knit knee high socks

Transfem Velma

[A close up image of a girl with blue neck length hair, wearing glasses and a yellow knit top. She’s also wearing a jean skirt and blue knee high socks and holding a book, her arm braced against her crossed legs, with her face leaning against the book]

SW: Day 17

17th: Share the last thing your character got genuinely excited about.

“Avie! Slow down, you’re going to hurt yourself!” Errus groaned in exasperation, she was a full grown adult now and she was still giving him grief. The grizzled ex-warrior hurried after his unofficial charge as she dashed from room to room, cringing every time she opted to slide along the marble floors in her hand-knitted knee high socks rather than walk like any sane person not looking to break their neck would.

“But they’ll be here soon! I have to make sure everything is just right!” Her voice chimed back at him, accompanied by a bright grin. Caemenas would never forgive him if his daughter perished by way of slipping on the floors of her own home. He sighed and looked down at the golden cat curled up in the corner of one of the plush couches, Amelie yawned and stretched and blinked lazily at him as if to ask what he wanted her to do about it as Avie bounced past them again to put some fresh flowers from the garden into a vase.

“Avie, please,” Errus pinched the bridge of his nose as the young woman skidded past again and almost took out the round elderly woman who was emerging from one of the many doors leading off the room. They narrowly avoided a collision, a brief pause in Avie’s whirlwind of activity to fix the little old woman’s apron before she was off again, disappearing into the hallway and presumably to the kitchen to take the picnic supplies out into the manicured lawn attached to the apartment. Mylinne blinked at Errus, not quite sure what had just happened. Nontheless, a soft, warm chuckle left her lips as she placed a sympathetic hand on the broad man’s arm.

“Try not to be too worried, she’s happy Errus. When was the last time you saw her run about like this?” Errus simply lowered his hand from his nose to look down at his grey friend with another sigh, softer this time. “Exactly,” Mylinne continued, “what’s the worst that could happen? So she’s made some new friends in the guard – it’s not like she’s going to run off with one of them, she’s more sense than that. Not this one especially, she told me he’s very much spoken for.”

“Since when has-“

“Ah-ah, Errus. She’s too busy with that devilishly charming illidari. Let her have her fun.”

“She should be-!”

“Happy, is what she should be.”

A sharp look from the woman shut him up and he grumbled something about Avie not exactly being the most responsible of people before the mop of red hair herself showed back up. She had at least put shoes on now, and appeared to be tugging something over her curly ears. Were those…ear warmers? He’d no time to ask, as soon as he opened his mouth there was the sound of wheels arriving outside the front door.

“They’re here!” Avie half squealed and bounded off to greet Iiloridan and his four children. Mylinne laughed and scurried off back to the kitchen, Errus smiled a little, perhaps. She was right, the boisterous curly eared elf deserved to be happy.


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