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You like me

Continuation of my Paradise fic.

Fandom: Skam

Ship: Noorhelm

Type: One-shot/Series

originally published to ao3.

I’m really enjoying writing these little glimpses into Noora and Williams life after that first kiss. And thank you for all the comments, here and on oa3. (especially @nonibanoni you’re the best!)

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Fifth meeting

Previous chapters: First meeting, Second meeting, Third meeting, Fourth meeting.

Being partly nocturnal had its advantages.  Most prey were diurnal, which meant Tobias could hit the gym in peace without as many suspicious looks and the comments that had begun accompanying them.  

“I’m sorry, but our other costumers would feel more comfortable if you-” or “We reserve our right to refuse service-” or just the plain “We don’t want your type here”

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