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When I was in school, one of my art teachers used to say “this world needs more creators. There’s more than enough destroyers in the world today.”

Just a reminder, if you create anything–art, writing, food, machines, ideas, equations, knits, tools, gardens–the world needs you.

🌼 🌼 waiting for the mission to start, teaching the son important things  🌼 🌼

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@Regrann from @obrienandolive - “When I was in school, one of my art teachers used to say, ‘This world needs more creators. There’s more than enough destroyers in the world today.” Just a reminder, if you create anything - art, writing, food, machines, ideas, equations, knits, tools, gardens - the world needs you.“⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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The power of knitting as a tool for bad mental health days:

*No mistakes are permanent

*You can physically see and measure the progress you make even in the smallest session

*All you have to do is count and follow the pattern

*Distracts my hands and brain when I think I’m going to spiral down/ panic/ dissociate

*If I want to knit tiny tight complicated lace I can. If I want to knit huge soft squishy blankets I can. There’s a knitting pattern for every mental health emergency

*Wearing socks that I’ve made myself feels like an act of self-love, feels like taking care of myself

*Seeing other people wear/ use and love things I’ve knitted for them is the best kind of validation

*Knitting is forgiving, loving and doesn’t hurt anyone

I’d like to follow more knitting/crochet blogs now that i’ve officially started this hobby!

Like or reblog this or whatever you want to do if you post knitting or crochet or crafts etc. and i’ll check out your blog!

  • -Sasusaku is visiting Naruhina-
  • Sakura: Hey Naruto! Where's Hinata?
  • Naruto: She's in the living room knitting. Why?
  • Sakura: *holds up bag* I brought my knitting tools. She promised to give me tips!
  • Sasuke: Tch. She's been obsessing over it for the last week.
  • Sakura: oh please you're just jealous you can't knit to save your life.
  • Naruto: haha that's true!
  • Sakura: Naruto you're no better. *leaves to find Hinata*
  • -Naruto and Sasuke eye each other-
  • Both at the same time: I could do it better than you.
  • Both: ...
  • Both: we'll see about that.
  • -one hour later-
  • Sakura: Sasuke-Kun I'm ready to leave- OH KAMI WHAT HAVE YOU BOYS DONE?!
  • Hinata: Oh, Naruto-Kun...
  • -both emerge from a giant cluster of threads-
  • Naruto: I may need some help here.
  • Sasuke: Why did I think this was a good idea with one hand?
  • Bolt's voice from somewhere in the bundle: Help... Me...

want ! … marblz …

“The Knitter’s Pride Marblz Interchangeable Circular Needle Designer Set will make a fantastic gift this holiday season! Marblz are gorgeous, strong, colorful, patterned acrylic needles with the same pointy tips, smooth joins and a special, smoother surface than you would normally find in regular glossy acrylic needles. The acrylic is hand-mixed, creating patterns that are unique to each needle! The set comes in a special black & white box which shows off the gorgeous colors of these needles. The set includes 9 pairs of Marblz interchangeable needles in US sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5 & 11, four cables in lengths of 24”, (2) - 32” & 40”, a needle gauge, and a set of cord connectors. ” … $110 bucks … but what ? no 16" cable ?! must inquire ! … also, I saw needle sizes up to 17s that can be purchased separately plus they have double points in this beautiful style too … perhaps just a test of a singular set before going all in …. hmmm … Santa? ~via knitters pride

Anyway my sister and I like to believe that Cassian knits in his spare time. It’s a way for him to destress after missions and he just makes a lot of random things. He made a hat for Bodhi after the events on Scarif and Bodhi’s hair had to be cut off and he never takes it off. The others after seeing it asked (more like demanded in some cases) for Cassian to make them one and so Cassian is just seen around the base with his knitting tools, making stuff for his friends.

disillusionist9  asked:

54.) I got you a present : Fred/Hermione!

”Look out! Granger’s coming through the portrait hole!”

“Dennis—Hey, Dennis! Granger’s coming, hurry up!”

There was the sound of frantic pitter-patter, and Fred watched as the tiny second years scurried past him into the boys’ dormitories, their arms overflowing with books and rumpled parchment. When the last one disappeared—sending a squeaky ‘thank you’ Fred’s way before he went—he let the door close behind him and entered the common room.

With the small ones gone, the room should have been left with the crackle of the fire to dominate, but instead there was Hermione Granger; stomping her way forward to the furniture by the fire place and muttering under her breath as she did.

Fred sighed good-naturedly and approached her, settling in the armchair next to her seat on the sofa.  

“So,” he began, “what’s got your wand in a knot?”

Hermione snapped her head up and glared at him, just as he’d predicted she would.

“What’s got my—You really want to know?”

He tried to suppress a grin. “Very much so.”

Hermione huffed and closed the book in her lap shut with a bang. “Well, let’s see …” she began, “We have a toad as a Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, who not only abuses her students but also leaves us utterly unprepared for our OWLs. Harry is constantly in a bad mood, and there’s nothing I can say to help him. And to top it all off I have yet to free all the house-elves in the castle and I can’t very well do it now BECAUSE MY KNITTING NEEDLES ARE GONE.”

Fred waited as she caught her breath.

“And then Ron had the nerve to tell me ‘are you a witch or not’, which of course I am, but these needles belonged to my grandmother! They’re of sentimental value and can’t just be replaced by any piece of enchanted metal or wood. I’ve been looking everywhere for them all day,” she finished miserably. Her face buried itself in her hands she gave the heaviest sigh Fred had ever heard. But again, he waited.

It took a moment before Hermione finally twisted her face up from her hands. “Why are you here, Fred?”

He smirked. “Now, is it really that hard to believe that I was concerned for my favourite Prefect?”

The edge of Hermione’s lip quirked, and Fred felt something soar inside.

“Doubtful. You’d only merit from having me be incapacitated.”

He chuckled. “True as that might be, I’d rather have you cheerful than moody. You’re scaring all the children, see, and they run away as you approach.”

Hermione’s eyebrows rose, and she mumbled to herself, “So that’s what that was …”

Fred grinned. “Anyway, it’s bad for business to have the common room be empty.”

She snorted. “And you figured, what? That you’d let me vent and suddenly I’d feel all better?”

“Well,” he said scratching his chin, “that, and that I, er … I got you a present.”

He felt her curious stare on him as he reached into the pocket of his robe. Once he felt the cool metal touch his skin, he grabbed hold, and produced the needles. They were a fine pair, albeit a tad worn down, and with a distinguishable carving on one of them.

Hermione gasped.

Fred smiled as he handed them to her. “Hope they’re to your liking.”

“That’s—I … where did you find them?”

He scoffed amusedly. “Library, of course. And you’re welcome.”

“Oh, yes—sorry, thank you.” She was admiring her grandmother’s old knitting tools, until suddenly, she frowned.



“What were you doing in the library?”

For first time in his life, Fred found himself speechless. It also didn’t help that Hermione was looking at him with those brown eyes of hers. Eyes that always knew too much, saw too much, except for when it was remarkably obvious … Except for when it was about him and how he felt about her.

He sighed. “I suppose the jig is up.”


Had it been any other time he would have stopped to be amazed by the fact that she still hadn’t got it. Most brilliant witch of her age, indeed.

He probably still had the chance to escape this situation using a little white lie, but Fred figured that this was as good a time as any (despite his face growing warm and his palms turning sweaty).

“The reason,” he said, and cleared his throat, “the reason I was in the library was because I was looking for you.”

“Why were you looking for me?”

Holy mother of Godric …

“Because there’s a Hogsmeade weekend coming up,” he explained, slowly.

Still, she furrowed her brows in confusion. “So …?”

He looked back at her pointedly, and then he saw it; a spark of realisation in her eyes as that beautiful brain of hers had worked it all out. And if he’d suspected he was red before …

Colour was spreading on Hermione’s cheeks—fast— and she turned and fixed her eyes on the fire. “Oh.”

“Yep,” Fred said awkwardly.

“So you—“

“Fancy you? Yes.”

“Right.” She took a moment and then glanced at him shyly. “But you know, I—“

He sighed. This was what he’d feared. “You don’t fancy me back. That’s all right. Can’t blame a bloke for asking, can you?” He tried smiling but his lips wouldn’t move. Eventually he just gave up. He cleared his throat again. “Well, I should just—“

Before he could rise to leave, Hermione had his arm in a firm grip.

“That’s not what I was going to say.”

Fred blinked. “No?”

“No,” she said, wearing a slightly aggravated expression, “What I was going to say was that I wasn’t sure how I felt, but that I would like to accompany you to Hogsmeade to figure it out.”

Suddenly, Fred’s mouth was working again. “Really?”

Hermione smiled back at him. “Yes.”

He grinned wider. “That’s brilliant. See you after lunch in the Entrance Hall, then?”

Hermione nodded.

Before they departed for their respective dorms, Hermione grabbed hold of Fred again.

“Hey, Fred?”


“I got you a present.”


Hermione stood on the tip of her toes and granted him a kiss on the cheek.

Blushing, she quickly moved to the door leading to the girls’ dormitories. “Good night, Fred,” she called before disappearing behind it.

Fred touched his fingers to where her lips had just been pressed, and gave a dopey smile. “Good night, Hermione.”


Oooo look pretty things!  Just in case you needle some fibery frivolousness on your dash!

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Crocus - Snag Free Knitting Stitch Markers (Small) - Fit up to size 8 US (5.0 mm)

Heavenly Wools

Merino wool roving for spinning and felting - Rainbow long repeat

Spin City UK

Drop Spindle - Pressed Flowers - Learn to spin - Spinning Kit

All the Pretty Little Fibers

Extra fine merino wool & silk batts, for handspinning and wet/nuno/dry/needle felting, spinning fiber, 3.9oz/110g

Hey jabberwockypie is this a good distraction?

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(1/?) Sorry for how long this is but halfbloods knitting. A child of Athena who can't weave but can knit and spin. A child of Aphrodite who can knit any piece of clothing. A child of Hephaestus who makes knitting tools and patterns because it's just like making blueprints. An Iris kid who it the best yarn dyer. A child of Demeter who makes dyes and yarn from the plants they grow. A child of Posiedon who is great at knitting lace because the techniques were invented for making fishing nets.

A child of Hecate who puts spells in all they knit. An Ares kid who reminds everyone who teases them that they have two pointed sticks and that you have two eyes. A child of Hebe who makes the best stuffed animals. A child of Hypnos who knits the best blankets. A child of Hermes who finds the strangest knitting patterns. A child of Selene who uses glow in the dark yarn and beads. A child of Helios who knits cooler stuff for the summer. A child of Apollo who tells everyone how knitting can help with depression and PTSD. I just, needed to share that.

this is so awesome I love it! Thanks for sharing!!!!!! xxx