knitted black sweater


A few weeks ago I started working on this sweater. It should have been a weekend project, but you know how I’m never able to get the right amount of yarn lol

So yesterday I finished this alpaca sweater and I’m hella proud of it.
I used the pattern “Oversized knitted Sweater” by ALEKSANDRA


Engines can be Rose 

An art school AU Reylo Drabble 


She loves him. 

Each mole dotting his cheek. Each perfectly placed mark dusting his strong features that shouldn’t fit so well together on his face but somehow do. 

She loves him. 

Each inch of that massively tall masculine man who’s always running five minutes behind to everything, but who gets away with tardiness by smiling sheepishly until you’re happy that at least he’s finally there. 

Looking up stealthily from her desk, Rey watched him lecture. His black cable knit sweater rising higher up to the top of his skinny jeans when he pointed, and there’s nothing indecent about the motion other than she kept waiting for a peek of his abs. Hoping for another tempting flash like last week, and after biting down on her lip to keep back a breathy whimper she’s certain that nobody but him could wind her up so. Him, the guy who takes his five dollar coffee with almond milk. Him, the artist who she can tell leans into one hand when he draws because there’s always a trace of charcoal smudged along his jaw. Him, the owner of lips so impossibly pink they’re obscene when calling out her name. 


“Rey?” he repeated. 

“Hmm?” she blinked, the real world sadly coming into focus two seconds too slow. ”I mean, yes?” 

Yes?” her TA repeated, his mouth rounding in confusion.”Yes, you agree that stolen Jewish art should remain with buyers if they paid enough?” 

“Oh!” Rey flushed.”Oh God, n-no.”

He stifled a smile. “So no then?” 

“Definitely no.” 

Having confirmed that poor love struck Rey wasn’t actually a sociopath, the TA continued his slideshow. Ending Rey’s embarrassed torture with a turn of his broad back before casually going off again on his spiel about moral quandaries in art as though the college senior who continued to gawk at him in horror hadn’t made an absolute fool out of herself. Again. 

Way to go, Rey. How does he resist your charms and sparkling wit? 

Thankfully, there were only a few minutes left in class before the clock hit the hour and Rey shoved her notebook into her backpack. Her hands flying through the motions in her desperate hurry to leave before her ridiculously handsome TA caught her blushing again. Almost nearly in the clear before her rotten luck struck again and for the second time in one morning he called her name. Beckoning her over with an added wave of his hand as the rest of the class passed her by while smirking. 


Once it was only the two of them left in the room Rey had never longed more for a crowd. The generally solitary girl was almost hungry for somebody else to distract his intense hazel gaze away from the bottom lip that she now nervously chewed on. Anybody else to draw attention away from the girl would have been dandy as can be since Rey was already awkward on a good day, but beyond anxious now the longer he took to kick off their conversation. Everything in her body language surely reading as hesitant then as he stood in front of her a celebration of extremes. Dark hair versus milky skin - thick muscles warring against erudite wardrobe. 

Casually leaning there against the desk he unknowingly toyed with her sanity as Rey prayed to keep from mucking this up again. Giving herself the much needed usual pep talk about interacting with him like a normal human being - a normal human being who was definitely not counting his eyelashes to keep her own gaze off his mouth. Those alluring pillowy pink lips that she’d dreamed about on her, near her, all over her. Those lips that now pursed attractively when he said her name, and three times in one morning had to be some sort of record. 

Rey stared up at him with an adorably dim half smile. 

“Are you unwell, Ms. Kenobi?”

“Uh, no.” she shook her head with an embarrassed snort.”No, just sleepy I guess. Sorry for earlier- I mean, I’m sorry for zoning out, Mr. Solo.” 

“It’s fine, and please stick with just calling me Kylo.” 

“S-sure, Kylo.” 

Perhaps taking pity on the girl shyly tucking a hair behind her ear, Kylo sat down on the edge of the desk. Intending to come off less intimidating when they were at eye level, but still Rey longed for the second she could dash out the door. Already eager to get away though nothing ever compared to the rush of having the grad student near. 

“I wanted to see how your final project is shaping up.”


“So you’ve come up with a theme then?”


Catching the brief panicked look flickering in Rey’s eyes, Kylo mischievously asked, “What is it then?” 

Nothing.  I have nothing because all I do is spend my free time thinking about you. You and your black hair, pale skin, and pink luscious- 


“Pink.” she blurted out. 

Leaning back on the desk, Kylo inspected Rey for a long beat. Eyebrows raised so high in confusion that if the floor would have opened up to swallow her whole she would have gladly appreciated it. In fact she would have damn well kissed the linoleum gods for the favor. 

“You’re doing a project all about pink?” he questioned, each word coming out syrupy slow as his thick eyebrows furrowed together. “That’s your idea?” 

“Is that so crazy?” 

“Well, considering that you’re a mixed media sculptor whose been working solely with recycled metal for the past year…Yeah, it is a bit startling.” 

“You pay that much attention to our work?” 

“I pay attention to exceptional work.” 

Rey’s lips parted in shock. “Oh.” 

A beat passed in silence before Kylo cleared his throat. Both of them appearing a little shaken out of their skin after his admission, and Rey nearly recovered until she noticed the markings on his exposed wrist. The intricate tattoos she didn’t know he had but then promptly couldn’t stop obsessing over. 

Oh, fuck me now. 

“So pink?” 

“Yep,” Rey repeated herself with a long sigh, thinking the concept up on the spot as her cheeks flooded with that exact same color.”My project is on things that are pink…pink things.” 

“Interesting.” Kylo’s expression lit up, staring at her as if he’d never seen anything more unexpectedly adorable, and only when a laugh echoed from the hallway did he slide off the edge of his desk. Running his fingers through his shaggy hair as if that might clear his head, and then smiling weakly whenever his hand dropped. Nothing left to say, but standing there still. Mouth parted in expectation of saying something Rey would likely repeat in her head for hours later, but just as quickly as it came on the curious twinkle in his eyes dimmed. Authoritative mask officially back in place as he told her, “Well then, I should probably head out to the labs, but I look forward to viewing your progress coming along. It sounds like a unique passion project, and I can’t wait to see what you think up.”

“Yeah.” Rey followed him out of the classroom, shoulders sagging as she envisioned a whole semester working with the girliest color possible for inspiration. “Me too


(disclaimer: so I know this kinda overlaps with a lot of other styles(neo goth, ninja goth, urban strega, post-apocalyptic, distopian etc. but I could never fully find what I like in those so I decided to make my own style)


  • monochromatic- black mostly, greys and sometimes whites
  • metallics- preferably silver
  • sometimes purples, dark/forest/olive green or dark blue


  • leather, linen, cotton, mesh
  • combines flowy with slim and tight silhouettes 
  • patterns are minimalistic and usually geometric- stripes, houndstooth…
  • doesn’t really have any typical “witchy” symbols
  • LOTS of asymmetry
  • LOTS of layering 


  • leather tights
  • flowy cardigans and knits
  • tight mesh sweaters
  • black or dark grey or patterned skinny trousers
  • cargo pants
  • harem pants(any wide drop-crotch kind of pants actually)
  • tunics
  • asymmetrical shirts, skirts, dresses
  • leather backpacks
  • crossbody bags 
  • thigh high socks
  • large circle scarfs 
  • platform leather boots or sneakers
  • silver necklaces with geometrical motifs or minimalistic religious ones


  • very versatile- varies form very feminine to very masculine
  • layering on the top part of the body heavier than on the lower part
  • futuristic with traditional elements


  • minimalism
  • designers like Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester and Yohji Yamamoto
  • futurism
  • modern living 
  • dystopia

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(all pictures are from Pinterest)