Emma Wheeler’s favorite thing to do while visiting her grandparents in Hawkins, is spending hours in her dads childhood bedroom. Although some things have been moved around over the years, or different things added; like Karen’s sewing machine which now sits on what used to be Mikes school desk; most of the room still belongs in the 1980’s. Emma’s favorite thing by far, is her dads vast book collection. Hundreds of books, hard and paper back, take up one bookcase and three different shelves. Emma gets on her tippy toes and blindly grabs a book from the second top shelf. She pulls it down and skims her way through, thumbs gliding along the slightly warped pages. She comes across page 11 and notices that little hearts are drawn over the whole border of the page. Giggling at her dad’s teenage antics, she puts the book back and grabs another one with a cover that actually peeks her interest this time. She lays down on the floor and begins reading. 10 pages in and Emma is already hooked. As she turns the page, she notices that, like the other book, there are little hearts drawn all over this page too.

That’s odd?

Emma being the ever curious thinker, decides to pull out another book to see if by some weird chance, there are hearts drawn in that book as well. Sure enough as she gets to page 11 her eyes land on 20 or so messy graphite hearts.

Okay now something’s up. Why page 11? Why hearts?

Soon, Emma is grabbing book after book, flipping to page 11, and rubbing her fingers over hundreds of penciled in hearts. After 15 minutes, and over 30 books sprawled out across her dads floor, Emma is interrupted by a knock.

“Come on down for lunch Kitten” Mike says peeking his head in, eyeing the mess his daughter had made. “Couldn’t decide on just one?”

She looks up at him, eyebrows knitted tightly together. ”Eleven”

Mike cocks his head, confused.

"Page eleven, of every single one of these books, and I’m sure every single book in the bookcase as well, have hearts written all over it. Why?”

Emma swears she can see her dad’s eyes go glossy for a second, almost like his brain was rapidly replaying hundreds of memories in that single moment. Whatever it was, it left him just as fast as it came.

“Oh sweetie, I couldn’t tell you. It’s been years since i’ve picked up one of those books. That was a lifetime ago. I can barely remember what we ate for dinner last night. Now go wash up, Nana is waiting. I’ll handle all of this” Mike finishes, gesturing towards the haphazard pile of books.

He waits until he can hear the bathroom door shut before turning on his heel to face the large pile of books. He picks one up, and with shaky hands flips to page 11. He slowly glides his fingers over the hearts, taking a sharp inhale through the nose.

“Oh El, I hope you’re safe, wherever you are"

A single tear manages to escape his eye, landing over a heart, turning it into nothing but an unrecognizable black blob.


Дикие лебеди (The Wild Swans)

99 in x of animated feature film history
Release: 1962
Country: Soviet Union
Director: Vera Tsekhanovskaya, Mikhail Tsekhanovsky

“The Wild Swans was directed by the husband-and-wife team of Mikhail Tsekhanovsky and Vera Tsekhanovskaya. The film is based on the story of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen. Unusual for Soviet films of this period, and especially for animated films, it was filmed in widescreen. It was produced at the Soyuzmultfilm studio in Moscow.

Princess Elisa and her eleven brothers live in peace and happiness until their father, King Henry, brings home a new queen named Hildegard. She turns out to be an evil witch. With her magic, she tries to curse Elisa, but Elisa’s good heart repel the curses. Instead, the queen resorts to blackening Elisa’s face and dirtying her hair, making her unrecognizable. The queen also attempts to turn the eleven princes into black, ugly birds, but because of their good hearts, the curse is only partly successful: they turn into beautiful, white swans. The queen chases them out of the castle, and the next morning, Elisa is chased out as well because her father mistakes her for a Romani (g*psy) girl. Left with nothing, she sets out to find her brothers. After many years, she finally finds them, and after learning from a crow that the curse can be broken, she has to knit eleven sweaters out of tall, burning nettles, and has to remain silent. While she works on the sweaters, she meets a prince who falls in love with her and lets her live in his castle. Here, a bishop conspires with the queen to get rid of her by making people think she is a witch. She is almost burnt on the stake, but at the last second, her brothers come to the rescue. She throws the sweaters over them, the curse is lifted, and she is able to tell her story and return the prince’s love.”

The film heavily emphasizes the dichotomy of white and black as good and evil. This has a negative racial subtext in the case of Elisa’s darkened skin and hair.


The Wild Swans is available on YouTube.


richiegayzier  asked:

'Tis the season for Christmas!Mileven headcanons?


  • Making sugar cookies together and Mike pointing out the flour on El’s nose and El responding with giggling and putting flour on Mike’s cheeks 
  • El giving Mike a handmade framed picture of the two of them at the Snow Ball for Christmas (Jonathan helped her develop the film herself) 
  • Mike taking her downtown in the evening when it’s snowing to look at all the Christmas lights and decorations in the store windows
  • Eleven being very unsteady on her feet when she goes out in the snow for the first time and Mike taking the opportunity to hold her hand the whole time
  • Mike feeling super embarrassed when his mom has him wear the Christmas sweater she knitted for him (and El saying sweetly that he looks “pretty” and kissing him on the cheek) (Karen knits Eleven a sweater too that year and she is positively beaming with happiness) 
  • Eleven getting sick for the first time because she’s never been exposed to such cold temperatures and Mike staying at her side the whole time to comfort her (they marathon Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate and El falls asleep on Mike’s chest wrapped in a million blankets) 
  • Decorating the tree together and Mike being absolutely enchanted by the way the Christmas lights glimmer in El’s eyes
  • Holding hands while ice skating 
  • Teaming up against the boys and definitely not using her powers to make the perfect hit
  • El quietly asking Mike while he’s wrapping presents in the basement if they can dance together to the Christmas music on the radio like they did at the Snow Ball 
  • Eleven having the boys explain to her how mistletoe works and surprising Mike with a small kiss 

Tender-handed, stroke a nettle,
And it stings you for your pains.
Grasp it like a man of mettle,
And it soft as silk remains.

Urtica Swan figured out her destiny before high school. Having eleven brothers, a witch for a stepmother, and a birth-mother named Eliza probably clued her in from an early age. She took her destiny much better than her cousin, Duchess Swan, and you’ll find she’s a gentler, calmer voice of reason whenever they’re together.

She’s since sworn herself into a vow of silence to knit eleven jumpers for her swan brothers until she can turn them human again - Duchess usually speaks for her, and she’s reliant on sign language on her own. She’s a Royal, well aware that her family is dependent on her, but annoyed that her destiny means she’ll never seen her stepmother again - they got along well until the day her stepmother was forced to curse them - and she hopes to find her again someday. 

Being silent isn’t the same thing as staying quiet - she’s the blogger in charge of “The Carrying Net”, a website dedicated to social justice and corporate whistleblowing - and you’ll be surprised to find out how often SHE TYPES IN ALL CAPS AND SWEARS LIKE A FAIRYGODMOTHERFU@%&*!!! You’ll likely catch her maintaining the site, in between Knitting Circle and watching over eleven swans brothers. 


Gaetan.O _ model -

For a stroll to the beach, a turtleneck Schott, a knitted wool jacket Eleven Paris, biker pants Isabel Marant for h&m and mocassins Tommy Hilfiger bought at a thrift store on NY.

I like its flared cut,its shawl collar and its kinetted fabric.