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Grind Till I Own It || Mafia!Jungkook x Reader [M] Pt. 2

Summary : Jeon Jungkook is the son of the famous mafia gang TBB (The Black Base) and is a filthy rich man that gets whatever his finger points at - that includes even you.

Rated [M] for eventual smut/angst

“We’re here, princess”

A soft voice traveled up to you ears, you couldn’t quite make up if you were laying on a pillow or a bed but this was extremely comfortable and you refused to wake up. That was, until you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your body and the wind hit your face making you snap your eyes open.

You gasped.

In front of you was a huge mansion with windows as big as your own little apartment. It looked like a palace to you, and the garden was so mesmerizing you couldn’t take your eyes off of the roses that bloomed in different shades of red. The grass looked as green as ever even though it was in the middle of the night. This whole thing felt like a dream to you.

But then you remembered.


You glanced up and there he was, holding you close to his chest. You could hear his heart pounding in his chest and somehow, just somehow that made you feel incredibly calm. Without saying anything, you tilted your head back and closed your eyes again.

“Ah! Sir, should I inform the supreme leader about-”.

“No. There’s no need for that, instead. How about escorting her to my room” Jungkook’s voice was nothing like before, it didn’t match his calm heart - in fact, he sounded stressed out. You wanted to ask why, but you also knew that maybe giving him some space was the best choice.

“Will do Sir!” Jimin saluted him, and that’s when you decided to open your eyes.

“Where are you going?”.

You mentally scolded yourself for asking Jungkook that when it looked like talking was something he’d rather avoid at the moment. He simply said work and left just like that. No goodbye and definitely no see you later.

You knitted your eyebrows together, a bit offended at how he was the one who brought you here and then left as if you weren’t even here. Whatever You huffed, arms crossed above your chest, anger taking over your features.

“Here” Jimin offered his small hand to you and you looked down at it, struggling to hold in your laughter at how tiny his hand was compared to yours.

“Are you expecting me to hold your hand?” You asked, head tilting to the side. He paused and you took this moment to study Jimin’s adorable face. “What if I break it?”.

Jimin looked taken aback, his already big eyes went even bigger and his mouth was in the shape of an ‘o’. You also noticed how his cheeks were dusted with a fair pink, almost as pink as his lips.

“My hand is not that small!” He groaned, placing his hand on his forehead as if he just got the biggest headache of his life. “God, you sound just like Taehyung” Jimin let out an irritated sigh accompanied by a pout.

“Taehyung?” Your eyes flashed with curiosity.

Jimin motioned you to follow him so you did and when you stepped inside the mansion you had to rub your eyes, because this didn’t feel real at all. Everything looked so beautiful you were afraid to walk on the stairs, your silly self thought that you’d make them dirty - or even ruin them.

“Mmh, Taehyung” Jimin started, walking up the stairs that were probably made out of gold - you could see your own reflection in them.

“Taehyung is the one that locates all the thieves. As soon as someone steps foot in here he’ll get a signal up to his office, then he simply informs the supreme leader and yeah” Jimin shrugged, fishing up a shiny yellow key from his suit pocket.

“Did he get a signal just now?” You asked, arms swaying gently side to side. Jimin didn’t say anything, he simply smiled and he was looking at you but not quite you, it was more like looking behind your shoulder.

You spun around and saw a man with chestnut colored hair jogging up to where you two were standing, he was so handsome it was almost as if he was artificial.

“Damn it Jimin! You should tell me when boss’s girls come here! I gave up my damn chocolate milk for this! Do you know how important that is to me?” Taehyung who looked awfully sad yet undeniably cute had a cup of - what you’d assume was chocolate milk - in his rather large hands.

Is everyone here a model or something?! You thought once you took in all of Taehyung, a God in his own ways.

Jimin looked serious, until his eyes traveled down to Taehyung’s black pants.

And it was then.

It was then that your ears officially gave up on hearing the oh, so beautiful sounds in the world after a loud - what you could only describe as a shriek - completely destroyed your sense of hearing.

Jimin was laughing his lungs out and both you and Taehyung looked confusingly at each other. You looked to where Jimin was looking before and oh my god.

Taehyung who looked as if he was a lost puppy had a stain on his pants which, of course, made it look like someone had scared the living shit out of the man and sure it was hilarious but.


“what the..” Taehyung’s eyebrows were crushed together and he carefully looked down and immediately up again, connecting eyes with Jimin. “Why didn’t you tell me?! Do you think she saw it…?”.

“Who?” You asked, inviting yourself to the conversation - or should you say, love affair.

Taehyung looked embarrassed for a minute, but then he gazed to his right in a dreamy state and battered his surprisingly long eyelashes.

“Sujin noona..” He said, smiling an incredibly wide smile which almost looked impossible - cute but scary.

“Ah, get your love bullshit out of here Taehyung. Oh, right, Y/N” Jimin turned around and twisted the doorknob, revealing your room. He chuckled when he heard you audibly gasp behind him and you stepped inside, mouth wide open in astonishment.

“Am I dreaming? Am I? Holy shit!” You couldn’t be more amazed than you already were.

You’ve been living with Seulbi for quite awhile in a stuffy apartment and going from a mattress to a king sized bed is a huge fucking upgrade. This room had everything you needed and even a little more, the fact that you are going to stay the night here is an honour.

You turned around, your mouth open and Jimin who was leaning against the wall with a huge smirk on his face looked quite pleased at what he has shown you so far.

“Like it? Boss has pretty good taste in things. He might act like an asshole sometimes, but trust me - he has a heart of gold” Jimin said while walking towards you, grabbing your hand and placing the key on your palm. “Well then, goodnight”.

And just like that, Jimin with the following voice of Taehyung repeatedly saying ‘did she see that’ faded away and you were left alone in the room.

“Ah fuck, where’s Jungkook? And why did he leave me? This makes no sense” You sat down on the enormous bed, only to lay down and stare at the ceiling. “Work isn’t a good answer..” You turned over to the lamp and switched it off, your vision slowly taken away by sleep and you were drifting off.

You didn’t realize that sleep had taken over your body. Every emotion of last night had left your mind and you were to be filled with new ones today.

“Shit, my head” You groaned, holding your head as if it was gonna fall.

The poisonous side effect of getting ‘fucked up’ wasn’t as pleasing the next day. But who the hell gives a shit? You’re literally waking up in a king sized bed! You shouldn’t complain right?.

“So you have risen I see”.

A quite familiar voice said, you followed it and there he stood. God himself.

Jungkook had his arms crossed and was leaning just like how Jimin did. They’re quite similar in a way, although you cannot pinpoint how - they just gave off the same vibe.

“Yes I, uh, have” You giggled, the sound of your heartbeat getting louder as Jungkook began to walk towards you, looking as if he just had taken a shower in gold. Even in the morning when you were supposed to be in a shitty mood and - look like shit - Jungkook looked like the opposite of all that.

“And just like the sun” He gently yanked you out of bed, only to have you spin once before your noses brushed together “You are beautiful”.

As if your cheeks had an on and off button, they quickly bloomed into a few shades of pink and red. Jungkook’s compliments had yet again won over your heart and you were so incredibly scared that he might hear the hammering of your heartbeat.

“W-What are you talking about? I look like shit, it’s morning and I want nothing more than to just vanish” You glanced down while tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear, the compliment made your lips curve into a bashful smile.

“Vanish? Why would you say something like that?” Jungkook made you look into his eyes by gently grabbing your chin, clearly dissatisfied with your saying.

He shook his head.

“Don’t ever say things like that, okay? Just like the refreshing air in the outside world, I need you” Jungkook pulled you into a tight embrace, twirling the both of you. “Stay with me”.

Jungkook was a strange being. He was confusing most of the time and it made no sense when he suddenly got furious out of nothing, could it be that he’s confused about his feelings?. You wanted to know more about Jungkook. You wanted to know what this ‘work’ really was, although you have a slight idea of what it could be.

He is in a mafia gang after all.

A knock on the door made the two of you break apart. You wanted to guess it was Jimin but this knock sounded harder, almost angry.

Jungkook swung the door open, eyebrows drawn together and a frown had taken over his once smiling lips. “Namjoon?”.

The man named Namjoon had a black suit on. His hair was dirty blonde, and it looked messy yet a touch of delicacy was clearly seen. He was very handsome and your heart rate sped up when his serious eyes met your confused ones.

Namjoon inhaled, and then exhaled. Something Jungkook hated because he knew that it meant either something bad happened or something really bad happened - and judging by how Namjoon’s expression indicated stress he knew that it was the second one.

“It seems like your father has a heart disease. We sent him to the local hospital and they informed us that he only has two months left, my condolences boss, it looks as if your father won’t make it”.

Jungkook was holding your hand, and it was as if someone had stuffed him in a refrigerator from all the shaking he was making. He was silent, the only sound that could be heard was the ragged breathing from Jungkook. You glanced over to scan his face, and you wished you hadn’t done that.

His eyebrows that were together before were curving upwards and his bottom lip quivered. Jungkook’s hands and soon his whole self was trembling with nothing but pure shock, sadness and fury.

“Why…Why did father hide this from me”.

Namjoon paused, not sure if he should say more. But he straightened his back and cleared his throat. “I believe it’s because he wanted to refrain from stressing you out - since you are wanted”.

Wanted? You thought, a tingling sensation mingled with anger melted in the pit of your stomach. You somehow felt betrayed, even though this was of no surprise to you.

“Jungkook” You called his name, the way you said his name made him shiver. “You’re wanted? Is this really true?”.

Jungkook didn’t know how to respond. It was as if his ability to speak had disappeared and he felt paralyzed as well, to make it even worse - you had to witness the ugly side of his family which he hoped would never happen.

“I’m sorry Y/N” Jungkook whispered before rushing out of the door, abandoning your hand that was once intertwined with his warm fingers alone in the air.

There you stood, with your dress that suffocated you and your female curves. You looked at Namjoon who was about to leave, but before he could turn on his heel you grabbed his arm.

“Namjoon? Could you take me to Jimin? Please”

And he nodded, mumbling a ‘follow me’ before walking out of the bedroom. The walk with Namjoon was quiet, you assumed he was the serious type so you behaved - not wanting to cause any trouble.

Finally the orange haired man came into sight and you couldn’t help but sigh in relief and comfort when he stretched out his arms for you, and of course, you immediately jumped into his embrace.

“Don’t cry..” Jimin cooed, stroking your hair gently. “Crying doesn’t help a thing. It’s a waste of time and I don’t think you want that, do you?”.

You didn’t how, or why you were crying like this. Maybe you reached your limit? Maybe it was too much for you to handle and you somehow had to let it out?. You didn’t know what you were gonna do when Jungkook would return - if he will that is.

After having tea and toast with Jimin, he decided to take you out for awhile and Taehyung came along later on when his break started. You learnt a lot about the two and they were honestly really sweet even though they worked for someone who wasn’t as sweet as them.

“And that’s the story of how my hand got glued together with the frying pan” Taehyung said, nodding his head in agreement, clearly agreeing with himself because neither you or Jimin could digest what he just said, or even relate to his story at all.

Jimin shook his head. “Anyways, Y/N. I apologize but it seems like we have to leave, I just got a signal from boss that he’s in danger” The serious tone Jimin was using made you shiver, usually he didn’t talk like this. “Will you be fine on your own?”.

You smirked, arms crossed above your chest and you straightened your back. “I’ll be more than fine, besides I have to learn my way home too so this is a good thing”.

Jimin and Taehyung nodded and stood up, each grabbing a metal black walkie talkie from their pockets. You couldn’t help but softly laugh at how serious they looked, it was amazing how specifically Taehyung could go from the guy who got his hand glued together with a frying pan to Mr. Serious.

The familiar ringtone of your phone rang, startling you from the high volume it was on. You fished it up and pressed the green button and raised the device up to your ear. “Y/N speaking”.


You froze.

The delicate voice of a man who had snatched your heart in only one night was calling your name in a way in which you couldn’t describe but monotonous. A mixture of miserableness and hopeless mingled in his voice, creating a sad aura around you and the people surrounding you.

“Jungkook…? Are you okay? What happened?”.

You couldn’t help but panic. Your heart was sinking down with each breath the other person took and it pained you so. He sounded lifeless, dull - completely gone and the way he paused made you even more worried. “Jungkook?”.

“Y/N, my father died. I need you. I need you right now”.

“Jungkook I-” Before your next words could even roll off your tongue he hung up on you without saying anything. You stood there, staring at your phone with wide eyes not knowing what the hell you should do next. It took awhile for you to figure out what Jungkook meant by ‘I need you’ but then it hit you.

Jungkook wants to have sex with you.

“B-But..His father just-” You stressfully exhaled, walking forwards with quick steps as if someone was following you from behind. Your cheeks flushed with the thought of Jungkook’s hands roaming your body and yes - you wanted him too but something didn’t sound right.

You didn’t want to have sex with him right now. This was just to conceal his feelings and pitiful sex is not on your to-do list. You loved Jungkook very much but this was just not the right thing to do, besides, once he gets over his father’s death he’ll simply forget about you and your existence.

Everything about you will become history.

The Labyrinth Chapter 17

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU
Pairing: Reader/Jimin
Length: 2.1k
Summary: Finding an injured boy collapsing in front of your house, you decide to help him, only to find out he’s associated with some underground business. After that fateful night, you surprisingly find him in the new class you had just transferred into.

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09. lavender kisses

 Genre: Smut/Fluff/Angst.

Content: Park Jimin. The transformation of an introvert. A friends with benefits. Habits.

Word Count: 2,685

“–it only takes 21 days to form a healthy habit. Call now at 1-800-behappy for your free consultation!” 

The fuzzy, outdated TV advertisement broadcasted much too loudly and far too energetically for the average Millennial at seven in the morning, but you didn’t mind, at least not today. 

For the soft hues of your lazy, spring daze consumed you completely.

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                                                      The Mark

Request: “Please do one with kylo x reader where whatever mark you get on your skin, your soulmate gets it too!”

A/N: So this is quite similar to my multi-part fic Soul Mate, but less dramatic and…well, you’d know if you read it. Thanks for the request, anon, here’s some bitch ass Kylo Ren for you! [GIF NOT MINE]

Warning: None.

Word Count: 2.7K+


Yet another long day had passed in Star Killer base, which also meant another restless night. If it wasn’t for the fact that your position under the First Order was ‘important’, you were sure you would have a much easier life. But this was the life you chose ever since you could remember–it wasn’t like you had a choice, actually, you were young and vulnerable and had no one. Anyone was better than no one. Thus, the First Order became your family. Of course, no one in said organization saw each other as family, maybe the troops that went into battle, but other than that…everyone else was just a mere pawn in a game of war. So there you sat alone on your couch, with nothing better to do thanks to your insomnia, knees pulled to your chest as your left index finger traced the mark in your palm.

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Stop the clock

Originally posted by prettiestcaptain

Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Peter Maximoff x (mutant)reader
Genres: mild angst, jealousy, fluff
Words: 1.523
Summary: Peter and reader like each other, but none of them makes a move. Scott, Jean and Kurt take it upon themselves to get the pair together by inspiring jealousy in Peter - requested by Anonymous

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A Date to the Amusement Park with S.Coups Would Include...

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  • Okay so we all know how brave our Seungcheol is right? Okay good.  
  • The idea would of been brought up in casual conversation between you two one day. You’d ask him if he had ever been on a roller coaster, or whether he ever had been to an amusement park
  • His response would be over confident with a hint of doubt. There was two things running through his mind. 1. The thought of being able to spend the day with you, holding your hand, winning stuffed toys, and being all gentleman like. 2. The fact that he can’t FCKIG DO ROLLER COASTERS NOR IS HE A FAN OF HEIGHTS HAHAHHAHA
  • But here’s the catch, he has never admitted to you that he was afraid before IN HIS LIFE. So if he did tell you, his ego would take a hard blow, leaving him defenseless to you, a soft spot for teasing. 
  • So when the day came, he had decided he would finally man up and face his fears
  • Okay lets start out with the fluffy stuff
  • It would be a nice hot summer day, I would say earlier summer like, mid June (you get it June…. hot summer, wen junhui) 
  • He would show up to your house early, with all the things needed to kick start the day. He had payed for your tickets which he kept in his wallet, along with extra money for food and prizes he planned on showering you with
  • Seungcheol is a dork 
  • Admit it 
  • He would of already planned out the entire day, from how he would hold your hand, what he would say…etc
  • He’d pull cliche moves like the arm over the shoulder, or the I wont stop trying until I win you that stuffed bear
  • But that’s why you love him
  • You two would leave around noon, riding the bus to the park
  • BONUS: you shared ear buds and sat together in cute silence
  • You leaned in on his lean strong frame the whole ride there, the sound of the quite chit chatter of passengers and soft hum of the bus engine was putting you to sleep
  • He would of been so happy at that moment, the typical Seungcheol smirk pasted over his face
  • BONUS: when a cute little old lady had to sit, you two offered your seats, you couldn’t reach the bar handles, so you clung onto Seungcheol. The cute old lady was giving you the Lenny face the entire time like ehehehehheeh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Once you arrived, you would first suggest going on a slow calm ride to ease yourselves into the experience
  • Even though it seemed as if he was excited deep down he was panicking, sweaty hands and shaky legs as he walked through the line with you
  • “Hey, you look a little pale, are you okay?” You would say, your voice full of concern. You placed a hand to his forehead 
  • He would shrug it off flashing his reassuring smile, since he had never reviled his true fears you didn’t pay much attention until…
  • It was when in the distance the sound of screaming riders, and the rush of a roller coaster made him jump closer to you, almost knocking you of line. You then noticed him sweating more profusely then before. “Seungcheol?” you would ask, his response would be a nod. You could see his jaw clenching, his lips pressed forming a line of worry
  • “Hey, are you…… scared?” You hesitated as you spoke, you reached over and took his hand. A slight chuckle rising up as you spoke again. “Why didn’t you tell me you were afraid of heights?” You playfully slap his hand and sighed. 
  • You dragged him out of line, and walked over to a bench smiling to yourself. You sat him down and pulled out a water bottle from your bag. “Drink this,” you hand him the bottle and watch him chug down the whole thing. Your eyes widen full of concern. “You really don’t like heights then, I’m sorry I dragged you here, I should’ve known-” 
  • You were then interrupted by a finger placed over your lips, “no, shush…Y/N, I want to make this day a to remember. Your Seungcheol will face his fears,” he said ruffling your hair. He stood up and grabbed your hand. 
  • You found yourself face to face with the fastest, largest, longest, tallest, ride at the park. 
  • Determination pasted on his face, he walked into line.
  • “Are you sure you can handle this?” You knitted your brows, and bit your lip
  • “Don’t worry, I’ll be brave for you.” He leaned in to face you
  • You took your seats on the ride, the staff had strapped you in, and were ready to give the signal to start the ride
  • You turned to Seungcheol, eyeing one last time before the ride began to climb
  • He stared straight ahead, gripping the bars of the ride, and sat back in his seat, you noticed him trying to steady his breathing
  • “Hey,” you say, “you can hold my hand if you want to…” 
  • He reached out for you, and squeezed your hand, hard. you knew he was really scared
  • You felt like the worst person in the world, knowing that you practically forced him into doing something he wasn’t comfortable with
  • The ride rose to the every top of the first drop, annticiaption form the other riders only a blur in the background because you were only focusing on Seungcheol
  • Time passed and then, suddenly, the ride began to tip forward, the force on your stomach building, the suspense killing you…. and then….. WOOSHin 
  • The ride dropped at a fast rate, sending you down a vertical free fall, you never even bothered to look over to your left until you heard… laughter
  • You snapped you neck over to see Seungcheol, laUGHING 
  • You had never been so confused in your life
  • Once the ride ended, you walked off shaky from the turbulence and a little light headed from the height
  • You went to sit at the nearest bench that you could find, Seungcheol followed you, jogging to catch up
  • He smiled to you, “I think….I overcame my fears!” He praised himself
  • You stared up at him, everything seemed really bright and hazy
  • “Seungcheol, I’m sorry I forced you into doing this. I don’t feel so well, can we leave early?”
  • He rose his brows, and rushed over to you. Checking your temperature, he spoke, “we can leave now, if you want.”
  • “Yes please,” you say, wearliy 
  • He took your hand, you two walked leaving the park. Heading for the bus stop
  • You boarded the bus along with the passengers and took your respected seats near the back, knowing it would be long ride to your house. “I feel better now.” You say, “But, why were you laughing, I thought you were afraid of heights?” 
  • “That’s how I cope with my fears, I try to laugh it off, make things less awkward.” He smiled and pulled out his phone, taking both ear buds from his pocket, he placed in his left ear, and handed you the other. “Listen, it will make you feel better, rest your head on my shoulder, you worry too much, I told you I was your brave Seungcheol.” 
  • You nodded and did as you were told, eyes becoming heavier and heavier as he spoke, until you fell asleep.
  • You then woke up, disorientated. You could see things much higher up than before, you then realized that you were being carried, you looked down to see fluffy dark green hair, bouncing with every step
  • “You awake? Good, cause you’re heavy.” You shifted behind him. “No! I’m still asleep, I swear.” you giggle, “Fine I’ll carry you,” he wined. 
  • You were walking in your neighborhood now, familiar buildings and street signs all around. 
  • You were then carried up your front steps, he took you off his back, his strong arms gripping on to you, as he placed you down in front of him. “I had fun. Thank you for convincing me.” He bent down and pecked your cheek, before ruffling your hair
  • You watched him as he walked down the front steps, “Hey! Um…. sorry that I didn’t win you any cute stuffed toys that you always wanted, next time. I promise” He winked at you
  • “Seungcheol!” You ran towards him, and hugged him tightly, “I’m proud of you, next time tell me how you really feel, okay?” You looked up at his dark doe like eyes.
  •  “Okay,” patting your head, he smiled down at you, a slight blush creeping onto his cheeks. “Good night Y/N, dream about me.” He smirked at you.
  • “Okay, good night Seungcheol,” you mocked
  •  You parted and ran into your house, your face glowing bright red, as you watched him from your window.

anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where Bucky turns to knitting as a coping mechanism. Plus he likes the idea of carrying weapons in plain sight. He and Darcy have knitting parties. (Inspired by the knitting detective post)

The asset remembers how to knit before he actually remembers anything reasonable or useful about being Bucky Barnes. Like he straight up remembers “Purl Harder!” and “Knit Your Bit!” before he remembers 95% of the rest of the war, although he doesn’t mention that kind of thing to anyone because he’s fairly sure it’s unimportant and Steve’s so concerned about him remembering who he is, and what could propaganda posters possibly have to do with that? 

Darcy, meanwhile, thinks knitting sounds fucking cool and buys herself a whole mess of supplies to YouTube tutorial herself with but then ~SCIENCE~ takes over her life and she gets distracted and forgets about the bag in the back of her closet. 

The asset, creeping around the Avengers’ place in search of weapons and danger and the like while Steve is busy doing actual Avenging, finds Darcy’s metal knitting needles and the ridiculous amount of sparkly blue yarn she’d been planning to figure out how to make a blanket out of while she’s away at a conference with Jane. He proceeds to knit three pairs of socks, a sweater, and the cutest fucking hat Darcy has EVER SEEN, jfc, what the hell where did all this come from, why is it on her bed?? 

She assumes it’s intended to be Welcome Home From A Month Of Conference Hell presents and the socks and hat are all great, but the sweater’s waaaay too big. It looks like it’s meant for a man, actually. 

Meanwhile the asset has no idea why he feels more settled and his mood’s improved so much, but the next time he searches Darcy’s room there’s a whole damn rainbow of yarn in the closet. 

Ten Feet Below

 Prompt: You woke up with no recollection of who you were, where you were, or where you were going. You spend months on the streets before two faces begin to bring back memories piece by piece. The Winchesters, take you in, and nurse you back to health. With no trace of your identity, no friends, no family, they begin to question who you really are. They discover it’s not only your memory of your identity that’s gone; but they also discover you’ve forgotten how to do things like dance, joke and smile. It’s like raising a child.

A/N: I’ve been waiting to write this for a long time, it started off as just a random “so what if this happened in Supernatural..” now I wanna just write it to see what you guys think. And of course, it’s an imagine. This isn’t fitted to a certain season of SPN, so I’m sorry if something sounds out of place. But enjoy. Also, you gotta read until the end to get to the good stuff!.

Fandom: Supernatural

Word count; 2,500

Tags: TeamFreeWillxReader friendship Teen!Reader

Warnings: Mentions of mental health, homelessness, mild insomnia and nightmares/flashbacks

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