knit muffler

Could you imagine going back in time and trying to explain to our fandom how things play out in the end?

“Don’t let the girlfriend comment and the MinaKushi parallel fool you. Kishimoto threw that into his story to purposely mislead his fans from the canon pairing, NH.”

“He forgot to include Naruto and Hinata’s love story in the manga, so instead he will make them canon in the last Naruto movie which is about Hinata knitting a muffler.”

“Naruto’s love for Sakura is only an extension of his rivalry with Sasuke. His actual first love is Hinata. He realizes it in a genjutsu.”

“They kiss while floating in the sky.”

“Kishimoto thinks that Sakura would be a terrible woman if she dated Naruto, so he’s going to pair her with Sasuke. They have a daughter named Salad.”

“The next generation will be lead by Naruto’s son, Burrito.”