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Horse Crochet Pattern With Video Tutorial


Click the list item to view the exact materials I used.  Links go to products on Amazon.

Medium - 4 worsted weight yarn in one color for the body, one color for the mane and tail, and one color for the hooves.
External image

Crochet hook compatible with your yarn, I used a 4.00 mm hook
External image

1 pair of 18 mm safety eyes
External image

Sewing needle large enough to fit your yarn

Toy stuffing


BLSC: Back Loop Single Crochet

CH: Chain

SC: Single Crochet

ST: Stitch

INC: Increase (Single Crochet 2 in 1 stitch)

INV DEC: Invisible decrease

SLST: Slip stitch

FO: Finish off

FL SC: Front loop single crochet

How to read the pattern:

(pattern) x # (##): repeat the pattern in the parentheses # times, when you have repeated the pattern the specified number of times you should have ## stitches.

Example: (SC 3, INC) x 3 (15) means single crochet three stitches then increase in the next stitch. Repeat the pattern three times. When you are finished you should have 15 stitches in the round.


LEGS (make 4):

Hoof color yarn

1. Magic Ring with 5 SC (10)

2. INC x 5 (10)

3. BLSC 10 (10)

Change to body color yarn

4-6. SC 10 x 3 RNDS, 30 ST total (10)

7. (SC 4, INC) x 2 (12)

8-10. SC 12 x 3 RNDS, 36 ST total (12)

11. (SC 3, INC) x 3 (15)

12-13. SC 15 x 2 RNDS (15)


Sew all four legs together using 2 ST for each leg; one ST to join the leg on the left and one ST to join the leg on the right.  You should be left with 13 usable ST on each leg and you should have a round of 52 ST total once all of the legs are sewn together.  Refer to the video for more details.



Body color yarn

SLST into any sewn stitch to start the round (refer to the video for more details)

1-7. SC 52 x 7 RNDS (52)

For the next part make sure you’re starting in the middle between two of the legs or the finished piece will be lopsided, SC some extra stitches or remove some stitches until you’re in the middle. Refer to the video.

8.  (SC 5, INV DEC) x 6, SC 10 (46)

9. SC 1, (SC 4, INV DEC) x 6, SC 9 (40)

10. SC 2, (SC 3, INV DEC) x 6, SC 8 (34)

11. SC 3, (SC 2, INV DEC) x 6, SC 7 (28)

12. SC 4, (SC 1, INV DEC) x 6, SC 6 (22)

13. SC 5, (INV DEC) x 6, SC 5 (16)

14. SC 16 (16)

15. (SC 7, INC) x 2 (18)

16. (FLSC 2, INC) x 6 (24)

17. (SC 3, INC) x 6 (30)

18. (SC 4, INC) x 6 (36)

19-25. SC 36 x 7 RNDS (36)

26. (SC 4, INV DEC) x 6 (30)

27. (SC 3, INV DEC) x 6 (24)

28. (SC 2, INV DEC) x 6 (18)

29. (SC 1, INV DEC) x 6 (12)

Sew closed by sewing in the front loop of every remaining stitch, pull tight to close.


Body color yarn

1. Magic Ring with 6 SC (6)

2. INC x 6 (12)

3. (SC 1, INC) x 3 (18)

4. SC 18 x 2 RNDS, 36 ST total (18)


EARS (make 2):

Body color yarn

1. Magic Ring with 6 SC (6)

2. (SC 2, INC) x 2 (8)

3. SC 8 (8)

4. (SC 3, INC) x 2 (10)

5. SC 10 (10)



Mane color yarn

1. CH 18 ( you  may need to chain more or less depending on how tightly you chain.  The chain should reach from the base of the back of the neck to the middle of the top of the head)

2. Cut several small pieces of yarn, half of the length of the piece should be as long as you want the mane.  Place your hook through the first chain, take one of the small pieces of yarn and fold it in half, put your hook through the loop and pull both yarn tails through to secure it to the chain.  Repeat this process for every chain on both sides for a total of 36.  Refer to the video for more details. 


Tail color yarn

1. Create a long pompom for the tail, refer to the video for more details


So on Monday my brother asked me to teach him how to crochet so he can make himself a case for his switch. I fully expected him to get frustrated after 10 minutes and I’d have to finish it for him (which isn’t really a problem for me) but he not only persevered but told me he really enjoyed it!

Here’s his final project. I only helped him with the first few rows and sewing on the buttons/attachments. There were a few stitches that were a little bumpy but he did an overall outstanding job in my opinion!!

Oh boy, I am eating my own words after saying that knitting this sweater was going to be fast. I am making progress, I just haven’t really had the time to sit down and knit, and when I did have time I was working on my sisters socks. Now those are done, and I can focus on this sweater. Maybe I can finish the back in the next week. That would be amazing.
I did finally get a chance to post my Year 2 album to Facebook. It is sort of a photo journal looking back on my second year in Okinawa. I would love to refine it some day and post it to VSCO or some other platform. We will see.

Oh hey.
I finished it.
Like a week ago.

I feel very relieved and happy.
But I also really miss working on this. If I don’t start another big project soon, I might just start another one of these.

Also, its crazy heavy. I feel like I am wearing a bears coat. I love it. I can’t wait to move back to somewhere where it snows.

Note: I still have to fix the raglan seams… but I spent like three hours sewing all the seams up and I would like to pretend I never have to sew another one again.

P.S. THANK YOU ALL for your super supportive and amazing comments. I really appreciate them. I wish blessing on all of your very own knitting and craft projects 💕