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About a week ago, i had the urge to figure out how to hand knit Jessica Jones’s Infinity scarf. i looked to see if anyone had the pattern. i could’t find it. some people said it was a type of seed stitch but it didnt look like it to me. So, i played around with some samples. made swatches. i figured out this stitch pattern. now, i just “made” this pattern up, but then i wondered if this pattern had a name. I FREAKING FOUND THE NAME!!!! 

So, if you’re knit savvy, or know someone who is that would want a Jessica Jones grey infinity scarf, the stitch pattern is called “ribboned stockinette stitch” look it up. just make it as wide as you want and as long as you want and connect the ends to make it infinity. 

You’re welcome    

update: thank you to @thigm0taxis for letting me know its also called half linen stitch

MAJOR UPDATE! i may have chosen the wrong stitch pattern to go with. I posted a new post with the new stitch that i think is more like the scarf. But to be fair, it’s really similar. Like instead of slipping the stitch, you purl it. I WAS CLOSE! …. broken seed stitch….. it’s broken seed stitch. I hope people see this….

this is going to be worded very harshly, but i feel like the harshness is sort of justified here: there is absolutely no good reason for keeping a high-profile exotic animal as a pet. none. most people purchase mynahs, servals, possums, hornbills, crocodiles, etc because they use them as an extension of their own identity, to seem quirky or cool or to show their status. that’s cruel. not only is it cruel to the animal itself, but it does nothing but add money (directly or indirectly) to the ethically unsound business that is the exotic pet trade.

if you want a small mammal that is active, curious, and affectionate, then get a cat. they actually do well in captivity. if you don’t want a cat because “they’re too boring,” then you shouldn’t even own an animal. there you go.