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Draw Yourself Challenge!

Do you want to learn to draw yourself better? Do you want do draw yourself but just don’t know what to draw yourself doing/wearing? Take this challenge! Reblog as a daily challenge or have followers request numbers— do whatever you please! Have fun!

  1. Draw yourself in a space suit.
  2. Draw yourself in the clothes you wore yesterday.
  3. Draw yourself wearing an outfit one of your parents typically wears/wore.
  4. Draw yourself making some breakfast.
  5. Draw yourself as a witch.
  6. Draw yourself as a dragon.
  7. Draw yourself riding a dragon.
  8. Draw yourself in the style of the last animated thing you watched.
  9. Draw yourself wearing a ball gown.
  10. Draw yourself wearing a fancy suit.
  11. Draw yourself wearing tennis shoes.
  12. Draw yourself wearing a top hat.
  13. Draw yourself walking through snow.
  14. Draw yourself surrounded by trees.
  15. Draw yourself with war paint.
  16. Draw yourself playing a musical instrument.
  17. Draw yourself in pajamas.
  18. Draw yourself with different-colored hair.
  19. Draw yourself with different colored eyes.
  20. Draw yourself wearing colorful socks.
  21. Draw yourself wearing a baggy hoodie.
  22. Draw yourself eating ice cream.
  23. Draw yourself as a merperson.
  24. Draw yourself wearing sunglasses.
  25. Draw yourself wearing a knit hat.
  26. Draw yourself wearing a few bracelets.
  27. Draw yourself wearing something purple.
  28. Draw yourself with your best friend(s) or significant other(s).
  29. Draw yourself with a potted plant.
  30. Draw yourself smiling.
  31. Draw yourself pouting.
  32. Draw yourself stepping on a lego.
  33. Draw yourself as an alien.
  34. Draw yourself as a dog.
  35. Draw yourself as a cat.
  36. Draw yourself as a fish.
  37. Draw yourself jumping.
  38. Draw yourself running.
  39. Draw yourself in swimwear.
  40. Draw yourself wearing a helmet.
  41. Draw yourself as a ghost.
  42. Draw yourself sticking your tongue out.
  43. Draw yourself hugging somebody.
  44. Draw yourself in bright sunlight.
  45. Draw yourself in the rain.
  46. Draw yourself laughing.
  47. Draw yourself wearing boots.
  48. Draw yourself lighting a candle.
  49. Draw yourself as a super hero.
  50. Draw yourself sleeping.
I Hate Christmas - Sherlock x (y/n)

Word count: 1784

Warnings: none

“Sherlock!” Mrs. Hudson called from downstairs. “It’s (y/n)!”

Sherlock hurried down the stairs as quickly as he could. “Ah, (y/n). Finally. John and Mary are preparing dinner upstairs and I’ll be heading out for a bit.”

“Sherlock!” You said, exasperated. “You promised you’d stay. Even if you had a case. It’s Christmas for Christ’s sake.”

“I hate Christmas.” He said with a sneer. “It brings about carolers and holiday cheer.”

“Oh, Sherlock. Promise me you’ll still come home for dinner and presents.”

“Food is for the weak and I told everyone not to get me anything. I also did not get anything for anyone else…” He said trailing off.


“Fine. I promise I’ll be home for dinner and presents.” He said rolling his eyes. “Even if I don’t eat and I don’t have presents.”

“Good boy.” You said smiling brightly. You bounced into the building away from the cold, chilling air of London. Sherlock moved past you and into the freezing air.

“I’m not a boy (y/n). I’m a man. A very smart one at that.” He said quickly, as if in a rush, which to be honest he probably was. He then briskly walked away. Mrs. Hudson gave you a sad smile.

“Sorry about him dear. That’s Sherlock though. Always dashing about. Anyhow, might you come up for a spot of tea? John and Mary’s food smells so delicious.”

You smiled kindly at her, “Of course, Mrs. Hudson. Thank you.”

Time Skip

“Mrs. Hudson!” Sherlock’s loud voice rang from downstairs. “I’m back for Christmas dinner.” He said in a disgusted tone you could tell he wasn’t really trying to hide. He walked upstairs quickly, taking the steps two at a time. He walked past you hastily, using his coat to conceal something that he was carrying. “Mrs. Hudson, John, (y/n) don’t wait up. I’ll be in my room wrapping things up. I’ll be back in a wink.” He said winking at you. You blushed profusely. Trying to cover it up, you said, “Shall we start eating?”

“Of course.” John said with a happy smile.

“Mary, the pie looks delicious.” You said to her.

“Oh, I didn’t make it. John did. He’s a great baker.” She said bragging slightly about her wonderful husband.

“Well then John, it looks simply divine.” You said excited to dig in to the wonderful looking food.

Time Skip – After Dinner

“Oh, the meal was so scrumptious.” Mrs. Hudson commented, a little bit sleepy from the meal.

“It was.” You said, a bit sleepy yourself. “It was too bad Sherlock didn’t eat anything.” You said clearing the last of the plates from the table. As if on cue Sherlock emerged from his room.

“Time for presents.” He said lazily, as if bored with the whole affair and idea of Christmas. Little did you know, inside he was having a silent panic attack. He secretly slipped something under the tree.

“Ok.” You said giddily, smiling like a child. “I’m excited to see what you got me Mr. Holmes.” You said nudging him in the side.

“Nothing.” He responded. “I told you earlier that I didn’t get anyone anything.”

You looked down, slightly saddened by this sentence. Your Christmas cheer was being ruined by Sherlock.

“You know you don’t have to be such a spoilsport.”

“I actually do.”

“Why, Sherlock?”

“The idea of buying people presents gives some people anxiety. Anxiety about not getting the right thing. In fact, it is scientifically proven that people have more stress around the holidays.” He said with a completely straight face.

“Really Sherlock? You don’t buy people presents because you’re afraid you’ll get the wrong thing?”

“That is what I said, yes.” He said rolling his eyes.

“Sherlock… We’re your friends. We’ll be happy with anything you give us.”

“Really?” He said raising an eyebrow. “Last Christmas John said he loved my gift. He lied. I read his body language. He was not at all pleased with my gift. I was given a mental talent for reading people and it is a blessing and a curse. Let me ask you something, (y/n). Do you sometimes wish I were a normal person? That I’m unable to read people like a book?”

Without missing a heartbeat, you answered his question honestly, “No. You are perfect. If you weren’t the way you were you would never have met me. You never would have been ‘The Great Sherlock Holmes’, and I never would have come to you with my case.”

He clasped his hands together, thinking deeply. “Hmm… You’re right.”

“As I always am.” You said.

“Not always.” He corrected quickly.

You laughed. John and Mary came out of the kitchen. “What’s so funny?” John asked.

“Nothing, nothing.” You said. “Let’s go. I can’t possibly wait any longer. I can feel the presents calling to me.”

“Presents don’t talk.” Sherlock mentioned quietly.

“They do in my mind palace.” You said, teasing him.

He sighed tiredly, “Let’s just get on with the presents.”

John cleared his throat. “Ok then. Let’s see, first present.” He picked up a box with green wrapping. He said out loud, “For Mary and John, from (y/n).” You smiled as they unwrapped it together. They pulled out a small onesie.

“It’s for the baby.” You said smiling brightly. “Do you guys like it?”

Mary turned to you. “Oh, (y/n). We love it!” She came over to hug you.

John said, “Thank you (y/n). It’s a wonderful gift.”

You picked the next box. “For Sherlock, from John and Mary.” You smiled at the couple as you unwrapped the present for Sherlock. You pulled out a hat. You laughed. Sherlock rolled his eyes and looked at the hat in disgust. You smiled at Mary, “Thanks guys.” You looked at John and mouthed, “I’ll make him wear it.” The next present was for Mrs. Hudson, from John and Mary. It was a nice pink shawl. John and Mary had given you a nice coat that matched Sherlock’s. The presents from John and Mary were all wonderful. Next, it was your turn to give everyone presents. You had already given John and Mary their present so you gave Mrs. Hudson hers. Sher pulled out a blouse, a skirt, and a pair of heels all matching the same royal blue color. “Thank you, dear.” She said smiling at you.

“Of course, Mrs. Hudson.” You said, matching her smile. Then you handed Sherlock his present. He opened it and was surprised to see a brand new blue scarf.

“Thank you very much, (y/n).” He said looking over at you.

You smiled at him, “Anything for you, Sherlock.”

Mrs. Hudson seemed to be ready to bounce out of her seat. Sher quickly handed everyone their presents. Your gift was a nice jumper. “Mrs. Hudson, did you knit this all by yourself?” You inquired.

“Yes I did.” She said quite proudly. Sherlock’s was a fancy suit.

“Mrs. Hudson, where did you get this?” He asked.

“Oh, it was from a real fancy shop. I know you have a lot of suits, but this one just seemed to pop to me. It would look perfect on you. I mean you have all black suits; you never wear blue. I thought it would look real nice on you.”

“Thank you. I like it.” He said cautiously, as if his words might offend her. Everyone looked around. There were no more presents to be opened. Everyone looked expectantly at Sherlock. They didn’t seem surprised, however. They soon all packed up and left, save for Mrs. Hudson, who had gone upstairs. You started to clean up the trash on the ground from the presents. Sherlock watched you carefully, studying you. You had finished clearing all of the wrapping paper from around the tree when a little twinkle from under the tree caught your eye. You reached a hand under the tree and felt a box. You pulled it out. It was a small box covered with shiny silver wrapping paper. Carefully you turned it over, ‘To my dear (y/n), from your Sherlock,’ it said in fancy writing on the wrapping paper. You turned to Sherlock and he gave you a smile. “I didn’t want you to open it in front of everyone.” He said smirking at your surprised face.

“Here, I thought you were a pompous jackass who was too good to get anyone anything.” You commented, joking lightly. Sherlock only rolled his eyes.

“Open it.” He said. “Before I change my mind and return it.”

“Now I know what you meant when you said you were in your room, ‘wrapping things up’. You meant it literally, that you actually were ‘wrapping something up’. Gosh, you are clever.”

“I know.” He said, sarcastically. “Now open it.”

You excitedly ripped off the wrapping paper. Inside was a black square velvet box. You gasped in surprise. It was from Tiffany’s. You traced your fingers along the velvet on the outside of the box. “What is it?” You asked Sherlock, looking over at him. He only smiled mysteriously.

“Open it and see.”

You opened the box to see the diamond necklace you had been drooling over for a long time every time you passed the window of Tiffany’s. “Sherlock! You didn’t have to get me this.”

“I actually did. Did you think I wouldn’t notice how every day when we walked past the store you looked longingly and lovingly at this necklace. I read John, I can read you too.”

“Sherlock! This is just too much. I-I” You were at a loss for words. You looked down at the box and noticed there was another, much smaller, box inside. You picked it up. “Sherlock… What’s this?”

He stayed silent. So you took the box carefully in your hands and opened it up. Inside was a beautiful diamond ring. You gasped. “Oh my. Oh my gosh.” You looked up at Sherlock. He smiled mysteriously.

“I see no need to get on one knee and all so I’ll just say it. Will you (y/n) (y/l/n) the most beautiful and clever and kind and funny person I have ever met and also my favorite human being in this entire wretched world, agree to be my wife?”

“Yes, Sherlock. Yes of course I’ll be your wife.” You stood up to hug him and as you hugged you noticed a small green plant hanging on top of Sherlock’s head. You smiled. As you pulled apart from the hug you pecked Sherlock on the lips.

“What was that for?” He questioned.

“Tradition.” You responded with a smirk.

“I hate tradition.”

“Is there anything you don’t hate?”

“I don’t hate you.”

You smiled softly. “Hey, don’t get soft on me now Mr. Holmes.”

“I won’t Mrs. Holmes.”

The End

Under the Cloak. (M)

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Smut + Harry Potter AU

Word Count: 7,741

Description: Gryffindor’s star seeker is in danger of being disqualified from participating in their upcoming match against Slytherin due to his less than stellar grade in potions. You’re forced into tutoring him… however you didn’t know that would entail the two of you being at the library, after hours, underneath an invisibility cloak, where you quickly learn that quidditch isn’t the only thing Kim Taehyung excels in.  


Your Name: submit info.

You felt yourself racing down the corridors as the thoughts of today’s lesson fueled the excitement in your steps. Professor Snape was going to be showing your class how to concoct wolfsbane potion. The thought of being able to reduce the madness that comes along with lycanthropy pumping excitement throughout your entire body—which in hindsight is probably how you managed to run smackdab into the wolf himself; Kim Taehyung.

Your vision flicked upwards, locking onto the obvious smirk of his lips as his hands made their way to your sides as he steadied your body. You immediately roll your eyes as you throw away any attempt at the fake apology you were going to issue him. You swiftly grab his arms, yanking them from your sides, before shooting him a venomous glare.

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Chosen (Death Angel au)

Part One

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 4665

Warnings: mentions of death, mentions of blood, eventual smut

Summary: You’re Jimin’s Taker, assigned to watch over him until just the right moment. When that moment comes, you’re instructed to kill him. But what happens if he lives?

Lmao I’m on a roll and posting two parts of two different fics in one night. It’s a Christmas miracle. Anyway, here is the first chapter of this Jimin fic. :’) 

For @inktae and her consistantly painfully beautiful fics. 

Some may say that life is far more lonely and tiresome than death. In life you face loss, and tragedy, and betrayal, and heartbreak. You build a life and knit a name for yourself out of the yarn made from circumstance and opportunity, only to have an Angel of Death slither behind you and unravel everything with just a light tug on a single thread exposed at the seam–your entire being slowly unravelling under their fingertips. In life, all of your work and suffering is for naught, because your Angel of Death is always a breath away.

Some may say that life is more lonely, but the Angels of Death begs to differ.

Contrary to popular belief, the Death Angels are not heartless and cold demons sent to steal your essence as you draw your last breath. Oh, no, they’re hauntingly beautiful and immeasurably troubled by the weight of their duties. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that they’re probably the most empathetic and caring of all the angels. There’s a whole fleet of them–thousands of Death Angels assigned to care after their Chosen until their End Day, all of them kind and caring individuals, though some are more attached to their Chosen than others.

They see everyone in their weakest moments, our true selves appearing as the light slowly leaves our eyes. They know the cowards from the bravest souls. The heaviness that their supernatural duty entails makes it nearly impossible for them to spread their silky black wings and soar to their next Chosen. The job is tedious and painstaking, having to watch their Chosen for the entirety of their lives, until just the perfect moment when they’re designated to be taken.

None of them enjoy stealing humans away from their lives on Earth. Honestly, who would? Hearing them beg and plead for their lives back after their spirits leave their bodies and see the Earthly shells lying motionless and unattended. For the first hundred years or so of being an Angel of Death it might as well be torture, growing so close to their Chosen only to separate them from everything and everyone they love.

Everyone is assigned a Death Angel. A Taker. They have all of your information–your name, blood type, the way you’re meant to die and when. You don’t always see them, and if you do, you probably don’t realize that they’re your Taker. But they’re always there, that tiny inkling inside your mind telling you that something is dangerous. Rerouting your way home if they spot someone in your path who is unhinged with a gun and the intention to kill.

Takers do the unthinkable–even if it means being painted as the villain–just to keep the world turning. Because an Angel of Death is an angel nonetheless.

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They are complete! It took me an age to finish these socks, but as usual I hit a rut when working on the second sock. Second socks are just the worst, I always run out of steam when I get to them. Plus, these were super boring to knit since it was just stockinette stitch (I turned them inside out) Also, somehow, one of the socks is bigger than the other… despite my counting every row and measuring and trying to get things to match up. It is just my luck. I guess no two socks are alike… especially if I knit them.
I don’t really care though, because these socks are hella comfortable. I am wearing them right now and they are fantastic. Madeline Tosh knows what’s up when it comes to spinning some sock yarn. If you have the spare cash and love knitting yourself socks, it is worth the investment.

aurora under the ice, pt. 1

Voeld lives up to its harsh reputation, and Saskia and Jaal are stuck in a cave alone to wait out a storm. Jaalmance, pre-relationship (ao3 link)
previous chapters: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

“I think my mandible is frozen,” Vetra grumbled, hunched down and sounding thoroughly disgruntled through their coms. “Remind me to bring a scarf next time we start marching through a snowstorm.”

“Turian scarves,” Liam said through chattering teeth. “That’s a laugh.”

“Because only humans can keep their necks warm?”

“All right, maybe the idea of you knitting yourself a scarf is hilarious.”

“Why is making one’s clothing cause for hilarity?” Jaal asked. Of Saskia’s three companions, he was the only to sound unaffected by the cold. “Or am I misunderstanding?”

Saskia’s mouth twitched as she keyed in the final code to set up their forward station, turning to watch her little recon group huddling together for warmth around the still smoking pod.

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Spooky Horoscopes 🎃 🍁 👻

(and other bad advice)

aries: light candles. burn bridges and pumpkin scented candles with the same match. burn all the rotten residue. enjoy life without the hecklers.

taurus:  when you trick-or-treat, they will say you are too old. you have always been too old. you are old as the earth and it creaks in your bones

gemini: bitter black brew. it is the deadliest poison. drink, drink until you’re sick, until your eyes are sunken in your skull. add sugar and cream first. 

cancer: you can’t keep yourself in the same closet as your skeletons. unless you are a skeleton. if so, sort the bones. find a better place to bury them. 

leo: jump in a pile of leaves. take a moment to sink under the pile, in peace. sink, sink deeper and darker. let the ground take you. make friends there. 

virgo: what’s better than an over-sized sweater? bury yourself in knit cable sweaters. keep knitting. build yourself a cave of comfort. don’t build a way out.

libra: double-cross the monster under your bed. buy bunk beds. tuck them in at night. everything’s a monster with bags under its eyes.

scorpio: bite your tongue. drink the blood. go see a doctor. tear the stitches out and redo them yourself. what, weren’t you going to do that anyway?

sagittarius: you can’t apologize for the beast the full moon made of you. but the one you became during the crescent moon did some fucked up shit bro.

capricorn: take down your hair, take off your glasses, shed your skin, go deep into the woods, lurk in the dark. it’s time there was a monster to fear.

aquarius: cold, cold hands. blue and veined. kiss mysterious girls and average men in doorways. what happens to them after is not of your concern.

pisces:  some flowers only bloom in the winter. wreath yourself in frost, breathe mist into the air. they never told you ghosts haunt themselves first.

Let me be your Sunshine

Okay so this is a new fic that is mainly fluff at the moment, I mean if you guys like it I can turn it into a series! I hope you enjoy lovelies :) 

Massive thanks to @princess-of-erebor1992​ for proof reading even though you don’t like superheroey stuff, but you’re awesome anyway <3

Overview: reader is best friends with a classmate who both live in the same apartment complex together, but will they stay “just friends” forever? Will Peter ever know the real reason behind their crazy, hyperactive lifestyle?

Warnings: a couple of swear words!

Italics recall the past

You were known in the halls of Queens high school as “the colourful one with ADHD”, despite constantly being consumed by how dull the corridors were.
Your outfit of the day was simply characterised by what kind of weather it was outside:
Rainy day? Fluorescent orange and navy spotted umbrella that terribly matched the crimson dress and purple docs.
Cloudy day? The infamous rainbow pompom scarf that you had knitted yourself, terribly in fact, according to a YouTube video. You didn’t care that it looked shabby, you just enjoyed making people smile knowing there is a rainbow somewhere in the clouds.
On a rare sunshiney day in Queens? That would call for the stripey magenta tank top with grey skinny jeans and worn out, paint splattered combat boots completeing the look.
You enjoyed having people involuntarily looking your way, not for attention at all, just so that you could see the glimmer of sunshine that appeared in the dark stormclouds shadowing their lives, knowing that you were that sunshine they so desperately longed for. Sometimes you didn’t even know the kid, but it didn’t matter in the slightest. But the one person you absolutely loved seeing happy was your neighbour, and classmate, Peter Parker. The dorky nerd who lived a couple floors above you in the apartment building you didn’t know you shared.

The friendship started accidentally when you had left your apartment a whirl of citrus themed colours sending the guy you didn’t know was behind you into a heap of paper and various sized screwdrivers.
“I’m so sorry! I’m just too excited to try the new lemon and orange donut from Holey Moely’s donut shop that I must’ve looked like a donut jumping out my front door! Wait that didn’t make sense, hi!” You aimed a small goofy grin towards the gorgeous brown eyes behind glasses and realised it was a guy you had recognised from mechanics class at school.
He chuckled as you helped him up, gathering the papers together and handing them to him. “Don’t worry about it, I was heading there too actually! Wait, don’t I know you from school? You’re the colourful one with ADHD right?” He asked as he dusted himself down.
You did a little happy dance on the spot as you realised you vaguely knew each other from school, but the label he gave you didn’t surprise you in the slightest.
“I guess I am, although I don’t have ADHD, I’m just hyper! I’m Y/N, I recognise you from mechanics class, you built a tiny LED spanner torch.”
He nodded in agreement. “Yeah I guess I am that guy,” he offered his hand out for you, you held out a fist, “Peter Parker. And you’re going for a fistbump. That’s totally awesome.”
Once you had exchanged names and engaged in small conversation that ended abruptly, you suddenly remebered why you had left your apartment in a hurry, “DONUTS! Come on Parker let’s go before they run out!” You grabbed his hand and raced towards the shabby elevator of your apartment complex.

Peter made his way over to your post-it note covered locker in the corridor, having watched your entire entrance into school turn eyes at the the new addition of crimson red hair to your outfit choice for the day.
“Damn Y/N this is a new look! It’s a good look though, very, hmm what’s the word, ‘out there’”
You threw your head back and laughed at the compliment. “That’s a good one Parker, never heard that one before! Not at all! You’re sooooo original with your comebacks” you replied sarcastically, while getting your boooks out for first period.
You caught him staring at the curly locks bouncing along as you talked, wondering why he adored them so much.
Naturally, you aren’t one to shy away from telling the truth; you said you were naturally honest and couldn’t hold a lie for more than three seconds; Peter called you blunt with no filter. Shutting your locker, you confronted him. “Whatcha staring at Parker? Is it my awesome ability to be so completely witty that it amazes you?” His cheeks flushed a deep shade of pink.
“Nah, I’m used to that ability, it’s your superpower if I’m being 'blunt’,” you rolled your eyes with a smile, “I just like what you’ve done with your hair, it looks nice.” You caught a small glimpse of a grin forming on his squishable face.
“Well thank you Parker, I thought it’s time for a change, in the middle of the semester. Of which we are late for first period! You know you absolutely love Mr Rutherford’s retelling of Romeo and Juliet.”
You nudged his whiny ass along to the English class along the corridor, awaiting imminent death from boredom.
It was finally the end of the school day, which meant that it was time for your second favourite part of the day- walking home with Peter after a routine stop off at Willy’s cafe just around the corner from home. Your first favourite part of the day was the walk to school where you surprised your best friend with a new combination of colour coordination.
A smile, a twirl, and a fistbump was your daily greeting, and since you’ve been best friends you think some of your fashion sense has inevitably made it’s way into Peter’s wardrobe, since he seemed to be sporting a bright blue tshirt instead of the regular grey or black printed tee.
You both ordered your usual after school snack, yours being a berry smoothie and a rainbow cookie, Peter ordering the blueberry muffin with chocolate chips.
After finding out that the elevator in your building had been signposted 'out of use’, you reluctantly opted to take the stairs, but by flight 2 you were out of breath.
“Wait.. Pete.. 5 minutes..” you huffed out, watching him make fun of your unfit self.
“Come on Y/N, that was the second staircase! We have another 3 to go until we ge to your place!” You closed your eyes with a dramtic sigh at the thought of how many flights left to drag yourself up once you had caught your breath. Man, those rainbow cookies weren’t one bit good for you but damn they tasted amazing.
You flopped onto your stomach after the last flight of stairs that led to your floor and Peter, the cheeky shit, decides to leave you there as he makes his way to your room as though it was his second home, which it had basically become.
“Where.. on this earth.. do you get your effort from.. to get up all those stairs.. and not get tired one bit?” You dramatically feigned injury as you crawled your way to the front door of your flat, “WHAT’S YOUR SECRET PARKER??”
He rolled his eyes and unlocked the door to your flat, greeting your mom while you followed closely behind, shutting the door.
You gently called across the room to your mom, who reclined in an armchair with the curtains drawn, “We’re just going to work on a project mom, we won’t be too loud.” A small nod was sent your way.

Peter jumped on your bright pink double bed, easily taking up all the space while you dropped your bag at the door and made your way to your desk, with the lime green casing illumiating the built-from-scratch desktop computer sitting on it like a million trophies.
You were good with electronics, in fact, sometimes better than Peter which he never liked to admit.
On stormy days where Aunt May’s satelite dish was blown ajar and the cable went out, Peter never seemed to be around. It always seemed to be you lending a helping hand, which you didn’t mind. You stayed at his place until he came back late, looking completely windswept and cold.
He never told you why he was out so late on days with significantly bad weather, surely he would want to stay inside and watch reruns of The Big Bang Theory, his secret guilty pleasure that you once caught him watching off-guard.
You switched your computer on, and waited for it to boot up. You turned to face Peter, who currently had his face buried in your fluffy ragged pompom scarf.
“If you want to smell like me I use a mango shower gel that you can get at the dollar store next to Willy’s.” You stared at the little dork dressed in blue, giggling at his random-ness, knowing that it was completely normal to you. Who were you to say what was random anymore? You were literally the queen of being random and 'out there’ as Parker puts it.
“If I wanted to smell like you I’d live here constantly, oh wait, I do!” You threw a stray screwdriver in his direction, which he immediately blocked like it was second nature, but you took no notice of it.

This was the kind of friendship you enjoyed having.
You had other friends, people who you spoke to on the corridors and in classes where you didn’t have a Peter Parker to sit next to and cause trouble with, but the friendship you guys had was more than the odd 'hello’ here and there.
It might be hard to believe for the people who just took you as “the girl with ADHD” but no one, not even Peter knew why you went out of your way to provide some ray of sunshine to the people who needed it most.

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Wintery Horoscopes ❄🌲⛄

(and other things the cold and dark may whisper)

aries: breath through your mouth. let the cold air chip and chap your lips. kiss people and tear their mouths open. discard them before they do it to you.

taurus:  buy the red mittens. wear them outside, inside, everywhere. never take them off. never leave prints. were you really there? prove it.

gemini: know it is not the cold that permeates your skin, but the dry. when you become so dry your skin is like paper, take care not to cut pieces off like your paper snowflakes, tempting as it is. you were never meant to be as them

cancer: leave misleading tracks in the snow. walk backwards. dont make snow angels. they give birth to creatures beyond your control. 

leo: the holes in your heart are not as pressing as those in your socks. pack them with dead leaves and ice. it doesn’t matter what holes you fill as long as you get one of them squared away. 

virgo: don’t forget to have some seasonal cheer with hot cocoa! drink, drink, drink your cheers and sorrows alike away. Prepare.

libra: dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening! sing off key, scream into the void, invite people caroling. It’s all the same after the first ten years.

scorpio: notice how the snow makes even the darkest parts of the woods peaceful. everything seems safe. remind them that you’re still around.

sagittarius: knit yourself a nice sweater. shrug it off when it becomes something else. you should know by now sometimes the existing effort is enough, even if it resembles an eldritch horror in the end.

capricorn: do not eat the red berries that thrive in the winter. to do so is death. not for you, but likely for something else.

aquarius: haha, maybe you should hibernate during the winter. no, really, do it. most fearsome beasts take part of the year off, and we need some time to rebuild.

pisces:  when i told you some flowers only bloom in the winter, that was a metaphor for snowflakes. what you’ve done is an affront to nature. stop before you reverse the natural order.