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Look at my cute little gifts for my niece! I can’t wait to send these on their way. I followed Posy by Tikki Knits for the pink sweater and pattern by Oge Knitwear Designs for the jumper/romper. It worked out well that the jumper is a little bit larger, so she can wear the it a little bit longer then the sweater. Very excited to see how they look on her :)

Imagine breaking Sam’s heart (Part 2 of Sam’s birthday celebration)

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Imagine Part 2 of Sam’s birthday celebration
Couple: Sam x Reader

You waited in an empty room of the Bunker, fiddling with your engagement ring.

After Sam had woken up from his passed out state; the two of you shared your thoughts and feelings on the newest Winchester. At first, both of you were scared since you guys were hunters but slowly, there was a sense of acceptance that the new Winchester would change your lives for the better.

Sam had proposed after you carved your initials on the Bunker table and on his birthday, it was the pregnancy announcement.

Now, you waited for him to return home.

He and Dean went out to look for Mary after a series of deaths came on the news. Nothing new for a hunter but this time it was different. The deaths were of those who were hunters.

Sam made you stay behind at the Bunker so you can pick out the room for the nursery.

Rowena was knitting baby clothes and Jody was calling everyday to give advise. It was nice but what was bizarre that Mary did not call at all. Not even on Sam’s birthday.

It was best not to dwell on your mother in law. Somethings were difficult and confusing to talk about.


You froze from measuring the walls for the crib as a loud clanking noise came from upstairs.

“Sammy? Dean? You guys home?” You called out, as you placed your hand supporting the 3 month pregnancy bump on your stomach.
Walking out of the room and into the hallway, you noticed that the lights were all down. The air was cold. Chills went up your spine.

As distinct footsteps were heard.

And you saw them.

Three men in black with Ketch?

Arthur Ketch smirked at (y/n) (l/n) as she stood there frozen. Oh this would be easy…He thought as he held on to his blade.

“Lady Winchester? I presume.” He stood 5 feet away from her, watching as she nodded in response. “I was looking for your husband and his brother.” He grinned at her confused expression.

“But…I guess you’ll have to do and your child.” As soon as those words left his mouth.

 You raced back into the ‘would-be’ nursery.

Locking the door from the inside, you quickly pulled out your phone to call Sam. But it was dead.

“What do you want?” You called out as you moved closer to the wall farthest from the door. It was silent but then you heard that low, harsh chuckle that made your insides curl.

“dead.” There was a pause. It was long and disconcerting. “I want you and your family dead.” His words caused you to gasp. “Why?” Another pause. This time it was short. “I have orders given.”

“Lady Winchester? This would be a lot easier if you opened the door.” Arthur Ketch added as he fiddled with a key for all the doors of the place in his hand.

“Never.” You stuttered out as you held onto the hunting blade in your hand. It was a gift from Sam for Christmas. He had your initials engraved into the handle.

“How come?” Arthur smirked at the three other men. All of them had amused expressions etched onto their faces. “Because Sam will get here and kick your ass.”

“How romantic.” Arthur snickered as he placed the key into the hole of the lock.

“Fuck off.” You muttered as your eyes widen in shock as the door bursted open.

“Now Lady Winchester, is that any way to treat your guests?” Arthur smirked.
His cold and calculating eyes met your soft and warm in a direct contact as the both of you stood face to face. The smirk still on his face caused you to squirm a bit but you stood with the blade in your hand poised.

“My my my…congratulations Mrs. Winchester.” You scowled at Ketch as he entered the room. His eyes swept over your frame, noting the pregnant bump and ring. “It was lovely to listen to your and Samuel’s special moments but alas. All good things come to an end.”

And he struck first….

A few hours later….

The Winchesters entered the Bunker, Sam froze in the darkness. Lights were off and the air was cool with a scent of metal.

And you were not to be found.

“Darlin?” He called out and no voice replied. Dean shrugged as he carefully made his way down the steps.

“(Y/N)!!!!” Dean called out as he moved into the hallway.

As the Oldest Winchester brother walked his boot stepped into something. It was watery and splashed around while Sam followed with a candle lantern and saw what Dean stepped into.

Sam Winchester’s blood ran cold as the crimson liquid covered the floor and the bottom of his shoe. He watched as it seeped out from underneath the door. The closed door. The nursery.

“No. No. No. NO” He called out as he pushed the door open.

And there you laid.

Pale. Bloodied. Lifeless.

Dean stared into your empty eyes as you laid on the floor, frozen in place. No movement. Nothing.

You were dead.

BABY NO!!!!” Sam called out as he raced toward your prone figure. His voice rasped as he repeated: “no. no. no.” over and over again.

His bloodied hands brushing your hair back from your bruised face. No movement came from you.

Realization crawled into Sam’s psyche as he waited and waited for you to wake up. Nothing happened.

you never did.

Dean Winchester slumped against the wall. In shock. As he watched his baby brother fall apart…

With immense pain in his chest, Sam held onto your frame, sobbing as his muscles tightened while his bones locked.

In the midst of his sobbing, Sam sat up into a sitting position with you in his lap. His eyes followed every feature of your face with every mark, line, and flaw captured his attention.

His hand in your hair while the other one rested on your womb as he grieved with the loss of his wife and his unborn child. 

She did not deserve this.

They did not deserve this. 

And that was the truth…

Dragon Age: Origins companions react to F/Warden being pregnant with Alistair’s baby!

(Sue me, I’m feeling extra mushy today!)

Alistair: He is beyond giddy, and beyond terrified. What if the baby is sick because of the taint coursing through them both? What if it makes his love even more sick? Where will they raise it? Where will they live? He is wracked with worry, but whenever he looks at her, with her glowing face and her slightly budding belly, his face splits into a loving smile, and all he can think is “They are mine.” He is constantly putting his hands on her, on her stomach, and putting his ear to her belly and talking to his child within her. He constantly brings her extra treats and tries to baby her, rubs her feet, makes sure she is eating and getting enough rest.

Morrigan: She scoffs, making offhand remarks about how she can only hope that the child will inherit it’s mother’s intelligence and looks, which of course gets her and Alistair arguing all over again. But when she can finally get the Warden alone, she gives her pouches of herbs and medicines that are supposedly good for childbirth, along with any and every tale she has heard. She may act icy and cool towards Alistair, but she cares very much for her friend (her only good friend) and she wants to do everything she can to help, especially to try and ease their worry over the taint possibly being passed down to the child.

Leliana: She squeals and jumps for joy, and immediately gets into girly talk about how she hopes it is a girl, and all the lovely dresses and shoes and hair bows that they have in Val Royeaux. Or if it is a boy, there are so many all new fashions out for young gentleman! Oh, she really hopes they come out with the Warden’s beautiful hair color! She is so happy and giddy for both of them, and she gives them both warm hugs and promises that Aunt Leliana will spoil them rotten with goodies and all the tales of her travels.

Sten: He is quiet, of course, looking at them both with that stern face of his. But after a bit of silence, he nods at Alistair and says, “Good. That’s what women are supposed to do.” He even gives Alistair a pat on the shoulder (Which about knocks him over.) When the Warden overs to let him feel the baby kick, there is a flicker in his eyes and he stiffly lets her put his hand on her belly. He nods and says “It will be a strong warrior someday.” Which gets the biggest smile from the Warden.

Wynne: Instant Grandmother mode! She, of course, has to get after Alistair to make sure he knows how babies are made (which makes him all flustered and red). She and the Warden have lots of long, late talks about child birth and child rearing, and Wynne immediately starts knitting all sorts of baby clothes. Scarves, hats, booties, and Alistair complains but he does so with a smile. She constantly hovers over the Warden, getting after her to not exert herself too much.

Zevran: He boisterously congratulates Alistair on a job well done, and immediately starts badgering him with questions as to if they know when and how the child was conceived. Tales in Antiva tell that if you had sex standing up, for instance, would mean that the child would be a boy! Or if it was during a full moon, it would be a girl, and a lot of other outrageous and hilarious wife’s tales. Alister’s face turns a whole new shade of red (Along with the Warden’s) and Zevran clearly gets a large amount of satisfaction at their discomfort. He promises that he will teach the child all the arts at his disposal!

Shale: Oh, so the squishy human thing is growing an even smaller, squishier thing inside it? This is a good thing, then? She doesn’t really seem too affected by it, but she vows to make sure to keep any and all birds away from the Warden and the squishy baby, and she even offers to share some of her decorative rocks if they need help making the baby look more appealing.

Oghren: He guffaws loudly and and slaps Alistair on the back, congratulating him on a bloody job well done! He knows how them females can be, after all, you gotta fill that belly up before someone else does! Then he rounds up all the males of the party to have a celebratory party, full of alcohol, which ends up being a drinking contest that ends up in a tie between Oghren and Sten.

Dog: He bounces around the, barking and yipping happily, and he becomes extremely overprotective of the Warden. He demands to sleep wherever she is, and he even kicks Alistair out occasionally (no matter how much Alistair grumbles and complains.) He loves to rest his head on her belly, and wags his butt happily whenever he feels any movement.


Sometimes I finish a sweater for someone else and I’m so happy to be done with it that I just send off the finished product without taking any good photos of them. Here’s two of my latest finished Icelandic sweaters that I totally forgot to photograph properly, even though I was so pleased with both of them! The one on the left is for my brother and the one on the right is for a friend’s baby. Maybe next time I remember to take better photos… :)

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Z, I'm sad because it seems Tom left his super secret girlfriend home alone last night again :((( (😂😂😂) @daniel_barker saw Tom last night in the theatre, he went to see the play Hollander is starring in (isn't that cute??)

I bet she was just too busy drinking coffee while knitting baby clothes, making jam and recording her album- she doesn’t have time to have fun outings with her secret baby daddy! 😂

5 Crazy Facts About Making 'The Boxtrolls'

“The Boxtrolls”introduced us to Eggs (Isaac Hempstead Wright), a boy lovingly brought up by cavern-dwelling, box-wearing trolls. With a social-climbing exterminator Archibald Snatcher (Ben Kingsley) determined to get rid of every Boxtroll, Eggs must pretend to be a regular, surface-dwelling boy to save his family.

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Forgive me for this, for it is my weakness.

This is a super long and very self gratifying hc theory/concept set up for Sportarobbie mpreg based around the “In Heat” trope.

I know it squicks some people out so it’s all under the cut for ya’ll to choose to click into.

I’m sorry but I’m also not

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So Jay Park is pregnant and guess who's the father...

Simon D said he’s old enough to be a father

Jay Park wasn’t happy with the fact he’s the mommy of AOMG but guess he likes the role just too much after all

Now he’s pregnant. GRAY’s gonna producing lullabies and LOCO will soon start knitting pink baby clothes…

And we’re awaiting twins and new collaborative mini album

Jay Park & Simon D’s new mini album FATHERS!
1. It was your fault
2. Let’s keep it
3. I wanna baby girl (ft. GRAY)
4. Bad news, they are twins
5. You get up
6. Art of Baby Sitting


7. Uncle (ft. Dok2 & The Quiett)
8. I don’t have to work (remix) (Beenzino)

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pregnant mc and scm god recalling the time that they had sex which made her pregnant???

I will link out some part from the story (MC jealous over the other goddess) that I have written before. MC is currently at 5 months pregnancy.

You are knitting some baby clothing on the bed when Leon walks in and sit down beside you. He places his hand on your tummy and can’t stop smiling to himself.

“I still remember how you throw yourself to me when we step into the room and how you drive me crazy by kissing my neck. You are so wild that night.” Leon teases you. Just then your baby inside is kicking you and Leon can feel it. His eyes open wide in surprise.

“He can hear what you are saying.” You tease him back and your face has turned red over the comments he made earlier.

“I should then whisper into your ear. I can’t wait for him to come out and load my seed inside you again.” Leon smirks and kisses your earlobe. He then turns you to face him and he gives you a gentle kiss, before embracing you.

You are taking a shower when Scorpio walks in and join you. He then helps you by rubbing your back and caresses your tummy. The baby seems to know that Scorpio is here and give you a small kick at your tummy. Scorpio can’t help but chuckle to himself. You turn around to give him a quick kiss on his cheek.

“Being here, really remind me about that day. Your handwork is really good and it was driving me crazy.” Scorpio teased.

“I can see that you really enjoying it.” You blushed as you replied him.

“I am kind of at my limit now. Can you give me your handwork now?” He whispered into your ear. “I can’t wait until the baby is out.” He continues and keeps kissing your earlobe.

You turn to face him and he gives you a gentle kiss. Then you move your hand to his member to give him the pleasure that he is looking for.

You are reading a book on the bed when Teorus walks in and sit down beside you. He places his hand on your tummy and the baby give a little kick on your tummy. Teorus can’t stop smiling to himself at the amaze sight. He then embraces you from your back.

“____, your breasts seem to be so much bigger now compare to that day when we made love and I got you pregnant.” Teorus teased and keep looking at your cleavage

“My hormonal is changing because of the pregnancy.” You replied to him.

“Can I kiss your breasts now? I promise I won’t do anything further than that?” Teorus pleaded.

“What if you can’t control your urge later?” You blushed as you replied him.

“Then you just have to give me your handwork later.” Teorus teased and your face goes bright red at his comment. He then starts licking and kissing your breasts gently.

“Ouch” You give a sharp scream when you left the washroom and Dui immediately rush over. “The baby just gives me a hard kick.” You continued and smiled.

Dui chuckles and help you to the bed. He then places his hand on your tummy and asks the baby to calm down a little. Surprisingly it works.

“I can’t believe your tummy is so big now. I still remember how wild you on that night when you ride on me.” Dui giggles.

You can’t help but blushed at his comment. You tried to look away and Dui bring your face back to face him. He then gives you a gentle kiss.

“I want you to continue taking the lead occasionally. I like to see you so wild.” Dui teased.

You saw Hue drinking his wine on the bed when you step into the room. You walked over and sit down on the bed beside him.

“You are enjoying your wine as usual.” You said sweetly to him.

“Well, I still like the wine that was poured all over your body. The wine was extreme sweet that time.” Hue teased and you face goes bright red.

He then pours a little wine over your cleavage and licks it dry. You are totally caught by surprise by his action.

“Yes, that definitely tastes better. I will taste more of you after the baby is out.” Hue whispered sweetly into your ear and places his hand on your tummy to give it a rub. The baby responded by giving a small kick to your tummy.

As you walked into the room after shower, you saw Ichthys sitting on the bed, holding a piece of cloth. He then grins at you and pat the spot beside him. He then places his hand on your tummy and the baby gives a small kick. He can’t help but smiling nonstop.

“This piece of cloth really brought back memories. You are so daring that night by blindfolding me with this.” Ichthys teased.

“You end up removing it.” You replied with a flushed face.

“I am keeping this. I am going to use it again after the baby is out.” Ichthy replied and give you a gentle kiss on your lips.