yo i’m super done hearing about how religious people are bigoted, sexist, etc
let me tell you about my mom, the presbyterian minister

-when i was in kindergarten and i liked to chase and tease the person i liked, she didn’t give me any of that “aw cute it’s hair-pulling” bullshit; she straight up told me that that was harassment and i needed to stop out of respect for the other person
-she’s been fighting for queer rights in the church and the area since before i was born
-when i was a baby middle schooler and decided i was pro-life, she calmly and plainly explained to me why she, as a christian and a feminist, was pro-choice, and ended up changing my mind
-when one of our congregation members came out as trans*, she made sure to change all the bathrooms on the main floor of the church to unisex ones and didn’t let anybody else misgender or disrespect our congregation member as she transitioned
-when our super old congregation members start spouting racist or islamophobic bullshit she doesn’t put up with it or say “well they’re very old so it’s just how they are,” she gently but firmly informs them that what they’re saying is incorrect and hurtful
-she never refers to God with gender-specific pronouns; like instead of saying “our heavenly father” she’ll say “our heavenly parent”
-maybe 8% of her job is writing and delivering sermons and the other 92% is serving as a lifeline for people with financial troubles, mental health problems, drug addictions, abusive families, i could go on and on,
-the other day i was leaving the house and she said “may the QUEENdom of God watch over you” my mom is really cute

in conclusion, my mom (who’s in her late fifties) has been an activist since she was in high school, she’s been fighting the good fight since before most of y'all were born, and her belief in God and her strong faith is part of what empowers her to dedicate her entire life to helping other people, so before you start spouting shit like everything that’s bad and bigoted is the fault of religion and all people who believe in God are mindless oppressive drones, maybe instead think about her and the many many people like her who you don’t hear about because good deeds always go unnoticed, and realize that disrespecting these people’s faith just because a few shitty people happen to share it is just not helpful at all.

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I've seen you post about church before, so correct me if I'm wrong, but you were raised as a Christian, I assume. Do you ever regret it? It's a bit more of a sheltered life than some. Also, are you an athiest/agnostic and if you are do your parents know/care?

not only was i raised as a Christian, my mom is actually a presbyterian minister! and while i still am a Christian (i actually have a cross tattooed on my hand~), i sometimes do regret that i was raised that way?

i love my mom a lot, and she’s an amazing person of faith, but like…when i was a kid, church didn’t have as much to do with God as it had to do with mom’s work, at least in my mind. i didn’t develop a personal relationship with God until after i’d spent a couple years going to a presbyterian summer camp in my area–at that camp i felt more free to ask questions and pose problems and figure things out about my faith than i ever did at home. not that my mother would have gotten mad at me for asking questions, it just would have felt wrong, somehow, to challenge something that had always been a constant in our house. not only that, but there was no one even close to my age at church, whereas at camp i could talk to people of faith who i related more closely to. and even to this day, my mom is the one person that i absolutely CANNOT talk about my faith to. despite the fact that my mother is a very accepting and loving person, i worry that if i believed something that she didn’t, she would disapprove and try to change my mind. i don’t know if that’s true, and i may be making a baseless assumption, but she’s so constant and sure of her faith that i feel embarrassed talking to her about mine, because i fuck up a lot and i’m not nearly as dedicated as i should be.

i also just personally believe that religion NEEDS to be a personal choice, not just because everyone has that right, but because faith means little, in my opinion, if it’s chosen for you. i sometimes worry that i wouldn’t be a Christian if i hadn’t been raised that way, and i think i should explore other faiths to make sure that Christianity is what i really believe in, you know?


I was trying to think of a less boring way to say “I am going to work tomorrow and will probably not be on the internet for a week, maybe two?”

Then this popped up on my facebook wall. This video is a fairly accurate representation of the folks I’m spending my summer with, especially my boss. Not to mention remarkably similar to my mother…

True facts:
-My mother preaches like that
-My mother hyphenated our last name
-My mother calls God “Our Heavenly Parent” instead of “Our Heavenly Father”
-I once met Mr. Rogers at a Presbyterian church
-I am so fucking sick of “Sanctuary”