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Some knitting related selfies. Knitties? How do all those ravelry folk make those glorious shawl shots I will never know. It probably involves other people? Anyway, the wind ruined most of my shots, but the beads are pretty clear on these ones.

Above shawl: Witchy Woman by Kristi Holaas. Made with love and Lamingtonlass lace and a Trillion rainbowcolored black beads who are clinging to the shawl like like beetles
The other shawl: Voodoo by Boo knits. Made with love and a gradient by Wollelfe and huge triangle beads.

it’s a banner day for textiles

@garbagefingers – time to start the Estonian party! The big orange book is amazing, covering knitting, embroidery, beading, & all sorts. The black book is great, too, but it’s only about knitting. Since I have a lot more embroidery experience than knitting experience, I’m sure it’ll prove a great help. Here are some pictures, as promised.

Looking for blogs to follow.

Now that I am getting back into the swing of things here on Tumblr, I’ve decided it’s time to go on a following spree! So, if your blog is primarily concerned with any of the following, please reblog this and I will come have a look :-)




*Embroidery/cross stitch



*Tatting/lace making


Thank you :-)

TRUE ROMANCE XI + Book 2 of Soul Mate [also on AO3]

Summary: What if second chances did exist…except in another lifetime?

A/N: My dudes, that chapter is finally here! Sorry I said it was last chapter, I could’ve sworn it was…any who, enjoy! P.S. for those who don’t read smut, I added three little * to section off where the smut begins/ends.

Warning: Soft smut,  but literally it’s not to detail and is kinda short…?

Word Count: 3.4K+


Tossing and turning in bed, you clutched tightly against your sheets as your eyebrows knitted, beads of sweat trickling down your forehead as you felt yourself getting lost in your nightmare.  “And what if I do not?”

Soon to regret his question, you were instantly ripped from the spot you were standing in, now in Snokes hold as his lanky fingers wrapped around your neck. “She dies.”

“Let her go!” Kylo shouted, instantly sticking out his hand as he ripped Snokes grip off of you, watching you fall to your knees. “She has nothing to do with this!”

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❝  PRODUCE 101  ❞ – jaehyun & johnny, the hermit & the fool.

every once in a while johnny got the energy to grocery shop (not that he usually even cooked for himself at home, anyways, always eating fast food and buying everything from street vendors), but if his mother had seen him eating so poorly, she’d probably lose her mind. so with the scolding of his parents in mind, the boy sucked it up and decided that it was time to get some actual fruits and veggies. 

he spent over ten minutes in the snack isle, gripping the cart handle so hard his knuckles were stark white, fighting back the urge to just fill up the basket with more foods he didn’t need. his brows were knitted together, a small bead of sweat forming on his forehead with the pressure of ‘do i buy this? do i not?’ to anyone on the outside, johnny just looked very deep in thought about potato chips, but for johnny this was true inner turmoil. 

he triumphed the isle by picking up pita chips instead because weren’t they healthier? he’d feel better shoveling all of those in rather than the greasy ones. half an hour later the boy had everything he needed, had talked himself into actually getting fish from the deli and buying things he knew would make his parents proud to see in his fridge. johnny mo wasn’t an adult in the least bit, twenty-two or not

his last stop was cabbage – yeah, he’d also talked himself into making his own homemade kimchi – humming a tune and bobbing his head as he looked over which one was greener. it seemed there was another man just as into the cabbages as he was, but judging by the look on the poor guy’s face, johnny could tell he was just downright lost

“need any help? i don’t mean to interrupt, but if you’re lookin’ for a good one? take this one!” johnny handed jaehyun the cabbage he’d chosen for himself with a sweet smile. “i’m johnny.”