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» the boy at the boardwalk

vernon x reader

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word count: 2,280

includes: skaterboarding!vernon who gets distracted by a cutie on the boardwalk + injuries that need tending to + fluffity fluff

✎ feel like i haven’t posted a scenario in forever :(( so have some fluffy vernita!! i’m working on a woozi x wonu x reader fic tht i’m rlly hyped 2 get out so i hope this sates you in the meantime!

Hansol liked to skateboard to work every morning. He took the same route each day, starting from the smooth tile outside his apartment and ending at the glass doors belonging to the town’s diner. He never had an answer as to why his skateboard came with him everywhere. Pictures taken from last year’s Halloween party presented Hansol lousily wrapped in toilet paper, his costume being the ever so original mummy that at least six other people at the party had certainly not been wearing. Hansol liked to claim his costume came out different. He was a skateboarding mummy.

On his best friend’s birthday he had one arm resting thoughtfully around his shoulders, tiny splotches of buttercream frosting across their noses and hardly sticking to their foreheads. Hansol’s skateboard must have also been treated as an equal member to the night for along the black surface were more frosting smears, the board held tightly in Hansol’s other hand. Even when his younger sister fell from the monkey bars and sprained her wrist, pictures taken of her recovery in the hospital room had snippets of Hansol smiling, skateboard sitting in his lap.

Seeing Hansol without his skateboard was like seeing butterflies without wings. A peculiar sight indeed if someone ever managed to glean across it. In fact, something Hansol liked to glean across more than his skateboard, was you.

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There are lots of reasons why this film is a sheer delight. Gene Kelly in his underthings is just one of them.
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@jimmy-mckill, you need this!

I finally finished my “Damn fine cowl” inspired by twinpeaks. I started it on Thanksgiving last year and thought I’d be done with it quickly. Boy was I wrong lol but I’m super excited it’s done and I just have to weave in some ends, then I can show off my Black Lodge love!