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[D-5] First Rainfall

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Pairing - Daehyun x Reader

Genre - Fluffier than a bunny (that BAP reference lmao)

Word Count - 1279

Not Requested

Winter - The time for Holidays, Love, and Questionable Weather

- Admin Kiwi (A/N : B.A.P has been wrecking me too hard so here ya go!)

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Having a bad face day, I look like a puffy potato… Well, doesn’t matter much since all I’m gonna do is lie in a dentist chair and have my skull drilled for 1½ hours. Oh happy day -______-

Cardigan/hoodie from H&M
Handmade skirt (remember that these will be on my Etsy soon! Not that you can see it very well here x))
UGG knit boots (got them second hand practically free)
Everything else is thifted