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Dream Daddy: December Edition, part ii


  • jesus is, of course, the reason for the season, but he gets so busy sometimes he even forgets
  • sends christmas cards with a picture from a vacation they never actually went on
  • hosts a holiday party, a christmas party, and a new years party
  • how many christmas trees can fit in one house???
  • doesn’t even actually like winter, it clashes with his margarita zone aesthetic
  • volunteers at a soup kitchen on christmas day


  • always always always in sweaters and beanies and Carmensita’s hand-knit rainbow scarves and looks absolutely amazing in all of it
  • Watches Hallmark/Lifetime movies with Carmensita, esp. the ones with dogs
  • Makes special treats to serve at the Coffee Spoon, from gingerbread and fruitcake to cinnamon rolls and sugar cookies
  • Plus special hot cocoas, ciders, teas, coffees– it’s basically heaven on earth, and he makes a lot, but it’s also a lot of overtime so he’s p stressed
  • Misses his late wife more than ever but enjoys the time Carmensita has off of school– she’s always hanging out behind the counter as he works
  • decorates the shop with artwork and crafts and christmas cards from everyone in the neighborhood


  • A grinch who still watches Charlie Brown every year in secret
  • Don’t drink from his glass of eggnog, it’s always spiked, always
  • Holidays are really, really depressing for him so he’s kinda reckless and self-destructive (what’s new) but Mary keeps a close eye on him
  • Puts a lot of honest effort into his secret santa gifts but still isn’t very good, bless his heart
  • tells kids stories about trying to catch santa, but the old man’s too crafty. he almost caught an elf once, though
  • looks stupidly good in a snow coat, it’s a little ridiculous


  • His gingerbread houses are perfect and so are his cookies and so are his snowmen and so are
  • His house is absolutely covered in lights and Daisy helps him rig them to dance to music for a week or two
  • Makes an amazing santa but often refuses to tell the other parents what their kids want (it’s mostly a joke but he forgets to actually tell them)
  • Amazing present-giver
  • Tries to go ice fishing on the lake
  • Constantly telling great Christmas stories to hoards of kids, whether from books or off the top of his head


  • Gives in and lets his girls have sugary holiday treats…. after their vegetables
  • Spends mornings chopping firewood in his front yard, looking like a god among men
  • Has to learn to share the girls with Smashley, which is hard, but it does give him a few moments to kick back. He just needs to learn to appreciate them
  • Gets 10000 Christmas cards from single moms and doesn’t know what to do with them
  • Dresses River up in all sorts of cute outfits, like an elf or a reindeer, injuring many who faint when faced with such cuteness
  • Traditionally watches Santa Clause with the girls, but watches bad movies set at Christmas time when they’re with Smashley


  • “Winter holidays were traditionally celebrated in the Victorian era by–”
  • Teaches all the kids in the neighborhood how to play dreidel, chocolate coins and all
  • Makes a billion latkes and way too much soup and gives it out to the other dads with their presents
  • He and Lucien decorate their giant dark manor with elegant white lights, it’s unbelievable
  • Their big tradition is buying and wrapping presents for the less fortunate, though
  • The parlor is set aside as a Lucien-free zone and filled with foster animals while the shelter closed for the holidays


  • Celebrates the coming of winter break with a well-deserved bath, complete with a novel and a glass of red wine
  • It’s hard working out where Ernest will be for the holidays, and even harder to get him to behave, but he wouldn’t trade the time they get together for the world
  • Swears he won’t make or buy any cookies if Ernest doesn’t help, so he at least gets one (1) good holiday memory, which he thoroughly photographs
  • Reads a classic or two and starts on a couple of books he’s been meaning to read but will never finish
  • Never knows what to get anyone, ever, and stresses about it, but his presents actually end up really well received
  • Spends hours a day every day talking to extended family on the phone, if they can’t show up in person

When I said I became obsessed with african flower stitches, I really meant it lol. So here are two blankets that I made, one for my mom, and the other for my (hopefully) future mother in law who is battling cancer.

“ I ❤ #Rainbow 🌈 ”

Handmade #crochet tea pot #cozy💕

غلاف مَرح لبراد الشاي ☕

مصنوع يدوياً من الكروشيه بِ #الوان_الطيف البهية 💗💜💙💚💛❤

مع غطاء انيق في الاعلى و تعليقة كيس الشاي المصنوعة يدويا بقماش ال #جوخ 🌈💕

متوفر حالياً وجاهز للشحن الفوري لكل مكان داخل أو خارج السعودية 🚚

و عند شرائك غلاف البراد ستحصلي على #مفرش #كروشيه أنيق (مجاناً ) لتزيني فيه طاولتك !🎁

الكمية محدودة جدا ، سارعي بطلبه الآن ! 💟

للطلب و للاستفسار عن الاسعار راسلينا على البريد الإلكتروني 💌


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