knitted black sweater


A few weeks ago I started working on this sweater. It should have been a weekend project, but you know how I’m never able to get the right amount of yarn lol

So yesterday I finished this alpaca sweater and I’m hella proud of it.
I used the pattern “Oversized knitted Sweater” by ALEKSANDRA


Annnnnnd it’s done!!
I started on this bad boi on Friday and was able to finish knitting the pieces by Sunday and left Monday for the sewing.
I think for my first attempt at making this it went pretty well. The cables are different from the original virgin killer sweater, but I think it still looks nice.

I written down a pattern (wrote chicken scratch on the closes pieces of paper I could find) as I was knitting and so far its for a medium size. I’m thinking about making more of these and messing with the designs and colors just to see what I like best.

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Please please please post us something ??? I miss your writing like an owner missing his beloved pet!! Anything you have or just bits of it. Please!!??????

Hmm, I’m really trying to get Heartlines ch5 done soon - I’m not sure it’ll be up for next Sunday, but maybe the following Wednesday? That said, here’s a little peek at the next part of The First Breath. It’s the start of the story (I’ll probably clean this up a little and expand upon it):

Eh… very brief mention of an abusive mother? Think that’s the only trigger here.


It still amazed Andrew that he not only had his own apartment to call ‘home’, a large loft with a freezer stocked with multiple pints of ice cream and a cabinet with liquor and the entire place warded to keep out almost everyone, but that he shared the place with Neil. That when he returned to a space that wasn’t just a building where he was staying for a certain amount of time but where he felt safe and content and had made it his own, there was a gorgeous idiot waiting for him with a bright smile.

A gorgeous idiot waiting for him with a bright smile while stretched out on their bed with two cats, with more cats curled up all through their home.

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