Tickle Ask! (SFW)

Neck = Like or Dislike being tickled?

Under Chin = Favorite verbal tickle-teases?

Belly/Sides = Most ticklish spots?

Back = Favorite way to tickle someone? (Position, tickle tool, etc.)

Armpits = Favorite spot to tickle?

Ribs = Favorite tickle tool?

Hips = Knismesis (gentle tickles) or Gargalesis (heavy tickles)?

Thighs = Restraints or none? If so, what kind of restraints? (Restraints include pinning and/or tying.)

Knees = Specific someone you’ll let tickle you?

Soles = Prefer to tickle or BE tickled?

Toes = What is tickling to you?
Knismesis and Gargalesis

Knismesis and gargalesis are the scientific terms, coined in 1897 by psychologists G. Stanley Hall and Arthur Allin, used to describe the two types of tickling. Knismesis refers to the light, feather-like type of tickling. This type of tickling generally does not induce laughter and is often accompanied by an itching sensation. Gargalesis refers to harder, laughter-inducing tickling, and involves the repeated application of high pressure to sensitive areas. (via sleevia)

Two years after the end

Now that I think back it happened so fast. At the time it felt like months of back to back nightmares that I couldn’t wake up from but it was actually just a couple of weeks. Civilization was thousands of years in the making and it imploded in just a few weeks. If it weren’t for them I would still have a hard time believing it.

Those first couple of weeks were the worst of my life and I don’t want to write about them right now so I’ll just talk about the present.

I decided to start writing this journal in case I die or go insane or worse. I can’t just disappear from all records…no no that can’t happen so I guess I’ll just start writing.

I don’t know why I complain so much my current situation is probably better than ninety percent of the world. My family are survivors especially me and my dad. He built our house which turned out to be the best thing anyone has ever done for any of us. I’ll describe our current situation.

My house is in Tallahassee Florida but it is pretty far away from the main city and it is pretty isolated by the woods so we don’t get many of them here. The house itself is built on a hill which rises toward the north so on the north side(top of the hill) it is two stories but we have a basement dug into the hill so it is technically three stories and the south side has large sliding garage doors for the basement and a staircase leading up to the “ground floor”. The second story has a wraparound porch which is perfect for shooting from and defending the house. We knocked down the stairs on the south side so that side is basically impenetrable because you can’t climb up and you would have a hard time breaking through because the basement wall is made of thick stone blocks(even if you did break through the only way into the house from the basement is a narrow stairway leading up to a single doorway which could be easily defended). We boarded off all of the windows and doors on the north ground floor and barricaded the porch on the east side so they can’t get in.

For the standards of this new age we live in a palace.

It stays pretty cool in the summer because its so open and the winter is relatively easy with our wood stove and a forest of fuel right next to the house. The house also stays pretty well lit during the day and we have oil lamps for the night.

We converted our well to a manual system after the power went out and it has a stone well house built around it so they can’t tamper with the water. We have a septic tank and plenty of water so the toilets still work and you can heat water on the stove and take a warm bath if you’re willing to pump all the water. We also have a solar water heater so if someone were to build a small water tower over the well you could have warm running water.

We grow various things like tomatoes, peas, squash, etc… in a green house that has shoulder high stone walls before the glass starts and a barricaded door so the food is safe. There are also herds of wild deer that we go out and hunt then we smoke, dry, or salt the meat and store it and the vegetables in the cool basement for later. We occasionally go on food runs for some variety though.

We have 6 hunting rifles that we stole from our neighbors house(they are seasonal hunters) and a pretty good pile of ammunition hidden in the basement where nothing can get to it. We also have another rifle and a pistol that we already owned.

So that’s the situation here at our little fortress and not much happens so I guess I’ll write more when something does happen.