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Happy New Year Folks!

Here’s to a happy year to come!!

The Weasley sweater idea came from @silvermyth872


Fur finished cashmere tunic
A best seller item.
This long sleeve top is made from a cashmere made in Japan with fur finishing. It has a soft and light touch because of finest cashmere yarn.
Designed with a relaxed proportions and dropped shoulders, it has a ribbed deep, wide V neckline and inseam pockets.
Developed colors : Yellow - Camel - Gray - Navy


It was a winter wonderland ❄️❄️

My first Totoro mittens made for someone at work. It is my second time trying to knit these, the first time I was way too tight!

I sized up a needle size to 4mm and I used Drops Lima, which is a super gorgeous squishy yarn. It is my new favourite for natural fibers. 💕



Ravelry: The Knitted Dingo

SnowStorm Sadness

Fic Request: 
“Here’s a request if you wanna take it: Dark’s S/O leaves so they can visit their family who lives across the country, but a super bad snowstorm prevents them from even reaching the airport, and with it being that bad there’d be no way to actually get on a plane, so they return home super sad and Dark puts it upon himself to cheer them up and give them a good Christmas regardless.”

Originally posted by fairyboyhobi

Even the taxi driver shared Dark’s concern of the gathering clouds. They were black and angry, menacing looking as your ride eased its way through traffic. People had chosen to stay inside today. If not for concern for the storm, but the increase of high winds that picked up during the day. 
The more your taxi drove towards the airport, the more unease and worry plucked at your chest. It was getting darker and the wind was picking up. The driver spoke to you reassuringly. Almost the same words Dark had said as you left. 
“I’m sure it’ll ease up while you wait at the airport. The winds may blow the storm off before it hits.” Dark told you as he heaved your bags into the back of the taxi. “Don’t worry. You’ll make it to your family.” 

But his reassurance went out the window as the taxi turned the corner and it was like the sky opened the floodgates. Snow fell like a blanket onto the streets. It was so sudden and dazzling that you had to blink a few times to adjust your eyes. 
The traffic had jammed and the cars were getting covered in snow as they sat idle on the road. You bit your lip and tried to peer out the front window but all you saw was a dazzling storm of white. 
The driver turned up the radio as the person started talking. Over the wind, you heard the person say the airports were closed and all roads were cut off until the storm eased. Telling people to get indoors and stay there. The driver looked back at you and asked what you’d like to do. It was clear that the storm wasn’t going to let up anytime soon and you didn’t fancy staying at the airport. So, you politely asked the driver to take you back home and they were happy to do so. 
“Better to stay home and safe.” They said and you nodded, sadly.
You had been looking forward to this holiday for months! Saving money for it, planning with your family, it was meant to be a perfect holiday! Since you haven’t seen your family in a long time. But you were stuck at home. 
Dark was waiting for you. No doubt knowing from having the TV on to keep him updated with the storm. He hurried outside to help with the bags. The snow making it hard to see the footpath to the front door, and the house in general. 
“I’m sorry, love. I know how excited you were for this time away.” Dark offered some comfort once you were both in the house. You nodded and gave him a half smile. 
“It’s ok. I’ll just text Mum and let her know what’s happened.” You moved past Dark and went to the lounge-room. Curling up on the couch to pull out your phone and contact your family. The reception was terrible but you prayed the text would get through. 

Dark tried to lift your spirits with a hot beverage and soft words. Sitting with you tucked under his arm as he put on your favorite movie. But the power cut off thirty minutes into the film. 
“So much for a cheery Christmas.” You muttered and Dark huffed his own displeasure. He told you to stay on the couch while he went to get candles until the power came on. You were happy to let him do so, since you couldn’t see your own nose in front of you and you were known to be clumsy when it was bright, let alone pitch black. 
You could hear Dark moving around you. The faint tell-tale rustling of his clothing told you he was staying close by. 
But before you could say something, the living room suddenly flared with candle-light. You blinked against the faint glow and chuckled when you finally adjusted to the sudden light. 
“You have been pestering me to wear this hideous outfit all month. I thought it might cheer you up. Even though my dignity is dying with every second of it touching my skin.” Dark grumbled softly. His eyes glinting in disgust as he gazed down at the sweater. It was a ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ themed sweater, with the Boogie Man’s head stitched into the knitting and a cheesily designed ‘Merry Christmas’ logo over the character’s head. You couldn’t stop smiling the sight Dark made. His stoic face lifting to look at you, but he no longer held that intimidating air about him with that sweater.
He looked to damn adorable.
Dark sighed, shaking his head as he smiled softly. Moving forward and outstretching his hand to you. 
“Dance with me, dear.” Dark said and your eyebrows rose. But before you could make the excuse of ‘no music’, Dark’s grand piano started to play by itself. Tucked into the corner, one where the shadows seemed to half swallow the instrument. The first few lines you recognized as ‘White Christmas’.  
With your cheeks coloring with a blush, you took Dark’s hand and he eased you to your feet. Guiding your hand to his shoulder, while the other intertwined with his fingers. He started to move you as his hand went to your hip. Keeping a gentle sway as he slowly moved you in a small circle around the room. He kept you firmly against him, and you willed yourself not to glance down at your feet. Watching his obsidian gaze reflect the candle flames in the room. 
“Why do you always make me dance?” You asked as Dark twirled you gently. It made you giddy. The smile on your face ever present as he pulled you back against him. 
“Because it gives me an excuse to hold you.” Dark mused with an easy smile. “And you look adorable when you get flustered.” 
Dark swung you carefully in a quick dip. Pecking a kiss to your cheek as you laughed. His own chuckle rumbling from him as he pulled you back on your feet. 
“Ok. I understand your reasons. I’m still terrible at dancing though.” You pouted gently. 
“If you let me teach you, you’d learn to enjoy it.” Dark said, leaning down to lean his forehead against yours as you continued to sway. Your eyes closing as you allowed yourself to relax in his arms. 

The song ended too quickly for your liking and Dark spun you once more before the last key faded away. He took your hand gently and kissed your fingers. His eyes sparkling as he tugged you close again. 
“How about we start a lesson, hmm? There are alot of Christmas songs I’d like to twirl you through.” The piano started up on a new song and Dark started to move you into a gentle waltz like movement. You smiled, laughing as he spun you. It always made you feel light on your feet. 
“Fine. Only because there’s nothing else to do.” You said, concentrating on not stepping on his feet. 
Dark smirked and swooped down to press a kiss to your lips. “Such little creativity. But I am determined to mold a professional dancer out of you.”