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Murtagh’s No’ Verra Happy

Ok this was a total accident. I was talking to @outlanderedandoverhere about the lovely little cardi she knitted for Sindy Claire and well… I had something that I like to call a brain flash. You know. When a glorious idea pops in your head and you can think of nothing else? Well. It happened. And this is what resulted from it.

Also I, rather belatedly, realized that the timelines don’t quite match up. So… Well. I was going to have their 4th child be an accident, but I’m thinking instead I’ll go with this. Just… Ignore the continuity issues.

“I must get up,” she said.

“No. Ye dinna need to shower.”

“Yes I do! I’m beginning to smell like you!”

“We’ve made love twice, Sassenach. Our honeymoon was far worse than twice afore ye showered. And ye always say that ye like how I smell.”

She sighed.

“I do. I like the way you smell, not the way I smell like you.”

“But then who’s perfect round arse will I fondle?”

“You could try fondling your own. But I’m showering.”

“Fine. But be quick about it. I’ve a job to do.”

Claire snorted and finally got out of their bed, pulling on his shirt and his trousers before going down the hall to shower.

He lay in bed, smiling madly to himself, thinking about the ‘events’ of the last few hours. Part of him felt bad, standing up Murtagh and Suzette, but Claire hadn’t taken no for an answer.

Just as he was reaching for his phone to call Murtagh back, a loud banging came from the front door downstairs. Claire couldn’t answer it, she was still in the shower.

He reached for his shirt only to realize she’d run off with it. Again. More banging and an angry voice muttering Gaelic curses made Jamie grumble.

“Damned woman…”

The only thing within reach was her favorite knit cardigan. There was no way on God’s green earth he’d be able to fit it over his broad shoulders.


Rolling his eyes, Jamie grabbed the knit thing and wrapped it about his hips as best he could.

Christ it was cold! No wonder she’d almost gotten fully dressed before running to shower.


“Enough, damn it! I’m coming!”

Freezing to the bone, he went to the front door and opened it.

Murtagh glared at him. The worst glare Jamie had ever seen on the clansman’s face. His hair was slicked back and tied in a very neat tail, his beard well groomed and oiled. Jamie’s guilt only grew, seeing the effort his godfather had put into the night.

“And just what the hell is wrong wi’ ye?!”

“Murtagh, I can explain. I-”

“Was taking yer wife to bed THAT much more important?! Have ye no’ done that a million times already!?”

“Aye, I have. But she-”

“Pull yer head out of yer arse, ye pig-heided idiot!”

Jamie took a breath.

“I’m sorry, Murtagh.”

“Now I’ll have to do it later…”

Jamie frowned, painfully aware of his mostly-naked state.

“Do what?”

“Propose to Suzette, ye moron!”

Jamie’s mouth fell open.

“That’s what tonight as about? Ye meant to propose?”

“Aye! And I wanted ye to be there! Closest thing I’ll ever ha’ to a son.”

“Murtah, I’m so verra sorry. I didna ken ye meant to marry her.”

“Aye. I do. Now I’ll ha’ to do the whole bloody thing again. Why, exactly, was taking yer wife to bed more important than dinner wi’ me?”

Jamie swallowed and shifted his hand to cover his more tender bits. Claire was far from done with him tonight and he’d like to give her that last child she wanted.

“Ah… Weel… Claire wouldna gi’ me my shirt back, ye ken.”

Murtagh’s face didn’t budge.

“And, ah… She told me she wanted another bairn. So… I had to, ye ken. It’s… It’s that time in her cycle. I couldna say no. I tried, Murtagh. I did. But… Ye ken I canna really say no to her for verra long.”

“So ye’re havin’ another bairn?”

Jamie nodded slowly, hand still covering his man-parts.

“Aye, we hope so.”

“Then I pray he’s a wicked little bugger who bites and kicks ye constantly. I’ll pray that he’s just like you were as a bairn.”

Murtagh stepped closer and smacked the back of Jamie’s head.

“Yer mam taught ye better than that.”

“Aye. Claire and I will make it up to ye both. I promise.”

“Ye better. Suzette isna verra happy.”

“Where is she?”

Murtagh’s cheeks turned a deep shade of crimson.

“Weel she’s at home at the moment. Sleeping.”

Jamie repressed his urge to laugh.

“Aye, good. She deserves a rest. I am sorry, Murtagh.”

“Good. Congradulations on the new bairn to ye.”

“I thank ye.”

Awkwardly climbing back up the stairs, Claire was just closing the door behind her.

“Who was that?”


“Is he cross with us?”

“Aye, a bit. Nothing that a good bottle or two of whiskey canna fix. Come here.”


“Because I’m frozen stiff and the best way to warm a cock is to stick it in yer hot honeypot.”

Claire rolled her eyes and shook her head, walking towards their bedroom.

“Just take all the romance out of it.”

“Ye said nothing o’ romance, only wanting a bairn.”

“You could romance me just a little.”

“Tomorrow. I’m freezing!”

And for your viewing pleasure, here we have poor DDPJamie trying to protect himself while freezing and talking to Murtagh.

It was the first day of Yukicon today! I wore my FIG&VIPER x Vocaloid IA t-shirt with Bubbles garter shorts and a knit cardi.

The con itself was pretty lame (I’m sorry!) but I think for me it was basically because most of my friends couldn’t attend. 
I arrived there after 1pm and wandered around checking out the merch booths and artist alley. A while after that neido came to meet up with me which cheered me up a lot. We chatted and walked around the con building for some time. All in all today was quite nice, I hope tomorrow will be even more fun _(´ཀ`」 ∠)_

The floral jumpsuit is one of our must-have pieces for spring. Take it from day to night with a knit cardi and boho-inspired finishing touches.