Hi all,
So I’ve been making these over a while. Well, through these playlists I hope to show my mixed relationship with James Hurley. On the one hand, I fucking hate him. On the other, there is a tiny bit of him I identify with, a la being stuck in a small town you hate and just *clenches fist and grits teeth* wanting to get on your bike and go. So to reflect this, I have done a two side mixtape. Like a real tape even.

Side A (Spotify link)
These are songs that basically can be described as “boring white boys with guitars moaning about something usually a woman or making themselves sound cool/edgy/interesting when they actually really suck” and some have America references in them cos hey it’s James Hurley
Photosynthesis - Frank Turner
Two Fingers - Jake Bugg
Men’s Needs - The Cribs
Naive - The Kooks
I Found Out - The Pigeon Detectives
Maps - Maroon 5
America - Razorlight
Moving to New York - The Wombats
This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The One of Me - Frank Turner
Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye, Kimbra
Oh My God - Kaiser Chiefs
*I forgot to add that this playlist was mainly inspired by a post I made about how a) the mainstream pop music throughout my teens was predominated by soft-indie bands made up of white boys with really awful song content and how I think this definitely influenced teenage me’s perception of how I should act and relate to guys and b) I spent a lot of time chasing around after really rubbish guys who wore leather jackets and then somebody was like “Ha sounds like you would have gone for James Hurley” and lightbulb moment
It’s a bit tenuous and I really should have remembered to note that. I’ll do that now.
Side B (Spotify link)
These are songs that I like or that I liked when I was 17 (James’ age) and that embody that spirit of wanting to fuck off out of wherever I was/James/whatevs oh and a song I found by searching James Hurley on Spotify.
Future Starts Slow - The Kills
Common People - Pulp
Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) - Arcade Fire
Someday - The Strokes
Sycophant - The Courteeners
This Charming Man - The Smiths
Broken Boy Soldier - The Raconteurs
Next Girl - The Black Keys
James Hurley - Penny Century
Platypus (I Hate You) - Green Day
In A Big Country - Big Country
California Daze - Peace
Don’t Look Back In Anger - Oasis

I hope you enjoy it. 
Knit Peaks xox

So this mixtape was rlly fun to make partly because if you search things related to Cooper in Spotify there’s a whole host of bands with Coop inspired names writing songs with cool Twin Peaks referencey titles so some of these are new discoveries that I rlly like.

To my special agent on Spotify

Twin Peaks - Angelo Badalamenti
Caroline - Douglas Firs
Changes - David Bowie
Smell the Trees - Agent Cooper
Audrey’s Dance, Prologue - Bookhouse
Black Coffee - Bobby Darin
The Bookhouse Boys - Twin Peaks Soundtrack
Back in Style - Felix
Annie - Neon Indian
Caroline - Fleetwood Mac
Eux exquis acrostole - The Dale Cooper Quartet
Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson