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Knit 20 Sided Dice
This is a knit plush 20 sided dice, which measures roughly 9-12 inches in diameter. When you order, message me and well work out a color scheme. You can choose up to three colors for the sides, two unique colors for the 1 and 20 sides, and a color for the stitchery. This die is for decoration, and will not be accurate for rolling. When you order, I will send you an confirmation message giving you a more exact time for shipping. As I am a student, my availability to make your item will vary. If you want a design not listed in my shop, please feel free to contact me, as I will gladly make other designs based upon your preferences

Hi everyone! I decided to start a tumblr blog for my etsy shop to hopefully try to get some extra views!

Today I’m going to promote my knit plush D20! It’s so squishable, it makes for a perfect tabletop decoration!

DIY Calvin and Hobbes Mural

Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite comic strip of all times

The creator of Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson, never licensed any of his characters for anything - so there are no mugs, no stuffed characters etc… So to say that I really like this mural is an understatement.

Go to the link here to check out step-by-step photos by Imgur User TXMorgan to see how to paint your own Calvin and Hobbes Mural.

I posted this roundup of DIY Knit, Crochet and Plush Hobbes from the Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip here.

Here is a miniature DIY Amigurumi Hobbes with a Free Pattern from Mia’s Atelier.

batsbirdsandspeedstersohmy  asked:

HC that Missy loves to wear big comfy sweaters, for some reason they never don't match the rest of his outfit. He always wears colors that totally clash the others have given up trying to understand why. (Part 1)

Missy has like 100 sweater. They always seem to go missing during the winter. Missy doesn’t mine it just means he can go buy more. He always makes sure to get a few that he thinks the other personalities will like. (Part 2)

Missy is the person who buys ugly matching Christmas sweaters for everyone. 

They have tons of baggy sweaters. Some that are just one or two sizes too big, some that literally fall to their knees. In any color or pattern. They prefer anything knitted or plush.

They lose all of their sweaters during the winter, because they never do their laundry. Missy’s just like “Eh, I have hundreds of these, it’ll be fine” And they end up piling up in a dirty heap.

Also, “Missy, didn’t you wear that sweater yesterday?”

“I have ten of the same sweaters.”


I’ve finally finished my crochet large gray totoro! I’m so happy with how this friendly Japanese forest spirit turned out. Soon I’ll make the tiny white totoro as well as the small blue totoro. I’m also planning on making miniature totoros that will be key chains :)

Now for sale on my etsy-

please imagine:

- the nightmare knight going to a doughnut kingdom bookstore and picking up a cookbook

- the nightmare knight baking a cake. and cookies. and macarons

- the nightmare knight wearing an apron

- the nightmare knight sitting on a chair in front of an oven, knitting a tiny bunny plush with his huge hands

- the nightmare knight very daintily setting down this tiny bunny plush he made next to his carefully arranged dessert bags

- the nightmare knight wrapping tiny balloons around the bunny’s hand

- the nightmare knight awkwardly asking rosemaster for some extra roses, which he’s going to need for Reasons

- the nightmare knight deciding to wait on giving carrot the letter because his gift box arrangement isn’t perfect yet

- the nightmare knight being too embarrassed to give carrot the gift box directly but too proud of his work not to notarize it by making it huge, purple, and covered in stars