kylo-yelling asked:

I think my last ask may have been eaten! Can you recommend patterns for a first-time/scrap knitted sweater? Thank you! :)

Hi there!  Yes, I think it must have been eaten.  Sorry about that!

My very favorite sweater pattern to recommend to folks looking to knit their first sweater is Flax by Tin Can Knits:

It’s not a scrap sweater per se but I suppose it could be knitted with scrap yarn.  Does anyone else have specific recs for patterns specifically designed for scrap yarn?


Super bulky wool beanie - handknit winter hat gray grey warm knit knitted toque one size fits all teen and adult women and men

New beanie is up in the shop! Use coupon code FAVORITE15 for $0.50 off! :)

Want this in a different color? Message me for a custom order!


Happy Saturday! I’m back at my parent’s place this weekend for Chinese New Year. My dad is heading to China on Monday (which is the actual day of CNY) so we decided to start the celebrations a little earlier. Needless to say, I’ve eaten so much of my mom’s cooking I can hardly move. It’s rare for all of us to be together, with my dad in CT and my brother in university, so I’m making the most of our family time.  ❤

I’m still catching up on posts, so here’s another old OOTD from my housewarming party awhile back. A bunch of my close girlfriends and I got together to play board games, drink wine, and just hang out. And also to celebrate me moving into my new place of course! I always have a blast with these girls, and this night was no exception. It’s good to be back in Toronto, it really is.

For those who asked for a heads up about the upcoming measurement that will hopefully earn me a spot in the #GuinnessBookofWorldRecords, my plan is to spread it out on March 5 in the #SunkenGardens of the #SantaBarbara Courthouse. I’ll head out early. It takes about 9 hours to properly spread it out, so if you want to be an official witness plan to come in the late afternoon.
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