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I just realized something yall...

Everyone knows I’m up and down Klonnie trash. No shame. In your face. “How you like me now?” Klonnie trash.

But it really have come to my attention, that more than anything, I’m Bonnie Bennett trash.

She is so fun to write. Like, I seriously be sliding her in any and every tv universe lol. Pairing her up with people I never thought could meet, but what if they could? I talking about friendships, enemies, even lovers. Bonnie and Lestat? Huh?? Where did that come from? Bonnie and the Beacon Hills Gang 😁 Bonnie interacting with the Grimm characters (mostly Rosalee because I adore her). Bonnie Bennett and Abbie Mills (Babbie I shall call it) have to be my ultimate favorite to write. Two bad ass black women being gorgeous, strong, and kicking ass? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Bonnie👏And👏Shades👏???!!! As a demon as well??? You know…sometimes I wonder what be going through my head when I write these drabbles lol. I just came home from work and immediately went on here and save all these gifs for future Klonnie and co. drabbles…save me from myself.

THAT, and more than klonnie happiness, I’m ALL for Bonnie Bennett happiness. I love her character. I love writing, exploring, expanding her character and love when other amazing authors do it as well. I haven’t read any new fan fics lately, but I always bookmarked them to read later. There are SO many and I can’t wait to have a moment to sit down and read them. Whatever and whenever Bonnie Bennett is on my tumblr (whether it’s fan fics, fan art, gifs, playlist, etc), I always reblog.

I love Bon Bon and she seriously deserve better than what her character is given. Fudge these little breadcrumbs of HAPPINESS they give and steal away from her and the fandom. BAITING bamon fans. Julie Plague DESTROYING Bonkai. No touchy touchy with any of the Originals. Klonnie and Kennett would’ve been gold, but no. Not able to have real connections with other characters (Matt, Tyler, Stefan, just name a few) and not having a LIFE outside of the supernatural mess. What happened to College? What was her major? What kind of career does she wants? What’s her hobbies? Girl could probably knit her some bomb ass hats and scarfs but we don’t know. TVD don’t tell us nothing.

And yes, I’m glad Bonnie found love in Enzo and Enzo love her just as much. I don’t watch TVD but I see the gifs and videos on tumblr 👌👌 She could be with anyone or even find her independence and get the flip out of Mystic Falls, as long as she’s happy, that’s awesome…but how long is that going to last? If I know this crappy show, Julie and Co. is going to find some way to rip her happiness away from her. Especially if Elena coming back. Man, please 👋 If it doesn’t turn out that way, I’d be truly surprised…truly.

This post/rant went longer than it supposed to, but you guys get my point, right?

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can i request for some kiyoko headcanons?? i just!! love her!! so much!!!! thank u!!!

she’s beautiful 

• when she was younger she used to do figure skating but quit after two years 

• blind as a bat 

• probably has a navel piercing 

• she’s the kind of person who is always prepared, need band aids? check. lip balm? check. bug spray? check. she got it

• gets easily hooked on tv shows and binge watches all seasons in one night

• she knits!  

• bath bombs are her guilty pleasure 

• hums a lot when she’s cooking 

Miss Ostrich HC's

Okay guys. Guess what I did! So for those of you who don’t know, someone ( @siickbee2 ) asked a rather important question: Is there an ostrich ymbryne? It kind’ve just escalated in what’s left of the MPHFPC fandom. So naturally, I created some HC’s for it. Slight cursing by the way! I’m not sorry man.

Miss Ostrich HC’s

• Her name is Winona Beatrice Ostrich
• She’s great, man
• Natural born British Lady™
• She’s like 64 years old
• Has a loop in 1773 that’s in Stockport, Manchester
I think it’s autumn in the loop? Like October 17th?? Yeah let’s go with that
• She’s a badass though
• Doesn’t take people’s shit
• Hosts yearly “meet ‘n greets” with the other ymbrynes and their peculiar children
• She’s strict, but lovable
• If you’re on her good side, she’s really nice to you and treats you like on of her own
• She can knit AND bake some bomb ass cookies (and has a secret gun stash under her bed but shhhhhh)
• Pretty smart too (she sometimes coaches a rugby team)
• Pretty old school though
• The whole “boys pull out the chairs for girls at the table and ladies first” thing
• That’s just because she was born back in the early 1700’s
• Both her parents were peculiar also which is really REALLY rare
• She takes great pride in her family tree and where she’s from
• Is more of an ‘eye for an eye’ kinda gal
• Her favorite color is peach
• She isn’t that much of a jokester, but absolutely loves people’s reaction when she turns into an Ostrich
• Back in her younger years, she was embarrassed of it
• Now she embraces it
• “Get your head out of the clouds” “Yeah, and get it into the ground” “WINONA”
• Always has her hair up
• A bit of a perfectionist
• By a bit I mean a lot
• Loves her Loop and all of her wards
• Helps teach some young ymbrynes how to create loops, take care of wards, and things such as that
• A great baker, not that good of a cook though
• May be old school, but accepting of all
• Doesn’t really question people, unless you are doing something completely reckless that might endanger others
• Big fan of swing music
• Also LIVES for theatre!
• She sometimes directs little plays that her wards perform! OH MY GOODNESS THAT WOULD BE ADORABLE YES
• Her favorites are Amadeus, Matilda, and MARY POPPINS because yes
• Has her wards go out and see what new plays the modern world has created
• She’s just a great, strict, tough, kind, accepting, strong old lady and she’s great okay
• Ransom Riggs, if you are reading this can you please make another book series for Miss Ostrich and her peculiar children???


Netizens debate over yarn bombs in Shanghai

A couple of trees in Shanghai became a local delight after they were draped in yarn knittings last Thursday. However, the beauty and fame didn’t last long, as the Shanghai government removed the much adored accessories on Wednesday.

The phoenix trees on Nanchang road were “yarn bombed” by a group of expats, the Shanghai Daily reported. Yarn bombing, also known as graffiti knitting or “kniffiti,” is a kind of street art that uses colorful displays of knitted yarn on public facilities. The movement is believed to have originated in Texas, US, in 2005 after Magda Sayeg first covered the door handle of her boutique with a knitted cozy.

As the colorful outfits successfully stunned passersby the next morning, netizens also showed their admiration towards the creative works, saying “they added beauty to the city.”

However, on Wednesday, one week after the incident, the city government removed the outfits, citing concerns that they would cause harm to the trees’ healthy growth.

This decision has triggered heated discussions online. While some say the government made the right decision, others are arguing that the city should be more open to creative minds.

“I can understand the government’s concerns, but maybe they could have kept the decorations up longer. They made the street appear more dynamic,” commented @Shiqiangqiang.

“The sweaters that fit human bodies may not suit the trees as well,” argued @Yueluoxishanby.