Day 8: What’s your most challenging project? 

These moths. I designed them myself. They only took me a few weeks to make, but the reason I choose them as the most challenging, is that every single time I try to recreate these, or draft a pattern, I am stumped. I have no idea what sort of creative juices were flowing, but I kick myself everyday for not taking notes while making these. I really, really wish I could recreate them. Maybe some day when I find the time, I will master these little bugs.


They are complete! It took me an age to finish these socks, but as usual I hit a rut when working on the second sock. Second socks are just the worst, I always run out of steam when I get to them. Plus, these were super boring to knit since it was just stockinette stitch (I turned them inside out) Also, somehow, one of the socks is bigger than the other… despite my counting every row and measuring and trying to get things to match up. It is just my luck. I guess no two socks are alike… especially if I knit them.
I don’t really care though, because these socks are hella comfortable. I am wearing them right now and they are fantastic. Madeline Tosh knows what’s up when it comes to spinning some sock yarn. If you have the spare cash and love knitting yourself socks, it is worth the investment.


A quick overview of all of my current projects:

*Posy Cardigans 1 & 2. 1 is complete and I just started on the sleeves of 2!

*White Cabled Scarf, will be a Christmas gift. I love the stitches so much. I can’t wait to make a fisherman cabled sweater.

*Gray socks, were a possible Christmas gift, most likely not. Instead using them as a way to test out stitches. Its pair will not be the same.

*Sandy Tweed Cowl, just an excuse to play with texture and use up some yarn. Liking the outcome so far!

That’s all!


My current obsession is with texture. I dove into my stitch books and am now in a deep hole. All of my on going projects mostly revolve around textured patterns. This sock for instance is just for testing out new stitches. Its pair will be similar, but I have other stitches lined up for it.
I love it. Sometimes getting lost in new things is a great way to enliven your craft. Just knowing that there is so much out there that I still have to learn about knitting is so exciting.


After many months I am finally finished with this scarf.
It is such a relief to be done.
Don’t get me wrong, it is beautiful and I love it. But it was a pain to work on. Scarves are always a test of patience. Knitting any long repetitive pattern is tough. I persevered thought, and I got something lovely out of it. This scarf also got me super pumped to make a fisherman’s sweater.
So remember, hard work can pay off ;)


Oy, lets talk about how great it is to have a Plan B when working on a project. They sure can save you a lot of tears and a lot of frogging.
This cowl started out as the Nightingale vest by Helga Isager. The yarn was so perfect for the project, I couldn’t help but use it. Sadly, I had barely enough, and the yarn was discontinued. I attempted to find a match, even tried dyeing some yarn, but nothing worked.
So I fell back to my Plan B. Which was to just turn it into a scarf/cowl, and it worked! I can now happily hand this over as a birthday gift to my friend. The vest would have been lovely and so fitting for my friend. But you never know, she might get it next year!