Your amazing support not only rocketed Joyride (see what I did there?) from a 4-issue miniseries to an ongoing, but thanks to you we keep selling out! Check out these intensely rad covers for our second and third printings of Joyride!

Joyride #1 2nd print cover by Scott Hepburn

Joyride #1 3rd print cover by Emily Choi

Joyride #2 2nd print cover by Ian Herring
Joyride Is a Modern Love Letter to Classic Scifi and Teenage Rebellion
Let me be clear: Joyride is a comic, even though that’s a video trailer for it above. The first issue, from Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, and Marcus To, hits comic stores today courtesy of Boom Studios, and it’s a modernized version of those classic tales of teens rebelling against the system. In this case, though, the “system” is the giant galaxy full of aliens they’ve escaped into, and the fascist Earth government that is determined to bring them back home.
By Rob Bricken

🚀🌠JOYRIDE is officially an ongoing series now!!🚀🌠

Thanks for supporting this series, pals, you’re the best. Now let’s stay in space forever!

March is a month full of all the licensing stuff I did with DC comics, this time it’s for General Mills cereal. This month in boxes of Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms, Honey Nut Cheerios, Trix and Golden Grahams you can find 1 of 4 mini comics and one of them titled “Picture Proof” was written by Marguerite Bennett, pencils and inks by myself and colours by Irma Kniivila. 


JOYRIDE #3: From Script to Page

As promised, a look at the Catrin/Uma mind-meld sequence from JOYRIDE #3 - from our initial script to Marcus To’s insanely perfect art. Note the lack of panels, the amount of “you do you, Marcus!”, etc. This book is like jazz - and here’s our sheet music.

Should it be any surprise the difference is striking?

Next time somebody tells you comics is a writer’s medium, show them JOYRIDE. So say the writers of JOYRIDE.

All hail Marcus To and Irma Kniivila.


This mug makes a very regular appearance in my sketchbook musings - it’s come to symbolize so many things for me that it’s gonna feel like a piece of me is gone the day it breaks.