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In which Y/N tends to Bills wounds after the Neibolt house

Y/N unwrapped the band aid and gently placed it on Bills cheek.

“You could’ve gotten yourself killed running at that clown like that.” Y/N said as she pulled out an alcohol wipe and cleaned the cut on Bills upper arm.

“Yeah, b-but IT wuh-was c-coming after yuh-you.” Bill said as he winced at the stinging alcohol on his cut.

Y/N smiled as she wrapped a bit of gauze around his arm.

“I know. And I appreciate you defending me like that. But that’s no excuse to be throwing yourself at that thing.” Y/N replied while wiping the dirt and dust off of him.

Y/N leaned back and looked him, scanning him for any more large cuts or scrapes.

Bill looked at Y/N wish an ashamed expression on his face and Y/N wiped off a little bit of dirt that was still on his cheek.

“But look at it this way. You’re like my knight on a shining bike now.” Y/N said as Bill smiled at her soft hand on his cheek.

Y/N helped Bill up off of his bedroom floor and they both sat down on his bed.

“You wanna know something, Bill?” Y/N asked as she grabbed his hand.

Bill gave her a confused look.

“You look kinda cute covered in bandages.”


Request; darryl gets thrown out of the group?

Summery; The reader is underage and gets a little too close with Daryl one night, causing him to be thrown out of the group.

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 1584 Words
  • Warnings; language, mention of rape, underage-ness.

You race after Rick, trying to get to him before he got to Daryl, who is supposed to be sleeping in his cell slash room. You feel terrible, the feeling of guilt setting in the longer the day goes on, and it only just started.

Rick calls for Daryl down the cell block, reaching the curtain he stapled up for a bit of privacy. None of that matters right now, though.

Daryl pokes his head out of the curtain and blinks. He’s always a grump when someone wakes him up, and it’s very clear today was no exception to that. He grunts and walks out in the clothes he wore the day before.

“You son of a bitch.” Rick walks up to Daryl, pointing a finger in his face. Hershel is not far behind, coming up behind you as you rush over to the two men before a large fight broke out. “What were you thinkin’?”

Daryl’s hands shoot up in the air as he narrows his eyes at Rick. “Thought I could get a nap in. Was I wrong?”  His tone was flat, annoyed that he’d been woken up.

“Rick, it wasn’t his fault!” You try, glancing over at Hershel. He walks up and leans against one of his crutches. “Hershel, please.”

Hershel shrugs his shoulders and gives you a look that tells you not to start, that their minds were made up already. “I’m sorry, darling.”

This is it. You grew up with Hershel and his daughters, never knowing your real family. They abandoned you when you were little, unable to take care of a small kid. You never think about them, never really cared that they left you. Hershel was always there for you, always gave you what you needed and you never asked for anything more. Until now, until you met Daryl Dixon.

Hershel was the man who raised you, though you never found yourself calling him your father. Hershel was just that—Hershel, the man who took you in when you couldn’t take care of yourself. Now that you thought you were old enough, Hershel didn’t want to let you go.

“The hell you wake me up for?” Daryl places his hands on his hips and looks at his best friend, Rick. Rick was the second man to take you in. In times of need, he was the fatherly figure in your life. From the time Hershel ran away to get drunk to the time Hershel lost his leg, Rick was there.

Rick thrusts his hand out in your direction. “Sneakin’ off to meet little girls at night, are ya?

Daryl blinks again, this time fully awake and ready to fight. He looks at you then at Hershel. He opens his mouth to speak, closes it, and opens it again. “I ain’t no child molester, Rick.”

“Did you sneak out with Y/N last night?” Rick puts his hands on his hips. You can’t help but take notice in the gun that’s placed there. “Tell us the truth, Daryl.”

“If I did?” Daryl takes a step closer and gets in Rick’s face, looking him right in the eyes. “Gonna throw me out?”

“She’s underage.” Rick counts with his fingers, not taking his gaze off of Daryl. “She’s Hershel’s daughter, the same man that gave you a chance on his far—“

Daryl shoves Rick back. Rick stumbles a couple of feet and holds onto one of the cell doors to keep his balance. You rush over to Daryl in the meantime, placing your hands firmly on his chest and holding him back.

“No!” You try to hold him back.

“Y/N! Get away from him.” Hershel doesn’t move, he can’t. He reaches out for you to take his hand.

“I ain’t never touched her!” Daryl shouts.

“Outside. Now.” Rick is back on his feet, hurrying over and pushing you away from Daryl. He grabs his hands and holds them behind his back. “I am still a cop.”

“Gonna cuff me, sheriff?” Daryl laughs as Rick leads him outside.

You scurry outside behind the three men. Despite being early morning, the sky is grey and the air is chilly. In the distance, you hear thunder booming and lightning flashes across the sky, lighting up the field for a second.

Everybody is looking as Daryl shouts and yells curses at Rick. Rick doesn’t seem fazed as he takes Daryl down to the gate, where his precious motorcycle rests.

You feel a raindrop hit your nose as you march down the hill. You pause, just for a second, and the bottom falls out of the sky, drenching you in cold rain.

“Let go of me!” Daryl fights against Rick, who still has a tight grip on his wrists. “Fuck!”

“Rick…”You plead. “Rick, listen. He never touched me!”

By now, most of the others have gathered around to watch what was happening. Rick stops just short of the bike and lets go of Daryl.

Daryl whips himself around and rubs his wrists hate dripping from his gaze at the man he thought was a friend. “Thanks.” He spits.

“Some of us are uncomfortable with how close you have gotten with Y/N.” Hershel stands up and looks over at Daryl. “We’ve had the discussion. We want you to leave.”

Daryl catches your eye. He looks away and glances up at Rick, still rubbing his wrists. “This how you treat family?”

“I agree with Hershel. It’s wrong. Sneaking in her room during the way, sneaking away with her at night. She’s young and naïve.” Rick shrugs his shoulders, never breaking his look to Daryl.

“That’s it. A few damn rumors and all y’all think I’m messin’wit’ her?” Daryl looks around at everyone, watching as they all awkwardly try to avoid looking back at him. They know what they’ve done. It isn’t entirely the fact that he’s been caught with you.

“We need you to go, Daryl.” Rick nods to the bike, which you now notice is already packed and ready to go. When did they have time to do that?

You step up. “It’s not his fault, not at all. I went to his room after a nightmare and he told me a walk would help. I didn’t want to go alone, so he came with me. Is it that big of a deal?”

“You’re too young for him.” Hershel says,

“So he can talk to Beth and Carl and that’s no problem, but talking to me is a mistake?”

“Y/N. This is not up for a negotiation.” Rick states.

It’s eerily quiet as Daryl stands in the middle, holding his wrists and glaring at everyone, waiting on someone else to dare say something against him. You can’t decide if speaking was a better option or not. Saying anything else could gave Daryl banned for life, or worse.

When you realize no one else was going to speak, you throw your hands in the air. Daryl once said this group was broken, the newbies were no different. Here they were, watching an innocent man be thrown out of their safe place, their new home. After everything else Daryl did for them.

“It’s time.” Rick nods.

Steam is just rising from Daryl. Guilt takes over you as you watch him mount his bike. It was only one night, one stupid night. It wasn’t even his idea, it was all yours. You snuck into his room, you slept beside him, you…kissed him.

“Daryl!” You laughed at the blushing man. He turned his head away from you so you couldn’t see his face turning red. “Don’t be embarrassed. Look,” you took his hand and placed it on your cheek. “I’m not going to scream rape just because you touched me.” You teased him, drawing him closer the more you spoke.

Daryl looked at you, blinking those beautiful baby blues. “Too risky…” He mumbles.

“Shhh.”You pressed a finger to his lips. You had full power over him, it was too easy. Daryl was just a little lost puppy needing to grow up, and you wanted to help him.

You had to lift yourself onto your tiptoes and stretch your neck just enough to plant a kiss against his lips. He pulls back from the shock, but you don’t let him get away. You grab ahold of his cheeks and kiss him roughly, nearly crashing your noses together as you try to stay balanced.

His hands grabbed your waist and pulled your body closer to his. Daryl was sloppy at first, but he got better as the kiss deepened. He became a natural in seconds.

“I’m sorry, brother.” Rick bows his head.

Daryl grunts. “Don’t like it here no way.” He starts his bike. You want him to look at you, to glance over and catch your eye. You want to let him now to stay close, that you are going to find a way to make this better.

He doesn’t look back.

The gate opens, thanks to Glenn and T-Dog. Daryl starts off, racing out of the prison and onto the dirt road.

Your eyes well up with tears as you watch the man leave.

“What?” You looked up to see Daryl watching you from his bunk. You were on the floor, braiding your hair before you had to go help at the fence, killing off walkers that came up.

Daryl smiled and shook his head. “How’d I get the girl?”

You giggled and slipped your fingers between Daryl’s. “Sometimes girls need a knight on a bike, not a prince charming.”

The Makai Knight protected cities seen in Garo

Port City: A town outside or part of the Tokyo region. Domain of the Saejima bloodline lineage of Garos. Name of the city was revealed in English on an envelope Kaoru was holding in one episode and on a coffee can inside a vending machine in Makai no Hana.

Rune City: Based on what was seen in Dragon Blood, this is an island port town with American influence as US dollars are an accepted form of currency for business. Name first appears on the sign of a flower shop that Alice walks past. Zero the Silver Fang Knight roams these parts.

Valiante: A kingdom from a Spanish Inquisition-like era owned by the royal family of San Valiante, whose lineage can be traced back to the fabled Knight of Light. Both it and the city of Santa Bard are protected by Leon Luis, the Garo of this era and his cousin Prince Alfonso, who bears the title of Gaia the Stronghold Knight. Due to a shortage of Makai Knights and Priests, these two have to travel a lot until things change for the better.

Vol City: Was protected for a while by Knights, but now has its own security force.

Line City: A city protected by Ryume, aka the best Watchdog boss a Makai Knight could ask for! Her power is so strong that Horrors cannot enter the city. Home of Ryuga Dougai and his support priestess Rian, who go outside the limits of Line to slay Horrors terrorizing humans further away, then come back and chill with Ryume.

Heian-kyō: ak by its modern name: Kyoto. Ancient Kyoto was protected by Raikou and Fujiwara no Yasusuke aka Zanga the Silver Knight.

And finally the most recent:

Russell City

A futuristic town with holographic blue road signs, advanced virtual reality avatars on the internet and the same old troubles of Horrors any time period has. Can’t wait to burn rubber? Makai Knights now come equipped with bikes to fill your need for speed! Home of the mysterious golden biker guy known only as Sword, our newest Garo!

youre-awesome96  asked:

So I got a 5star Klein, and I can't decide what to do with him. Save his brave bow+ for when I get another archer I like (though i already have a quad build summer gaius) or give his quick riposte to someone like xander, black knight, or bike. (I'm hesitant to give the death blow 3 since he can get it at 4 star)

I’d save for brave bow unless you really like one of those 3, otherwise you can just use the two form.