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#tidappreciationweek17: day four ≡ favourite platonic relationship

“I cannot leave you to face death alone,” Will whispered, but he knew he was beaten; the sands of his will had run out.
Jem touched the parabatai rune on his shoulder, through the thin material of his nightshirt. “I am not alone,” he said. “Wherever we are, we are as one.”


I asked my dad what he wanted me to knit for his birthday and since we recently saw Hamilton, he said King George.
This plushy has a removable cape (which is lined with a sparkly fabric that you can’t see in the photos) and a removable crown. The polka-dots were drawn on by hand and in total, he probably took around 4-6 hours to knit.

Promo for a close friend

Hey guys! you want some really cute, custom made knitted kin stuff? 

a very close friend to me (i call them my mother, because they act like one more then my real mom) Is trying to help me out with some money issues and is offering to put her knitting skills to it. 

She has a tumblr account dedicated to these commissions that you can find here

the reason i need the money is because of two things. 1. my family is struggling and we currently have no food. and 2, my cat has bad tapeworms and needs treatment

so if you wanna help me out, help my ‘mom’ out, and get some cool wearable kin stuff as well, go ahead and contact them at that tumblr, or, you can email them at

they’re very kind and im sure you can come to an agreement with them over prices, shipping costs and color schemes. 

here are some examples of stuff shes done (my personal favourites)



Kitty gloves:

super cute little hats?? omg??

so if you’d like to support/help me, someone very close to me, AND get some cool kin stuff, go to her! She can honestly make pretty much anything, including purses, knapsacks/backpacks, hats, scarves, clothes etc. 

briarsrose  asked:

Do you have any easy sock knitting patterns for beginners?

Hi @briarsrose - thanks for your question.  I searched the ‘Knitted Socks’ tag on my blog and there’s some goodies in there (so definately check that out), but for a totally beginner knitted sock, I don’t think you can do much better than the Easy Peasy Socks! pattern from FreeStitches.  Click through the link for the free pattern.  

Hope that helps! :-)

Claire x

How to Knit Your Own UT Sweater: a Tutorial (MASTERPOST)

Hiiii guys! Don’t know if any of you know this (LOL as if, like I haven’t spammed this shit enough, right??) but I made a knitting tutorial awhile back! This tutorial is specifically tailored (lol) for knitting sweaters, great for fun or cosplay or whatever! I originally wrote this with Undertale cosplays in mind, but I mean. It’s a sweater. It can be for anything! (And I mean, I only use the determination joke, like, once.)

Both are my finished products from this tutorial - along with more testimonials a bit further down!

~*~ The Tutorial ~*~

Part 1 (Materials)

Part 2 (Sizing and Planning)

Part 3 (Starting the Body)

Part 4 (Bulk of the Body)

Part 5 (Shaping the Back)

Part 6 (Rinse and Repeat)

Part 7 (Shaping the Front)

Part 8 (The Neckhole)

Part 9 (The Sleeves and Stuff)

Part 10 (The Part Where You Sew and Don’t Knit)


blueviolinist’s Asriel sweater!

onebizarrekai’s Chara sweater!

stiechen’s sweater!

maybe more idk i’m bad at tagging haha. i’m so sorry

iamsorrybutgay  asked:

Do you have a favorite kind of bee? I like bees but bumblebees are my favorite because they're fat and fluffy and bumble around like I imagine grannie bees would. They cute •~•

[!!!!! i love bumblebees too! their scientific/genus name (bombus) was one of my favourite echolalias when i was a kid! they’re so fluffy and round and cute aaaaaaaaaa]

how bout kash/keyleth tho

kash thinks she’s a bit much at first, but she’s beautiful, and she grows on him. “is she always like this?” becomes less disgruntled as time goes on and more becomes hopeful; he could always use a little more light in this dark, awful world he’s in

keyleth’s path takes her on a similar one to kash’s; it’s nice to have company on the way. she teaches him about nature and the ashari, and kash is a fast and willing learner. her enthusiasm and love for it warms him and a rare smile creeps onto his face watching her, every damn time

with the help of percy, keyleth druid-crafts the wooden shaft of his spear. percy carves the patterns she requests into it, and keyleth grows small vines and flowers over it, and it’s still usable, it’s just more pretty– and once while kash would’ve scoffed at it, he feels his chest swell; no one’s given him something so beautiful before

they’re both calm enough for eachother. there’s no drama, no constant need for adventure; there’s keyleth’s aramente and vesh. once it’s over with, they can settle down, kashaw becoming a healer for the air ashari they join in with, keyleth trying to be the best headmaster she can be. they support eachother, lift one another up; it’s an easy, kind life, and they’d prefer nothing less

are you a knitting or crochet kind of person? An acrylic or wool kind of person? A paid pattern or a free pattern person? A metal or wood hook/needle person? A ‘project at a time’ or a 16 WIP person? A ‘I crochet/knit everywhere I go’ or a ‘I have a specific spot’ person? 

Gift Tags for Handmade Gifts - What Crafters Really Think!

These tags and card are all from Etsy. I know a lot of knitters who would love these.

For more gift tag printables I know you will like, go here:

Here are some free printables for handmade gifts 

DIY Gift Tags for Handmade Items free Printables from Pretty Prudent here.

DIY Gift Tags with Care Instructions for Knitters, Crocheters, Sewers, Quilters and Crafters from Eskimimi Makes here.