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hello kylie! i'm going to be starting school in about a month, and i'm in uni now but i've been wearing uniform for my whole life :o do you have any cute outfits to recommend? thank you!


- mostly great for layering under sweaters in colder weather, or as a thin overlayer in summer. other ways to wear: with a pinafore, tucked into shorts, with any kind of skirt tbh.

- mostly strap dresses because that’s what i tend to wear. strap dresses are great for wearing over any kind of tee or blouse or rib knit which is great if you’re running late. 

- great layered over a blouse or under a strap dress! 

jackets / coats


- i love wearing skirts :-) with a collared blouse, a t-shirt, a sweater, etc. etc. u can tuck almost anything into a skirt. (also why wear pants in winter when you can wear skirts with tights???)


sorry for the long post today :-) anyway i post a ton of outfits over here so maybe check out that tag for some ideas too?! plus a lot of the linked listings have outfit pics you can steal inspo from too.

The ultimate ‘good girl’ outfit.   Cable knit V-neck sweater with jeans.   Could be a coed student, soccer mom, whatever.  Makes me feel more virtuous than I deserve to feel.


Jan-Jan Van Essche Collection #4 - UHURU SASA (2013)

Preparing for Paris Fashion Week, designer Jan-Jan Van Essche is back with his fourth annual collection Uhuru Sasa. Offering a loose silhouetted perspective for everyday wear, garments are cut with care for soft layers. From open-weave knits employed ascardigans and deep v-neck sweaters to elongated tops and billowing trousers, Jan-Jan Van Essche shares a romantic approach to menswear.

How to dress like a Hogwarts student

1-  Obtain the ordinary clothing. The Hogwarts uniform has many separate components, so pretty much all of the small details are optional because it would hardly be noticeable if they were missing. Be as thorough as you want to be with this. The items you can find in an average clothing store are:
     A plain white button-up shirt
     A dark gray; knitted v-neck sweater or cardigan or sleeveless sweater vest
     Dark gray trousers, or a skirt around knee-length
     Black tights or stockings (with skirt)
     Black shoes
     Dark gray socks
     Black robe

2-  Obtain the accessories. Now that you’ve got the main parts of the costume, it’s time to accessorize.
     First the house tie (striped red and gold, green and silver, yellow and black or blue and silver, according to whichever house you’re in)
     Second the pointed black hat
     Third the wand

A little birthday fluff for wrathofthestag.

Scrolling through photos of Our Lord of the Cheekbones for @wrathofthestag’s birthday (as you do), I was inspired by the life ruiner’s h&m photoshoot from days of yore (2007), as seen below. So I wrote a little fic.

Meme bestie, sister wife, fellow member of Team Hannibal, this one’s for you. Happy birthday!

It’s The Little Things

They were on the couch, when it started, Will with his head settled on Hannibal’s lap, eyes closed, while Hannibal skimmed the day’s headlines, relaying any stories that he thought Will might enjoy. A year after their plummet from the cliff, the world was seemingly descending into chaos and no journalist worth their salt was interested in the possible survival of the “murder husbands.” Save Freddie Lounds, but Hannibal had always assumed she would require additional seasoning.

Will tipped his head to the side, opened one eye, and asked, in a sleepy murmur, “What’s your favourite colour?”

Hannibal felt his brows draw down in concern. Was Will perhaps running a fever, the effects of which had diminished his IQ far enough to draw such inanity?

He laid a hand on Will’s brow, causing the younger man to snort and squirm out from underneath it, admonishing, “I’m not sick, Hannibal, just curious.”

“My dear, Will, you are well acquainted with the depths of my own curiosity with regards to your person, but I am reasonably certain we have not yet so exhausted each other’s complexities as to be reduced to favourite colours.” He moved his hand up into Will’s hair and began gently stroking the curls.

“We’re a couple. On certain documents, we’re a married couple. Come on, Hannibal, I know your theories on Dante’s circles of hell, your opinions on why God allows suffering, your preference for the best way to skin a man.” Grinning, he raised himself up slightly to demand a kiss, which Hannibal duly bestowed. “I just thought it might be interesting to learn a few of your more prosaic details, add them to the ‘cannibals I love’ file.”

“Cannibals, plural?” Hannibal raised a brow.

Will settled himself back down and smirked. “Purely an administrative oversight. I assure you, you’re the only cannibal in my life.”

“As you are in mine.”

Will rolled his eyes, long past being uncomfortable with the label. “C’mon, answer my dumb question.”

Hannibal considered a paean to the blue of Will’s eyes when he was angered, or the pink of his lips after kissing Hannibal all afternoon. Instead, he chose to pander to Will’s sudden need for mundanity and plucked a colour at random: “Purple.”

“Hmm. Royalty. Figures.”

“I am an aristo-”

“Yes, yes, Count Doctor Hannibal ‘The Cannibal’ Lecter VIII, I know. Even if I wasn’t a sodding FBI agent and a respected academic, perfectly capable of doing my own research, you think I would have missed that particular issue of TattleCrime?”

“And yours, Professor Graham?”


Hannibal sighed. It seemed Will had decided to be purposefully obtuse today. “Your favourite colour, Will?”

“Oh. Um, maybe red?”

Hannibal took a moment to consider the way Will looked, bathed in that particular colour. “Yes, I can see the appeal,” he said, the lascivious smirk clearly evident in his tone, given that Will’s response was to drag him down into another kiss and, quite soon after, up into their bed.

And that, Hannibal reflected, should have been that: a forgettable exchange in a life filled with many more interesting things. Such as the noises Will made when Hannibal ran his tongue across his scars. Or the fact that Hannibal found it impossible to slip Will’s knots (not that he wanted to, given what Will did to him while he was tied up). Or the light in Will’s eyes that told Hannibal someone was going to die at their hands very, very soon.

Instead, the thought of prosaic details festered. Hannibal had never been a man for the prosaic. He lived for the high-flown, the complex, the inspired. Yet he found that he wanted the domestic, everyday side of this life with Will every bit as much as he wanted the sharp-edged, blood-soaked side of it. And then he had remembered that he had known one other person’s favourite colour, because children often knew such things.

Yellow. Like sunshine, and flowers. Or like our hair, Hannibal.

And suddenly, he couldn’t help himself.

“Which season do you prefer?” (Fall, I think. Cooler weather, the dogs can play in the leaves, plenty of fishing…)

“Would you prefer a vacation at the beach or in the mountains?” (Mountains, I guess. Does it matter? Hard to vacation when you’re in hidin’, darlin’.)

“What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?” (Why, have you made some, let me at it.)

“What is your favourite musical instrument?” (Not. Harpsichord.)

“Do you prefer sunrise, or sunset?” (I don't… really have a preference, what the hell is going on with you?)

This last was accompanied by an expression of pure bafflement from Will as he stood in the doorway of their en suite, mouth still ringed with foam from breaking off brushing his teeth to stare at his partner. Hannibal regarded him from their bed, where he was reclining, already dressed for bed in a pair of royal blue, silk sleep pants. He generally slept topless, now, at Will’s request – for a man previously certain of his heterosexuality, Will certainly used every opportunity he could for close contact with Hannibal’s chest hair.

“You said that, as a couple, we should know such things about each other. I am attempting to oblige. I wouldn’t want you to think I was not interested in every aspect of your being, Will.” Hannibal was mildly annoyed at Will’s obliviousness. Apparently his efforts had gone not only unappreciated but entirely unnoticed. Hannibal imagined that, were he capable of such things, he would be pouting right now.

“You’re pouting.” Will rolled his eyes and pointed his toothbrush at Hannibal. “Stay put. I need to rinse. Don’t. Move.”

“I am not one of your pack, William.”

There was a muttering from the bathroom that Hannibal suspected contained the words, would be a damn sight easier if you were. Hannibal heard the water stop and then Will stomped back into the room, past the bed and over to his set of drawers. He yanked the bottom one open and dug into the back of it, pulling out a slim, gift-wrapped, be-ribboned box, which he flung onto Hannibal’s stomach.

“That,” he said, gesturing at it and ignoring Hannibal’s protests, “is supposed to be for you, in two days time.”

“Two days…” Hannibal narrowed his eyes.

“Remember when I mentioned that I did my own research? Your birthday wasn’t exactly hard to find.”

“Will, I…”

“Yes, you are a giant, insecure baby who ruined his own birthday surprise. Open the box.”

“No, it—”

“Shut up and open it.” Will’s expression was so similar to the one of amused murderousness he wore just before a kill that Hannibal decided it was best to comply. Carefully, he slipped off the ribbon and divested the box of its black and gold shell. Inside, nestled in tissue, lay a fine knit, cashmere, v-neck sweater in a deep shade of violet.

“Purple?” Hannibal asked, turning a soft smile to Will.

“A mundane, domestic, boring, ordinary, purple fucking sweater for the love of my fucking life. Both sides of it. Happy birthday, almost.” The murderousness had now been overcome by the amusement.

Hannibal could do nothing but grab the front of Will’s t-shirt, replace the box in his lap with the empath and kiss the grin off his beautiful face.

“I’m sorry,” Hannibal gasped as they finally broke for air, “I’m so sorry I ruined the surprise. It just… it occurred to me that perhaps people who love each other should know such details and—”

Will placed a finger to his lips, stopping the uncharacteristic flow of apologies. “Shh. Don’t worry. Your big present is still to come.”

Two days later, Will gifted Hannibal with a beautiful set of Japanese patterned steel knives, and a man who had called them “godless faggots” to test them out on. Hannibal tried to ask the man his favourite colour but, as “please, for the love of Christ, don’t kill me,” wasn’t deemed an appropriate answer, he cut out the man’s tongue (the knives were, indeed, excellent quality) and painted him Will’s favourite colour instead.

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Advice: Difference Between Exposition and Info-Dumping

 asked: People always talk about how exposition/info dumps/backstory are a no no in first chapters, but ive read paragraphs of exposition in the 1st chapter of the hunger games/the golden compass. Im confused now. I need SOME info dumping, right?

I think you may be confused about what info-dumping is, but let me see if I can get it sorted out. :)

Exposition and info-dumping are two different things. Exposition is the act of explaining back story, setting, characters, etc. It’s a necessary part of telling the story. Info-dumping is exposition gone wrong. It’s when too much information is given all at once, and typically the following things happen:
  • it brings the action to a grinding halt for several paragraphs or more
  • most of the information isn’t important in that moment
  • there are unnecessary details

If you re-read the first chapter of The Hunger Games, you’ll find that none of that actually occurs. There are no more than a few paragraphs of exposition at a time and they are woven into the action. For example, Katniss describes the layout of District 12 while she’s walking through it. The information is relevant to that moment in the story and there are are no unnecessary details.

You can avoid info-dumping by doing the same thing:

  • Break-up your exposition by placing it where it’s the most relevant. If the information isn’t important to what’s happening right now, it can wait.
  • Weave your exposition into the action by relating it to what’s happening now. For example, Katniss describing the layout of District 12 because she’s walking through it at the time.
  • Avoid details that aren’t necessary. Before including a detail, ask yourself if it really adds anything to the description. For example, you can tell me that your character is wearing a red sweater that she bought at the thrift store, and it’s covered in cat hair–and all of those details tell me something about the character. But if you go on to tell me it’s a cable-knit sweater with quarter-length sleeves and a v-neck collar, you’re getting into details that don’t really matter. I don’t need to know what the sleeves and collar look like unless the sweater plays a really big part in the story.

I hope that clears everything up! :) <3

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Do you have any winter clothing combinations of any kind? Like coats or scarves, maybe bottoms if you can manage? I get cold very easily, so light stuff is appreciated as well, but heavier stuff is kind of preferred. Thank you in advance!!!


  • army green fluffy hood parka (i have this and it’s super warm, really good for cold weather)
  • oversized collar coat 
  • pastel rain jacket (something colourful to brighten up your winter)
  • pink + gray woolen coat (this one has some cute colour blocking)
  • tbh mixxmix coats are my FAVE they’re so cute and decently priced but i can’t link any since all their coats are sold out atm :~(
  • i’d recommend hitting up some thirft stores since you can sometimes find really nice coats for ~$20 (i found my fave coat for $2 for an op shop!!!)




some co-ordinates:

  • my classic winter look is a sweater + skirt + tights with a black raincoat and the scarf i mentioned above
  • collared shirt + sweater + denim jacket + skirt
  • turtleneck + long scarf + jeans / leggings
  • long sleeve + long skirt + long cardigan

sorry for the super long post!! sorry that i couldn’t post better links for some things, unfortunately the northern hemisphere is in summer so most of my fave winter items aren’t up ;n;



  • Wine Red Lapel Long Sleeve Loose Knit Cardigan  - buy here 
  • V Neck Hollow Dark Grey Sweater - buy here 
  • Navy Long Sleeve Deer Print Cardigan  - buy here 
  • Khaki Long Sleeve Open Front Pockets Coat - buy here 
  • Multicolor Geometric Print Loose Cardigan  - buy here 


  • Black & White Striped Neck Crop Top - buy here
  • Blue Round Neck Loose Vintage Knit Sweater - buy here
  • High Neck Chunky Knit Grey Sweater - buy here 
  • Knit Loose Khaki Sweater - buy here 
  • Brown Grey Hooded Long Sleeve Jacket - buy here 


Splurge or Save: Fall Staples

The budget guy’s guide to smart spending

Whether you’re on a budget or just want to shop smarter this season, knowing when to invest and when to save is key. Generally, items that you’ll wear again and again for years to come are worth dishing out for. Trendier items or simple classics, like a pullover sweater, can easily be found at more affordable prices. Read on to find out what to splurge on and when to save, and begin your smart shopping below.

The Coat: Save

Unless you live somewhere with bitter winters and all-around cold weather, there’s no need to spend half your rent on a new coat. After all, you’ll only be wearing it outside, so who are you trying to impress?

Wool-blend Coat

Wool-Blend Peacoat

ASOS Trench

The Blazer: Splurge

A good blazer will always be a clothing standby. Wear it to work or on a date, and not only will you look extra dapper, but you’ll feel that much more confident.

Shiro Blazer

Rodolf Reddick Blazer

Navy Textured Weave Blazer

The Chunky Sweater: Splurge

The great thing about a thick knit sweater is that you can wear it year round for a little extra warmth. Look for a well-made style in wool or cashmere.

Small Cube Yoke Pullover

Osmund Knit Crew Neck Sweater

Heathered Sweater

The Pullover: Save

Layer a thin sweater over a crisp button-up, and you’ll look instantly pulled together. Don’t spend a fortune on a pullover, though - stores like H&M and Banana Republic are great for simple sweaters.

Soft-Wash Long-Sleeve Crew

Fine-knit Sweater

ASOS V Neck Sweater In Cotton

Jeans: Save

Denim comes in all shapes and sizes, at all different price points. You can find a great, comfortable pair of jeans that won’t cost a fortune, like these three below, and you’ll never fear ruining them.

Pants in Premium Cotton

ASOS Straight Jeans In Mid Wash

Rigid 501 Shrink-To-Fit

Boots: Splurge

You can generally tell the quality of shoes by looking at them. While you can find a good pair for less, when you’re looking for a sturdier style like a nice fall boot, spend a little more to get the best for your money. Just remember to weatherproof them or leave them inside when winter hits.

Boss Black Nevall Chelsea Boots

Desert Boots

Officer Boot

Accessories: Save

Hats, scarves and gloves are easily replaceable, and keep you warm no matter what. Especially if you tend to lose smaller items, cheaper versions will work just fine.


Selected Ground Beanie Hat

Exploded plaid scarf