Headcannon 3

not solangelo but fabulous all the same… 

Okay so Jason can knit and crochet and he’s actually really good???? So he make scarves and hats and stuff at Christmas time and gives them to everyone mostly because he’s not too good at thinking of gifts and REMEMBERING TO BUY THEM. Annabeth has a bag he made that she carries EVERYWHERE. His fingers are surprisingly nimble; exhibit a - earrings he made for Piper. Thalia gets awesome half gloves and Nico has a cool beanie, Frank got a scarf and Hazel got one of those cute hats with the gloves on the end and it looks like a panda (duh) and Percy got socks. He also makes little stuffed animals for the newer younger campers. He does it really well and really fast because nobody ever actually sees him do it. Plus its not cheesy stuff it literally looks store bought and NOBODY KNOWS WHY HE’S SO GOOD AT IT!!!

Old man side effects?