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Feyre and Rhys buying clothes for their baby

welcome to the sequel to this

They were out in the city one afternoon when Feyre paused on the cobblestone walk at the bright storefront. She stared in the window at the elaborately carved wooden cradle, a stack of soft looking blankets, and a display of clothes so impossibly small that she bit her lip, hand going instinctively to the bump under her loose dress.

“Do you want to go in?” Rhys asked, eyes catching hers briefly.  Though at first they’d kept the news among their family and friends, the word was beginning to murmur through the city, especially since Feyre was growing out of a significant portion of her wardrobe.  No matter where they went now, people were congratulating them, even sending them gifts.  Feyre was still getting used to the fame that came with being a High Lady so he hadn’t rushed her in doing anything too public when it came to their baby yet.

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