knit muffler

Katamari on the Rocks
Yū Miyake
Katamari on the Rocks


Na na na…

Don’t worry, do your best
Picnic kibun, feel so good
Suteki na afternoon
Furachi na midnight yeah

Katamete korogasu I love you, itsudemo smile for you
Kimi dake ni love moon hey so! Ganbaranakucha
Compression, compression

Osoroi no t-shirts
Teami no muffler nado
Heart-warming mejiro oshi
Hitare etsu! Say goodbye (bye-bye)

Minna katamete shimaimashou, funpatsu shichaimasu
Konna hi wa utte odorou, shuuyaku wa boku da kedo
It’s my way, it’s my way

*Na na na na na na na na na katamari damashi
Na na na na na na na na na katamari damashi
Na na na na na na na na na katamari damashi
Na na na na na na na na na katamari damashi

Peace na kibun, yoishirete
Kagayaki heaven akogarete
Sutekisa sono atama
Mou omatsuri sawagisa

Sou suru koto ga marude biku bang, anata iro ni somemasu
Nani ka to riyuu o mitsukete wa, party ga shi ta no desu
Katamatte katamatte

* repeat x 2


Na na na…

Don’t worry, do your best
It’s picnic time, feel so good
A lovely afternoon
Then a wild midnight, yeah

Rolling it all forward, I love you, always a smile for you
It’s a love moon just for you, hey so! You gotta keep going
Compression, compression

Matching T-shirts
Hand-knit mufflers
A heart-warming crowd milling about
Soak up the joy! Say goodbye (bye-bye)

Let’s all roll forward, give it all you got
On a day like this let’s dance and sing, I’ve got the leading role
It’s my way, it’s my way

*Na na na na na na na na na katamari damashi
Na na na na na na na na na katamari damashi
Na na na na na na na na na katamari damashi
Na na na na na na na na na katamari damashi

Drunk on feelings of peace
Yearning for the twinkling heavens
It’s wonderful, that head
The deafening clamor of the festival

This is just like the big bang, I’m painting myself the color of you
If you need a reason, I just want to party
I’m rolling on, I’m rolling on

american-nidiot  asked:

GOM+Kagami+Imayoshi+Sakurai+Takao's reaction to receiving and hand knitted/crouched muffler/jumper from their S.O. that took them a while to make? (Ps, I love your blog! ☆〜(ゝ。∂))

☆〜(ゝ。∂)Thanks for your request babe~

How did i forget kagabae? I must fix it.

Kuroko: A sweet smile crawls onto his face when you present it too him. He kisses your cheek and wears it whenever its cold outside.  

Kise: Just like Takao, he wears it all the time, he’s already taken lots of pictures of him in it too. He’s very happy you put so much hard work into this present. 

Midorima: He’s a blushing mess. “You didn’t have to work so hard. nanadayo.” He said, taking the gift from you. You were the slightly hurt at his words, that is, before he came out of his room dressed in the jumper and a crimson hue covering his cheeks. “Thank you……”  

Aomine: He said it was silly when you’d first given it too him, but after he’d actually put it on he realized it was actually pretty sweet. He started wearing it almost as often as that big puffy black coat of his. 

Murasakibara: He smiles at the gift, he sets his snacks down for a minute to thank you and put it on, he snuggles into it and into you, feeding you snacks as a thank you for working really hard. 

Akashi: He thought it was adorable hearing how much work you’d put into this present for him, he put it on immediately after you’d given it too him, showing you just how much he appreciated it. 

Imayoshi: “What’s this?” He’d ask you, smirking while holding up the jumper. He’s put in on right after you’d told him it was a gift. He teased you a little, telling you that he loved that you liked him enough to put all this work into a gift. 

Sakurai: He apologizes once for you having to work so hard to make something for him. After he puts it on, he smiles and thanks you many times for making him something, gingerly kissing your forehead.

Takao: He’s excited to wear it. He probably takes lots of selfies in it, he thanks you many times for putting in all your hard work to hand make this for him. 

Kagami: He’s blushing like crazy, Kagami reluctantly takes the sweater from your hand and puts it on. Eventually he shyly tells you that he really lkes it and is glad that you went to all this work for him.

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“The reason Naruto decided to marry Hinata was terrible. And why was there no Sakura?

The only reason he (Naruto) married her (Hinata) is because she was the author’s favorite character. Poor Sakura”


“Though Naruto was always one person childhood, met with a variety of people in the process to become a full-fledged Shinobi, and sprinkled with combat, friendship sprout, could irreplaceable companion.
Goal that has been followed for 15 years such a story is married to Hinata??”


この映画は多分ナルトとヒナタが結婚するまでの話かな?   ひどいです。


“What?? My friends and I had ultra-expected this (movie) (T_T)

They made a story just to show (for us to see) how Naruto and Hinata marry? It was terrible

They even made Sakura look weak and made her collapseand we saw Sasuke for only about two minutes”





“Do they even understand (know) the original story?

I was disappointed from the bottom of my heart.

First, the hero Uzumaki Naruto is not Naruto. It is a completely different person from the original Naruto. They even made him not know the difference of ”love“ for the food and the opposite sex.

Sakura’s supposly lie confession has become so funny after this setting. How can Naruto lecture Sakura on what a real "like(liking) is when he himself doesn’t know real "like”

It looked (appeared) as if it was going to be good. But after watching it I came back to earth"



“I was so annoyed with the usage of the muffler, muffler, muffler till the end. She was on an important mission to help her sister yet I was amazed by heart that she was still knitting a muffler (on the mission)

The explanation about Naruto loving Sakura only because of his rivalry with Sasuke was also poor.”



“They made us buy tickets by showing Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi as Hokage. (this person was also really mad that the importance of Sasuke in Naruto was taken and they portrayed Naruto as a scumbag who forgets his bonds when he gets in a relationship and wrote 恋愛>仲間 which is Love>fellowship (friendship) The portrayal of cheap romance was disgusting and it crushed and destroyed the original (series).

I felt betrayed because I was supporting Naruto’s unrequited love and admired him not giving up only to end up being disappointed after the movie.

In the original manga Hinata wants to be beside Naruto but ends up having no action for 2 years but in the movie she gets the spotlight for no reason. Disappointing really. Can you believe this is the last Naruto movie? I want to wake up from this bad dream”




“Considering the script and people who acted (voiced) the movie I want to tell the people who will watch this moviethat the reason this movie ranked as first in the list is the number of mobilization that grew in terms of working people and many people who wanted to watch it because it was the last movie but the content of this movie is not what it seems. 

The amount of people who felt sorry for watching the movie and giving their money was sadly a lot, including myself. In addition, the writers (of this movie) clearly don’t know the (original) Naruto.

・Naruto never knew how to use clones before the Academy.

While there was so much contradiction the plot was also very boring. If there was a fast forward button in theatres then that would be the first time I would want to use it.”

We tried to be as close as possible to the original meaning and this is one of the most liked and popular comments on YJ.

Could you imagine going back in time and trying to explain to our fandom how things play out in the end?

“Don’t let the girlfriend comment and the MinaKushi parallel fool you. Kishimoto threw that into his story to purposely mislead his fans from the canon pairing, NH.”

“He forgot to include Naruto and Hinata’s love story in the manga, so instead he will make them canon in the last Naruto movie which is about Hinata knitting a muffler.”

“Naruto’s love for Sakura is only an extension of his rivalry with Sasuke. His actual first love is Hinata. He realizes it in a genjutsu.”

“They kiss while floating in the sky.”

“Kishimoto thinks that Sakura would be a terrible woman if she dated Naruto, so he’s going to pair her with Sasuke. They have a daughter named Salad.”

“The next generation will be lead by Naruto’s son, Burrito.”

from the latest sasusaku 2ch thread, poster saying that they copied it from the naruhina 2ch thread:

scene opens with hinata at the tailor’s shop buying supplies to knit naruto’s muffler with. then she sees sakura. they go for tea together, and sakura says she’s rooting for hinata. hinata asks why sakura’s rooting for her. says it’s because (hinata’s feelings towards naruto) reminds her of (how she feels about) sasuke, that feeling of ‘i want our feelings to be mutual!’. sakura talks about when naruto eats ramen, she’s been beside him but now she’s handing over (the responsibility) to hinata. says she wants to watch hinata give the muffler to naruto without running away. give it to him (for his sake; she says あげなさい which has that meaning). EDIT: then asks why naruto is so slow/stupid then asks why naruto? he’s slow/stupid while hinata’s so strong and cool/calm (this translation probably fits better yeah my bad)

(still talking about sakura at this point) at the end she looks for the broken pieces of the tattered muffler and gives them to hinata. then OP says sakura is an angel (for doing so) lol. says there wasn’t any sasusaku, but they really wish for sakura’s happinesss!








“The movie crew destroyed what was the original NARUTO. This movie will awaken only angry feelings (for the real fans).

The screenplay (movie) was too poor even for a movie about love. Too much character collapse. Were people who have read the original series even involved in the making of this movie? Was Kishimoto sensei even part of the making?

The movie was supposed to be called 699.5. Naruto and Hinata were my favorite characters. But the people in this movie were two entirely different people. 

Whatever they say Naruto was in love with Sakura (talking about the manga). But he confused it with the love for ramen? I’m glad that the "Fake Confession” was written because how does a person lectures a person about love when he doesn’t know the difference between real love and ramen?He promised to protect her and was talking about his own confession (his feelings). Do people really believe such a guy could mistake the two different kinds of love ? Naruto is considered a human, who can read properly other people’s emotions and feelings. And such a person doesn’t know a difference between real love and ramen? Naruto Uzumaki is such a fool.

And then we have Hinata whose family is in danger, one of her family members is suffering and she has the time for private/personal affairs on the mission. She could have easily knitted the muffler when she came back from the mission. I don’t see a reason for her to be put in the mission in the first place when all she did was knit a muffler. Hinata was really cold(hearted) and selfish. 

I came to the screening with friends to have a laugh and a good time only to be disappointed. I guess there is no way to enjoy this (the movie)if you follow the original series. Not interested in the next generation project (just like the huge amount of people who saw the movie). Rather all that I’m feeling is anger at the series that was once called NARUTO but we saw everything but what we wanted.

You’d better not watch it if you are a true fan of the NARUTO original series. You will only be disappointed. You will be one of the many people who were disappointed beyond words.


these are all the other spoilers from sMyZVNRV aside from the sakuhina scene and the last scene with the kids:

  • hand in hand, naruto and hinata fought against the enemy
  • hoshi no utsuwa played during naruhina’s marriage ceremony and said the people around OP cried and that OP also cried
  • with the moon in the background and them at the center of it, naruhina shares a happy kiss. naruto says ‘thank you, hinata’ and that’s the end (i’m guessing that the last scene with the kids happened during the credits or after it)
  • sakura asks naruto and wonders if naruto liked her only because she liked sasuke (i know part of the spoiler circulating was that naruto confirms this, but i didn’t see it in this post). after that, she says that regarding hinata she has confidence that it’s serious/the real deal (i.e. naruto’s feelings for hinata). i think this is OP talking now and they say that for time being sakura has been supporting 'stupid naruto’, and now she’s also giving hinata a push in the back. says that sakura is so wonderful, but there wasn’t any sasusaku because sasuke only had one line and it was when he was with kakashi
  • toneri interrupts naruto midway through his confession to hinata. naruto’s looking straight at her and just got to say 'i like/love you hinata’ before toneri comes; hinata, while holding the scarf, leaves with toneri
  • says toneri is really pathetic/pitiful. toneri asks hinata to knit him a scarf too(?) and if hinata complies he’ll be really happy. talks about liking(?) hinata having a taste for tea as well. in the end hinata says that she knitted the muffler for naruto which leads to toneri going crazy lol. the muffler became tattered and (not sure about this following part) i guess hinata wasn’t sure if she should still give it to naruto but he says that he wants it
  • hinata and toneri do not kiss. hinata is being manipulated at the time. naruto comes in the middle of their wedding ceremony and basically saves the day. naruto and hinata kiss
  • toneri doesn’t die. he was going to self-destruct but naruto saves/stops him. naruto EDIT: tells toneri that they (him, hinata and everyone else) will accept him, but toneri says he will remain on the moon and that never again will the moon approach the earth

OXqktWxY has some other spoilers that weren’t touched upon here so i’ll make a separate post for that. as always, keep in mind that we can’t know for sure if the spoilers are true until the actual movie release. 


“Animation Knitter” Miho Yata’s work. First in the world “ FIlm Muffler” Miho knit long mufflers like films and made stop motion animation. 


My Review On The Last (Lengthy)

Heads up: My review and opinion on The Last may piss a few people off because of one or two things I may say about a certain character, but I hope it doesn’t come out that way and people will actually see where I am coming from and that I don’t mean any harm. I hope that some of the things that I say won’t come off as if I’m bashing because trust me; I’m trying to do anything but that. I will also talk about Naruto, Hinata, and Sakura individual because there is a little something about each character that had their way of pissing me off. Also, the following passage will be unbiased…. greatly and there will probably only are a few things I will say that will be NaruSaku related.

NOTE TO LURKING SS: I don’t know what your excuse would be of how you came across my post but 100% chance you know that I did not cross tag. There is an explanation about how it my post may appear in your tag, so ask around before you leave a comment or send me anon hate. Also, the whole post is about my opinion on the Movie. If you don’t like what I say it will not kill you to keep scrolling or to ignore the post. 

NOTE TO LURKING NH: The same goes for you guys as well if you read my note for SS. But this fandom actually plays a small part of why actually decided to watch Naruto the Last. But then again I know that what I will say will annoy or piss you guys off so please refrain from starting any argument because to be honest, arguing with me is like a challenge. But I will have to sadly deny the challenge in order to show people that I can (be) am mature.

NOTE TO SAKURA FANS: Haha, sorry, but try to keep remembering that I actually like Sakura.

NOTE TO HINATA FANS: Sorry, but that’s what happened.



teenagetreepatrol, you asked me why did I watch The Last and my answer for you was because that I was curious and that I was trying to see if the fans was really just over-reacting about it or not. You left me a message again saying that but the fans wasn’t over-reacting and I didn’t reply to you. Reason I didn’t reply was because what you just said, about the fans not over-reacting is what I was going to say for the very first part of my review.

People who are #anti-the last are not over-reacting; the Japanese fans that disliked the movie The Last are not over-reacting. The things they are saying, I actually agree with, number one being The Last being pure bullshit*.  The Last should have been called Hinata: The Movie, every time there was a conversation brought up between Naruto and someone Hinata name was always, always, said. But what really had me dislike the Movie was because of how the romance between Hinata and Naruto wasn’t in the middle of the Movie but right smack a little after the beginning of it. Like the very beginning of when they started on the mission to rescue Hanabi.

The animation was great, I really did enjoy the animation and if the Movie wasn’t bad in my opinion, the when it comes out on DVD I would buy it, even though I did not like how the Naruto Shippuden series ended.

The romance in the Movie was cheesy, no it wasn’t cheesy it was shit*. We all know that when a red scarf is used in anime it is the red string of faith and to be honest I kept finding it funny that every time Hinata would keep repairing the scarf over and over again; it somehow in some way kept being ripped or ruined. I also found it funny that while Hinata and Naruto were under the Genjutsu trap; the scarf (a torn one) wrapped itself around Naruto, where Naruto see the memories of Hinata. Where he sees Sakura and Hinata talk about Hinata confessing to him and protecting him, the face he makes is something I’ve been thinking about since I watched the Movie. He was thinking, and to be honest, Naruto felt sorry for Hinata. Hearing what Sakura had said to Hinata is giving him a thought if he should give up on Sakura or not. Also, why was it Sakura running towards him to wake him up cause him to wake up and not Naruto just waking up after sixteen year old Hinata saying that she loves him?

Plus, I don’t know why they have Hinata walking around in shorts with her arms out, but just thinking about her in the snow without a jacket or a scarf, some gloves or something had me shivering for her, and when Naruto asked why she wasn’t wearing it, was I the only one yelling for the girls to stop trying to impress Naruto by acting as if the weather wasn’t bothering her.

The Movie was truly made for fan service, especially when the “romance” between Naruto and Hinata kept happening back to back in the Movie that it became irrelevant especially when Naruto asked Hinata to rub ointment on his back, I left the room as my cousin kept watching it but by the time I came back she was watching Miracle in Cell No.7 (if you like Korean Movies, watched that, but be prepared to cry). Anyway, I guess I’ll start with telling you guys something about Naruto, Hinata, and Sakura that had me side eyeing Kishimoto and cursing Studio Pathetic name. Starting with Sakura,

Sakura: You can clearly tell that Sasuke and Sakura relationship hasn’t changed much or anything at all of two things she did and said in the Movie. First off, she still have the same look she makes every time she think of Sasuke, and when she told Hinata that they should support each other when she was trying to build Hinata confidence and encouraging her not to give up. So no SS they are not dating, I don’t even think he came to visit after he said that he would see her again or whatever. Much respect for her when she herself healed Naruto for THREE DAYS but lost respect when he was talking to Sakura and said, “You are planning on giving the muffler, right? It’ll be fine, SINCE ITS YOU. Just have self-confidence.” and definitely lost respect in Sakura character when she said, “When a girl truly falls in love, her feelings don’t change that easily. As Sakura was saying this I forgot she was even nineteen because I was seeing a thirteen year old Sakura in her place. Her character still hasn’t grown up and its sad.

I really hope the female of SS fans don’t think that if they continue to love someone that doesn’t love them then the same thing will happen to them like Sakura, and I’m still not caught on the fact Sasuke love Sakura by Chapter 700 because of the traveling, and you know he’s not around much because of how Sarada said that her and Bolt have something in common.

Hinata: What pissed me off about her character is that while she was re-knitting her scarf for Naruto again, she acknowledge that she was she was a bad sister to be knitting a while she was kidnap yet asked Naruto , if she was a bad sister. What also pissed me off about Hinata character is that since she’s so strong that no one in the Leaf Village would mess with her, how come Naruto always has to protect/save her, and she was assigned a bodyguard. Wow, she’s so strong and yet even in the end, Hinata is yet still seen knitting the muffler. When she finish will it be torn again, will something happen to it again, because if it doesn’t, she and Naruto are not fated is what it seems like Kishimoto hidden message is saying. He planned it eight years ago but they were not meant to be together…. In my opinion.

But NaruHina is the reason why I decided to watch The Last hoping that it would explain more to me how Naruto and Hinata became a canon, and was it worth having them a canon. I was also preparing myself because I thought that I would become a NaruHina shipper again, because it hasn’t been too long since I switched fandom but watching that Movie told me that I made the right decision and that I would be happier in the NaruSaku fandom.

Naruto: Naruto is not in love, Kishimoto said about how he felt for Hinata therefore that how Naruto felt. In the Movie Naruto is seen watching Hinata knit the scarf or muffler whatever you want to call it he felt guilty knowing why she was putting her all into knitting it, so when he said that he love her suddenly, I didn’t even give a fuck anymore. So when he went to talk to Sakura the mission wasn’t about Hanabi anymore, never was in the beginning to it was to get Naruto and Hinata together.

In the end, the only thing I like about the movie was the animation and at least there was some sort of comedy with Shikamaru and Sai. They all did seemed OOC even Ino, in the very end with showing photos(?) of Naruto and Hinata wedding, the smiles did seem fake and it looked like something was wrong with them, like they were told to act happy in front of the camera. Like they were forced to smile and I can’t help but think Kishimoto is telling a hidden personal message in the movie may sound crazy but oh well. It was disappointing that Neji name wasn’t brought up, and he didn’t have Hinata talk to the other about Hanabi as if she was an older sister who deeply love, love or cared for her sister and that she was actually worried about her, but instead the mission was treated if it was to rescue someone they didn’t know.

On another note: Toneri is hot, I was almost routing for him, actually wanting the villain to win, at least he’s hot (you may not be able to hear it, but I’m actually laughing at this right now) and another thing, am I the only one wishing that the Naruto Universe wasn’t so peaceful, I mean at least keep the bandits and short time villains or something, keep things interesting for the next generation. I’m also thrown off by the cellphones and laptops and didn’t like that either, but oh well, again I can’t do anything about it.

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When The First Love Ends


The first kiss it tasted like, the tears that I had cried
Just like a drama that you’d see on TV
The departure bell rang, I knew that it was time to leave

The winter wind grazes against my cheeks ever so gently
With a hot breath I rub my hands together
The city’s light illumination look just like magic
The bare roadside trees sparkle brightly

Why couldn’t I just say it to you?
These feelings, I kept them down inside
I already decided this earlier
It’s fine like this
Because I can’t turn around

Arigatou, Sayonara
This painful, unrequited love
If my feet stop I might just remember it
That’s why
Arigatou, Sayonara
Because I refuse to cry
That’s what I had thought and then, softly
The snow falls down
If I touch it, it would melt away

On the main street that leads to the station
A couple, having fun
“Hey look, it’s the first snow!”
I wanted to be like this with you
I even made
A hand knitted muffler

How could I ever hand it to you?
I had no courage, I was such a coward
“If I would remember these,
Eventually I wouldn’t mind them anymore”
But is that the truth?

Arigatou, Sayonara
Someday this time would come again, I knew it very well
I should have understood
Even so,
Arigatou, Sayonara?
My body is trembling
Though the train will come at any time,
The clock is ticking down
I feel like I’m being tortured

I want to be with you
No matter how I have wished for it
These hands are empty
Hey, is this really what they call a goodbye?

I have to go
That I understand quite well
I know your kindness very well, too
That’s why
“Please let go of this hand”
I’m glad I have met you
I love you

Arigatou, Sayonara
I can’t say a single word
Please for just this moment give me the courage I need
“Hey, you know–”
Lips have stopped in the middle, the distance between us was zero
Is it okay for me to let these tears fall?
I don’t need any words
Just please embrace me tightly

In the next year, around this time
What person will I be?
What person will you be I wonder?

Here’s some more cheesy spoilers from the Last. 

  • Rinne festival is like obon festival. 19 yr old Naruto is a chick magnet, receives so many gifts from girls. But he looks up at the moon alone from his room with the pile of unopened gifts
  • Meanwhile Konohamaru finds the green(blue?) muffler kushina knitted for Naruto before her death in Hiruzen’s storehouse. Naruto feels so warm to wear it. 
  • sasuke helps hiashi who got beat by Toneri. 
    and he also helps kakashi with stopping meteorites.
  • Sakura ships naruhina all the way. She encourages Hinata to give the red muffler to Naruto. But then Hinata sees Naruto in the green muffler and mistakes it for a present form some pretty girl. she starts to shun Naruto. 
  • Even when Naruto asks Hinata about the muffler she doesn’t answer. 
  • She cries in a park.. she tears on the muffler. Then Toneri appears. 

        Toneri: lady, the muffler will be spotted?

       Hinata: doesn’t matter anymore. as its useless now.

       Toneri: in that case, can I have it?

  • when Naruto confesses his love to Hinata, toneri appears and Hinata goes with him because of Hamura’s (eh?) request to stop Toneri.
  • Naruto kisses Hinata twice. The first kiss is in huge closeup with the moon in the background after defeating Toneri.

(source is from Naruto forums. He got them from 2ch.)