knitpeaks asked:

Hey, so I saw a post on here a while back about the jumpers/knitwear of Twin Peaks but I can't find it, but it inspired me to finally get round to making this blog (based on pictures of all instances of Twin Peaks amazing knitwear) and I was wondering if you could spread the word about my new Twin Peaks labour of love?

of course everyone check it out!

Feature: Knit Peaks

Since there has been a lull lately in news related to the series, I’m going to start featuring Twin Peaks-related blogs that I have discovered and enjoy.

This week’s feature goes to Knit Peaks, a great blog that is updated frequently, which describes itself as a “homage to and encyclopedia of the weird and wonderful knitwear world of Twin Peaks.”

Check it out here:

However, as I am new to the online fandom, I need your help. Are there any great Twin Peaks-related blogs you know of that could use some love? Send them in via the ask box and I’ll feature them.


So in honor of me getting 100 followers I’ve decided to post a list of my favorite blogs (in no particular order):
I’m probably forgetting so many people don’t hate me if I forgot you 😬 Also you should follow these people if you like the type of stuff I post!