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History isn’t like that. History unravels gently, like an old sweater. It has been patched and darned many times, re-knitted to suit different people, shoved in a box under the sink of censorship to be cut up for the dusters of propaganda, yet it always - eventually - manages to spring back into its old familiar shape. History has a habit of changing the people who think they are changing it. History always has a few tricks up its frayed sleeve. It’s been around a long time.
—  Terry Pratchett - Mort

I suppose I understand why some people think that LeFou’s sexuality was used as a gag, but honestly that is due more to the ignorance of the audience than to misrepresentation by the producers/writers. LeFou’s infatuation with Gaston may have been broadly misinterpreted as a joke, but it was really a tool to emphasize his devotion to Gaston, and to illuminate his susceptibility to Gaston’s manipulation as a way to maintain that loyalty. Is that a destructive and poisonous relationship to represent a LGBT character in? Absolutely. But I think that was the whole point, since LeFou’s character development lies in his realization of the toxicity in his relationship with Gaston, and that he deserves better than a man who uses him solely for an ego boost. And in the end, we get to see him meet and dance with another man. LeFou goes from an entranced, submissive sidekick, to someone who is independent, has more self-respect, and has the potential to be happy with someone new. If you want to call that bad representation, then be my guest (no pun intended).

It’s just irritating to see people criticize a movie for having “shitty representation” just because it doesn’t meet their specific standards. They could have just portrayed LeFou as an obsessed bumbler who idolizes and fancies Gaston continuously despite his abuse. For a secondary character who was previously very one-dimensional, I think they added a lot of depth to LeFou and showed substantial character growth.

Things That People Have Said To Me Since I Started Working In A Yarn Shop

  • “i need more of the rowan felted tweed, i’m making some first-world-war balaclavas and i’ve run out”
  • “i’m making my husband an x-files themed jumper for christmas and i can’t find a good colour for the spaceship”
  • “do you have any wool/acrylic blends on sale, i’m making hats for the seamen’s mission to give to sailors and i know they say to use acrylics because they’re cheap but it gets awfully cold at sea and i worry”
  • “i need some black wool for gloves, but it has to be flame-proof because i’m making them for the beltane fire-jugglers”
  • “could you see if you have another copy of this pattern for a baby shawl, i’ve knitted it in different colours for all of my six children and twelve grandchildren but it’s started to fall apart a bit"
  • [from a blond, six-foot surfer dude] “yeah, do you have any really light needles, i’m going backpacking around argentina and i want to do some socks while i’m on the coach but there isn’t much room in my rucksack”
  • “which of these colours do you think would be best for a knitted corgi”
  • “do you have any patterns for dog hats”

Evinin önünde örgü ören yaşlı kadın (Old woman sitting and knitting in front of her house)

Disorganizedness from a Tired Knitter

So… am I literally the only otaku who knits?

It’s more of a rhetorical question than anything else, but I really wonder sometimes.

I’ve been knitting for about four years, I think. I’m not sure. It’s really one of the only things I consider myself good at. I’m not even that advanced of a knitter - I’ve never made a sweater. Or a bag. I intend to try taking a sweater/cardigan by the end of the year.

I knit while I watch anime all the time. I have trouble sitting still and watching things, so I knit in order to keep myself from getting distracted. It comes with me everywhere. It’s not even really a hobby anymore. It’s just something that I do because I can’t imagine NOT doing it.

I know that this age group/demographic really isn’t the type to learn to knit. But there’s got to be more than just me, right? I see a decent amount of otaku crochet stuff, but not nearly as much knit. Am I just not looking in the right places? I know Amigurumi’s a thing, so maybe that’s why?

I’m not saying they don’t exist - I’ve made myself a sweet pair of Totoro mittens and am working on and off on a big stuffed Totoro. I know they exist. (There’s a lot of stuffed Totoro stuff.)

I’m not even sure if this is making sense - I’m tired today, work took it out of me and I didn’t sleep that well to begin with…

But back on topic.

I would love to find more anime fans who knit. Not that I have anything against crochet, it’s just… I don’t know crochet. I know knitting. If anyone has sources for patterns, I’d love to see them. If anyone wants to chat about knitting or anime, message me or something. I don’t know.

When Rem and Lindo are done, I’ll probably do a break, then try making dolls from another series. With the anime coming out soon, does Code: Realize dolls sound good? I also thought I might make one or two Yandere Simulator characters. Midori doll anyone? But a break first. I need to come up with another pattern, and do some finishing up of my own stuff. The one I have takes too long for me to assemble one every two weeks indefinitely. I want something that can be completed in under ten hours, give or take a few. So thicker yarn and needles, shorter legs… I’m rambling now, don’t mind me. Basically, my plan is to make them a bit more chibi-ish.

I’ve made one of Rem’s legs today. ONE. AND IT TOOK LIKE TWO HOURS. THE SHOE WASN’T THAT HARD!!!!!

If I do the Code: Realize ones, though, I’ll probably use the same pattern I’m using now. I feel like the slightly more realistic build would work better. Not to mention I need something larger to accommodate the detailing better. 

Confused rambling over.

Halt can really be a dick sometimes. Like people love his sass and his relationship with Will, but besides that he is mostly just a bitter asshole with talent and in need of a hobby. Like knitting. How can you be mad and brusque while knitting a baby blanket? You can’t. Halt needs to knit my kids some sweaters and cute hats. Knitting is the answer to emotional problems. This has been a rabbit hole moment with Gilan. Tune in next week when I go from lutes to skateboarding.


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