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Calling all Knitters/Crocheters/Yarn Crafters

I’m looking to, surprisingly, destash my yarn, and I was wondering if you guys would be interested in possibly wanting a first crack before I donate it to my aunt’s store.
I am hoping to go through and organize here soon, and I would post a big master post about it if there’s any interest. If any of you are interested please message me! I’ve realized that I have hit SABLE (Stash acquisition beyond life expectancy) and I want to share the love.


Flick, spin, repeat…
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these past few days have been absolutely shit mental health-wise for me, but today i decided to do some more hunting around for songs to listen to while working on my taako cosplay, and something about listening to significantly more upbeat music than my usual tastes has had an absolutely magical effect on my mood this afternoon

We have two winners for the #noochsparkle Morningside Sparkle Launch Giveaway!  Congratulations @jawsie_girl and @suz0314 ! Please email your delivery info to our email address (noochfiber (@) gmail)! Congratulations ot our winners and thank you everyone who participated! We’re so excited for this new base!!

Creativity Report: 2/20-2/26

This turned out to be a pretty good week, I think.

  • 7,844 words written (sitting at 23,261 for the month, which means I’ve surpassed my bonus goal of 20,000 words)
  • Wrote 6/7 days this week
  • Did some work on the second sock for the Hermione’s Everyday Socks set, though not a ton; it was a knitting-light week

Most of those words were for the original novel, though some toward the end of the week were brief, partial ficlets for my new Sole Survivor. Mostly just jotting down ideas as they occurred to me so I could come back to them later, if I want.

It’s hard to believe the month’s almost over; February always feels so short. I’ll do my recap of the month in a couple days, plus my goals for March.

anonymous asked:

Can you help/provide some advice? I knit a KitKat hat but it turned out huge! It's 96 stitches (size 8 then 9 needles), maybe 5-10 rows too long, and kind of baggy but not extremely loose. I'm not really willing to frog the whole thing, just tink some rows, but is it possible to drop some columns of stitches and reknit them to have cables on each of the ear sides? Will this help pull the hat in a bit? Is this a thing? I have more yarn and can make another, but I'm willing to experiment with this

Oooh, good question.  I would think that should tighten things up but I’ve never knit this hat.  Can anyone who has please advise Nonny?  Thanks!