s face when he brought him over was enough to keep Lance smiling for hours afterwards
      • K: wha-how….Lance, you did all this!? 
      • L: yeah, for you. 
      • K: ..but this is your room..
      • L: yeah…that part was for me.
    • Keith brings over a massive pile of his things after that, officially moving into Lance’s room to be with his amazing boyfriend and their plant children

Attack of the Clones | Behind the Seams | Padmé’s Wedding Dress (P-20)

George Lucas wanted Padmé’s wedding dress to be a simple but beautiful gown in an amazing fabric and it took Trisha Biggar quite a long time to fulfil his vision. She decided to give it a pre-Raphaelite feel and thought of lace as the main material but couldn’t find the right fabric until finally her buyer in Australia stumbled onto a century-old Italian lace bedspread from the Edwardian era in a thrift store. However, the cream-colored bed cover wasn’t big enough for the Lucas-authorized design, so the costume designer devised an option with shorter sleeves to fit the amount of material and master embroiders in Sydney made over 300 yards of French-knit braid to blend the vintage elements together with the modern handiwork. 

The gown and head piece are studded with hundreds of vintage pearls and the veil itself is made from Maltese lace and includes Edwardian wax flowers and tiny beaded pearls. Each pearl was actually hand sewn because the night before the wedding scene was to be filmed, Biggar decided the gown needed a little something “extra”. So she pulled an all-nighter and pearled Padmé’s wedding dress herself.

Later she noted that P-20 “was a gown with very simple lines, with an antique feel to it, but at the same time it was quite intricate, probably one of the most complicated dresses, and you couldn’t quite put your finger on what it was made of.”


I was just typing up an email about what kind of work I do, and it occurred to me that I have never posted pictures of my Ridiculous Dragon Hat! This is a hideous oversight on my part that requires immediate correction.

-It’s completely handstitched from black straw braid.
-The horns are thick braids of knit (cut up tshirt, actually) with thick wire through the middle, and then wrapped in black spandex.
-The back is a bunch of braided scrap fabric sewn into an elaborate hairdo, and also beaded. My real hair is under it.
- All the jewelry bits on it came from The Treasure Mart, an absolutely bizarre antique consignment shop in Ann Arbor. It defies description, but if you are in the area, GO. You will not regret it.
-The red glow bracelet was put on there at the very first event that I ever wore this hat to, Chaos in the Red Room’s Funeral for 2015. Totally fun goth club night in Kalamazoo. The DJ will actually be DJing my wedding. I’m so freaking excited.
-Originally, it didn’t have any combs inside, because when I made it, I was just starting to grow out a buzz cut. Now it has two (one at the front, one just under the fancy purple braids. Hilariously, some tourist in Midwestern Mom clothes came up to me at the Ren Faire, yanked one of the horns, and shouted to her husband how cool it was. I shouted something like OW OW OW IT’S PINNED TO MY HEAD PLEASE STOP PULLING IT YOU ARE YANKING MY HAIR OUT. I think sometimes the Mundanes get so excited that they forget to be polite. Whoopsie.

-Yes, almost everyone asks me if I am Maleficent. Well…kind of. That WAS the inspiration. These days, I like to combine it with more dark mori fashions, for that retired evil sorceress look. Gothic Charm School (HI JILLI!) occasionally likes to joke that these fashions might result in her looking like a walking pile of laundry. I find this funny, because I am a slob, my clothes live in piles on the floor, and all my favorite dresses/skirts go really well all layered on top of each other. I am literally a walking pile of laundry. Not just in this outfit. All the time.

(Insert tiny reminder that I do this professionally and I take commissions. cough cough.)

🌏 Some Favorite Grounding Visualizations 🌏

🌺 These are some of my favorite visualizations for settling into a calm, relaxed mood.  They are adaptable for almost any kind of scenario - grounding before spellwork, divination, casting, energy work, or anything else; relaxation for falling asleep while lying in bed; relaxation/centering for beginning meditation; distraction or escapism when surrounded by everyday dullness or even chaos; or just simple enjoyment and entertainment.  The recurring theme through all of these is that they are repetitive (you can keep repeating the imagery as you lapse deeper and deeper into quiet calmness) and tactile (involving visualization for physical senses, which deeply immerses you into them).

  • Walking - Walking forward, stepping lightly, with arms slack at your sides, fingers trailing behind you as you move forward.  One step continously is placed in front of the other.  Absorb the smells and sounds and other senses of the locale you visualize yourself in, such as if you are walking in the woods or along a beach, but you can truly place yourself anywhere (including fantasy settings) and even travel from one locale to the next as you move forward.
    • When intrusive thoughts or distractions come in, imagine them as weight dropping from your fingers, being left behind on the ground behind you.  I like to imagine a bracelet I’m wearing that loses beads as I let distracting thoughts go, crashing onto the ground so heavily that they form small craters in the ground as I keep moving forward without them.
  • Floating or Flying - Similar to walking, except without moving one’s legs or being in contact with the ground.  The rushing of wind is the tactile aspect instead (or it can be a gentle breeze - you don’t have to be flying fast).  You can soar in loop-de-loops or rise up to swoop down quickly if you want some variation in your travel, or just glide peacefully over the ground and experience many of the same things you would by walking.
    • Discard distractive thoughts by imagining them being loosed from your body as you move forward, dissipating in the wind.
  • Gardening - Sit upon your knees in the soft Earth (you have no worries about staining your clothes while visualizing!), with hands and fingers working in the soil, which yeilds easily under your touch and requires no tools for manipulating.  Move along rows in this manner, poking a hole in the dirt with your finger and dropping a seed inside, then covering it again and moving on to the next seed.  You can envision “fantasy seeds” such as tiny sparkling crystals that you’re planting instead of normal seeds since, heck, you’re allowed to visualize anything.  As you move on down the garden plot, you can imagine the seeds sprouting if you like, growing into stalks that burst into beautiful fantasy flowers, and you can spend some time contemplating the patterns of their petals and the colors that they show you (think of the flowers as mandalas).
    • In this visualization, distractions and unwanted thoughts show up as weeds.  Dig your fingers under them, lifting them by the roots and find that they slide right out of the Earth with little resistance.  Simply move on to the next seed without paying the weed any thought.
  • Braiding - The repetitive hand and finger motions of tying a braid is awesomely meditative.  You can envision threads of any color or thickness in your hands, or even imagine that you are braiding the hair of a fantasy creature such as a fairy or mermaid or any character that you’d like to have present.
    • Distractions in this version are knots encountered as you braid, but a gentle pull removes them easily and there is no trace of them as you continue without sparing it a thought.
  • Sewing, weaving, knitting, crocheting - Similar to braiding in that you are making repeated motions with your fingers and the colors and textures of the materials you are working with are wonderfully up to your imagination.  Being familiar with one of these crafts outside of visualization will make this one much easier, since you can easily summon forth the sensation of muscle memory, but even if you’ve never actually tried one of these before, there can be some fun in visualizing yourself trying them and exploring what kind of muscle memory might be involved.  Distractions are removed as simple knots again.

I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting!  And just as an afterthought, the idea of each of these is to continuously repeat them until you lapse into a calm mood with minimal distracting thoughts, so that you can do whatever work you’d like to do, if that wasn’t clear!

If anyone took the time to read this then I hope they gave you some pleasant imagery to work with~  🌺

Witches’ Almanac - Aries Season

Welcoming the season of the ram! Here’s your monthly update y’all, blessed be! (March 21st - April 19th)

March 21st: Vernal Equinox

March 22nd: Celebrate

March 24th: Plan your garden

March 26th: Enjoy fine dreams

March 27th: New Moon

March 28th: Waxing Moon

March 31st: Tease a friend

April 1st: April Fools Day

April 3rd: First Quarter Moon

April 5th: Read the Tarot

April 7th: Post to a loved one

April 9th: Plant seeds

April 10th: Cast a spell

April 11th: Full Moon (Seed Moon)

April 12th: Waning Moon

April 13th: Reveal nothing

April 15th: Light a blue candle

April 17th: Knit, weave or braid

April 19th: Third Quarter Moon

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Hey there, I'm preparing for summer vacation and wondering which fics I'd like to take with me. Do you know any summer vacation or beach ereri fics or something along those lines? It can be either AU or canon era as long as it has this happy, feelgood, carefree summer vibe to it! ☀

You might also enjoy our smol [summer] tag.

These Golden Hours
Summary: His parents are in Europe and his sister is in Japan; he’s been left to his own devices for the summer with a house, a car and unrestricted access to a credit card.
     Jean finds an ad for Rent-A-Gent and convinces Eren to hire a gent of their own. The first time was a dare, the second a redo, the third because a hurricane went through his living room (don’t ask), the fourth… now he’s crushing on a man more than twice his age who’s making him question a lot of things about life, the universe and everything.

I Don’t Know How To Swim
Summary: As the lone “parent” of his little sister Isabel, Levi has learned a lot of things - how to sew, knit, braid, cook meals that were a little more than halfway edible and wouldn’t kill. Too bad she loves to swim. And that’s the one thing he never learned. Thank God for lifeguards, and cute ones at that.

Salt on your Skin
Summary: When people ask Levi about how his summer holiday went, he’ll say ordinary things about the weather, the food, and the hotel. But actually, the first thing that comes to his mind, and the one story he’ll never tell, is how Eren had been a horny little shit at the beach.
     And Levi had gone along with it.

Summer, Sweat and Sausages
Summary: Eren lazes around during the summer after his first year of college, wondering what he is doing with his life, going to school for a major he doesn’t even enjoy and trying to outshine his perfect stepsister Mikasa. He’s also oddly turned on by his stepsister’s revisiting uncle Levi, who Eren doesn’t remember at all. They piss each other off a lot, then grow an odd bond of companionship—then Eren realizes Levi was shunned by his family some odd years back for coming out as gay, and for some reason, Eren’s budding curiosity gets the better of him. Tensions run high, pants slide off, and Eren sweats from more than just the summer heat when he gains an abnormal craving for Levi’s “sausage.” Humor and drama ensue and so does an absurd amount of smut. Outside of sex, feelings are also involved—and they soon crash hard into the ground.