knit without pattern


Presenting Roger, the Rogue Historian and Beautiful Brianna, just in time for the finale of Season 2!

She’s not my original Bree - I thought I better return Merida to the 7 year old! So I had to go in search of new one, but I think she’s perfect! Her hair is a deep shade of red and her eyes are blue!

Her outfit soon came together ( I just adore her boots), and I have to admit I’ve enjoyed rocking the 60s vibe this week!

Finding the right Roger has proved much harder, would you believe? But I think he looks kind, and steadfast, and very handsome in his jumper! Which proved an interesting knit, without a pattern! ( I really need to invest in some doll knitting patterns)

outlanderedandoverhere xxx

P.s. They seem to be getting on rather well, don’t they? 😉