knit slouchy beanie

if there’s one thing i love more than badboy beka and fuckboy beka, it’s softboy beka.

consider him:

  • at home in the winter wearing comfy sweats and oversized, chunky knit sweaters and slouchy beanies, drinking tea and tending his plants.
  • keeping multiple sets of reading glasses scattered around his apartment because he sometimes forgets where he last put them and doesn’t like to go digging every time he wants to read.
  • volunteering at an animal shelter whenever he gets the chance, and his favorite thing to do is take the big dogs out back and just cuddle em, because everyone knows that big dogs are the most gentle babies and he can relate.
  • sending his mother flowers for his birthday, because she really did all the work, he just showed up at the end.
  • keeping a box in his room of little things he finds that remind him of yuri, and every time they see each other, he wraps them up in a brown paper package to give as a hello gift (yuri starts doing it, too, and the first time it happened, otabek got a lil misty).
  • preferring to decorate his apartment with ferns and succulents and crystals and heavy velvet curtains, partly for aesthetic™, but also because he read a lot of stories about magic when he was a child and he’s fascinated with the idea of nature being mystical, so he wants his environment to feel that way.
  • going hiking, and always taking a sapling to plant in empty spots of the forest he loves and appreciates so much.
  • keeping a leather bound journal buried in the drawer of his nightstand that he jots down pieces of dreams he remembers or lyrics to songs he’d like to write or bits of his life he’d like to always remember. when he fills up a journal, he seals it with a string and some wax and dates it so he can go back to it in a year and relive those memories.
  • never having been much of a holiday guy, but when yuri came into his life, he kinda got dragged into it because that boy LOVES a holiday, so one year he spent three hours researching different ones on google just so he’d be ready when necessary.
  • whenever he goes home for a visit, it’s a tradition that he sits on the back porch chatting with his parents while his little sisters braid the long parts of his hair with flowers. they always take a group picture when they’re done; he has a corkboard at his place dedicated to just these photos. whenever yuri starts to visit with him, his sisters lose their minds and insist on doing his hair, too. those pictures go at the top of the board.
  • every time he plays a gig and friends of his go to see it, at the end of the night, he makes sure to round them up and get them safely into a taxi before he packs up his equipment and leaves himself. yuri noticed that he does it after a few times, so he took over the duty whenever he goes to watch, that way otabek can focus on winding down after his set. otabek always gets a little smile on his face whenever his phone lights up with a text that says all good, everyone’s safely on their way home with a picture of yuri giving a thumbs up in front of a cab stuffed with six drunk dudes.
  • his favorite time of year is the fall, because he loves watching the living alchemy of trees changing colors, and smelling the crispness of the season rushing in, and he knows his birthday is coming and he still gets really excited about it, because it’s nice to get attention for something so mundane sometimes. every year, whatever yuri sends comes stuffed full of confetti in new and creative ways. he still finds pieces of it under his furniture for the next three months no matter how careful he is.

basically, i love otabek ‘look like a badass, walk with love’ altin, and so should you.


etsyfindoftheday | CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN: 3 DAYS | 12.22.15

GIFTS UNDER $50: the astoria slouchy knit hat // eggplant | oatmeal by deroucheau

perfectly slouchy knitted beanies in all your favorite wintry colors — what’s not to love? cozy up for some more gift finds today, followers — these will all be $50 and under!


I’ve been working on a ton of new projects lately and these are hands down some of my favorites! A Winter Soldier slouchy beanie, a Captain America slouchy beanie, an Iron Man slouchy beanie and a Hawkeye slouchy beanie. I’ve got a few other Marvel inspired beanies in the works too, so keep an eye out for those!

As always, if you’d like to order your own, please check out TinyHappyKnits on etsy or drop me a message :) And all the hats in my etsy shop have free shippin if you’re in the US.


etsyfindoftheday | gift blitz 2015: cute, cozy accessories | 12.7.15

featured: slouchy wool fair isle hat by irismint

a cute and slouchy-warm hat is a great gift idea, too — and this knitted fair isle beanie is available in many favorite colors, making it perfect for anyone on your list!

For any of you considering buying a hand-knitted creation from anyone:

Name-brand knitted beanies are not what hand-knitted beanies look like (for the most part). Most of them aren’t actually knitted. They are made from bolts of factory machine-knitted fabric that has been sewn together, like an ordinary fabric hat. I have studied them lengthily.

Most name-brand scarves and cowls are not what hand-knitted scarves look like either. They have been mass machine-knitted (often with extremely thin sock yarn) or created via sweatshop-like labor. Thicker scarves are very often folded in half and sewn together at the edges to conceal the purled side. For the cowls done in stockinette, the tails have often been sewn (with thread) back into the design. Experienced knitters can tell at a glance. 

Hand-knitted pieces cost more than your favorite name brand beanies/ fingerless gloves because our hours of time demand pay. We are self-employed. We buy every skein of yarn, use our own mathematical equations to create our own original patterns, sit for hours on end knitting and crocheting. We teach ourselves. I am an unemployed student who consciously dedicates entire days knitting the same hat that, if produced in a factory setting, would sell for less than $20. 

The average hand-knitted hat costs around $3-$15 to produce (from materials ALONE). With an average of 7-12 hours of work per hat, and with N.Y. state minimum wage being $8.75, the average hat should cost around $64.25 to produce (assuming you’ve made it as quickly as possible and as cheaply as yarn sells). [This does not include the price of shipping (usually around $5.00), or the price of packaging.]

How much do I sell my custom-made beanies for?

$15.00. I make virtually no profit, because I know that if I charge what my work is actually worth, everyone will just go to Zumiez.

There is a huge disconnect of understanding between what something sells for and what it actually costs to make.

Please take all of this into consideration and do not question the prices of someone’s craft.


etsy find of the day | 1.21.14

special evening shop find 3: kneedeepdenim
coupon code: use code FIFTEENFREE for 15% off your order!

fall in love with kneedeepdenim yet? i thought so ;) well, here’s even more to <3 … supercool accessories! from midi rings to knitwear to soft and fleece-lined leggings to statement necklaces, you’ll be able to stock up on all your hipster goodies from head to toe. shop around now!

chevron midi rings here
mustard knit slouchy beanie here
maroon fleece-lined leggings here

Wagon Wheel

Summary: Anniversaries were more fun than you thought.

Originally posted by pretty-gifs

Notes: The summary makes it sound like smut, but I swear, it’s not.

Song: Wagon Wheel by Jason Manns

Word Count: 1.5k+

Warnings: Completely fluff, mentions of anxiety.

Day 5 of the Countdown to Halloween Collab. (Prompt: Flannel + Hayrides)

And my entry for @i-like-your-assbutt ’s Covers With Friends Writing Challenge. My chosen song was ‘Wagon Wheel’.

It had been almost a year since you and Sam had first gotten together, the leaves beginning to fall from the trees being a constant reminder. Not that you minded, of course. Autumn was your favorite time of the year. It brought happy memories to the surface, most of them being yours and Sam’s firsts. First time you felt butterflies around him, first kiss, first… well, let’s just say you both enjoyed yourselves immensely.

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