knit v neck sweater

The ultimate ‘good girl’ outfit.   Cable knit V-neck sweater with jeans.   Could be a coed student, soccer mom, whatever.  Makes me feel more virtuous than I deserve to feel.

How to dress like a Hogwarts student

1-  Obtain the ordinary clothing. The Hogwarts uniform has many separate components, so pretty much all of the small details are optional because it would hardly be noticeable if they were missing. Be as thorough as you want to be with this. The items you can find in an average clothing store are:
     A plain white button-up shirt
     A dark gray; knitted v-neck sweater or cardigan or sleeveless sweater vest
     Dark gray trousers, or a skirt around knee-length
     Black tights or stockings (with skirt)
     Black shoes
     Dark gray socks
     Black robe

2-  Obtain the accessories. Now that you’ve got the main parts of the costume, it’s time to accessorize.
     First the house tie (striped red and gold, green and silver, yellow and black or blue and silver, according to whichever house you’re in)
     Second the pointed black hat
     Third the wand

Punky Androgynous Clothes I am giving away

Hi! I’m Nina, I’m a cisgender female from NYC and I have a lot of my old clothes many rather punk, away that are to someone in need of them! Everything here is rather androgynous. 

List of clothes I can offer:

• 3 plain button downs (white) – short sleeved – size m

• 3 plain button downs (white) – long sleeved – size m

• 2 basketball jerseys (1 white/1 navy) – size s/m

• 2 basketball shorts (1 white/1 navy) – size s/m

• 1 heavy knit V-neck pullover (navy) – size m/l

• 1 punk rock style mohair sweater (gray/green) – size m

• 1 plaid zip up sweater (red/gray) – size s/m

• 1 pair of splatter jeggings (black/white) – about a size 6/7 pants

• 1 pair of punk plaid pants w/ zippers (red) –28 inches around

• 1 pair of leopard print jeans (white/brown) – size 7

• 1 pair of heavy knit skull leggings (black/white) – size says “l” but really m

• 1 “Nirvana” t-shirt (black) – size m/l

• 1 “AC/DC” t-shirt (black) – size s/m

• 1 “Vote Vader ” t-shirt (black) – size m

• 1 “Black Sabbath” t-shirt (black) – size l

• 1 “Joy Division” t-shirt (black) – size l

• 1 pizza crewneck (white) – size m

If you’re interested Hmu and I’ll try my best to give all this away.

My URL is