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Dear Men of Letters,

It’s cute that you think you are capable of killing the Winchesters. Just know stronger have tried, and have failed so hard. They beat the creator of monsters in less than a second. Two Princes of Hell are dead. The first demon gone. The final Knights of Hell died at their hands. I am genuinely confused as to why you people think you’re capable of doing what they couldn’t.


8x12 “As Time Goes By” // 10x03 “Soul Survivor”
Two Knights on the Hunt

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

Dean: And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days, from this day to that, for one chance – Just one chance to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they will never take… our freedom!

8x11 “LARP and the Real Girl” 

 Destiel Reverse Bang Art Masterpost

Fic: A drop of gold

Artist: @jdragon122

Author: @randomdestielfangirl


On a stormy Winter’s night, Prince Castiel of Preterra disappears mysteriously. His distressed parents, King Michael and Queen Naomi announce a reward for their only son’s safe return.

Half the Kingdom.

Among the slew of other hopefuls is the son of one of the Palace guards, hoping against hope that he finds his missing best friend and lover.

Yay! The fic for my DRB piece finally posted! The story was lovely, thank you @randomdestielfangirl!!! Everyone go check it out!


Jack: Oh, a lot of stuff! These are my favorite out of them! 
(My Joker is only one out of about 5 versions I have of him though) 

The Falcon and the Wolf Part 6

Summary:  This is an AU where you and Dean have been separated by a terrible curse for over two years.  The battle begins.  This is part six in a multi-part series.

Series Masterlist

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Characters: AU!Dean x Reader, AU!Sam, AU!Cas, AU!Gadreel, AU!Arthur, AU!Cain, AU!John, AU!Crowley, AU!Jess, AU!Abbadon, AU!Rowena, AU!Kevin, AU!Metatron

Word Count: 1961

Warnings: none, canon typical angst and violence

A/N:  This is partly inspired by one of my favorite childhood movies Ladyhawke, though I’m taking it in a different direction.  This will be a multi-part series.

This is my first AU series, so feedback is very much appreciated!



Dean’s POV

Battle horns sound in the distance as we make our way towards the castle.  We were never going to have the element of surprise, our army was too big.  The wide field to the south of the castle will be our battleground.  Far off in the distance the army, my father’s army, marches towards us.


I’m surrounded by the sounds of clashing metal and screaming men.  The scent of copper and dirt hang in the air.  Men rush at me from every side.  I slash, kick and punch at every onslaught.  A short distance away from me, Sam and Jess stand back to back, watching them work together has me longing for Y/N.  Cas is further down with his freedom fighters deep in the fray.

An enemy soldier’s sword catches my arm and I stumble back as he advances.  Suddenly a shadow passes overhead and he’s snatched from where he stands.  Crowley lands where the man just stood.

“No need to thank me dog,” he cackles, taking off into the sky again.

Their reinforcements are squeezing us tighter together.  We’re holding them off, but it won’t last long.  Hundreds of men and woman lay dead or wounded, many are ours; even more are Metatron’s.

The sky darkens, turning an ominous shade of red.  I look up to see the moon slowly sliding in front of the sun.  Anticipation floods my body, renewing my vigor as I dive into the battle again.

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Imagine Dean dressing as a knight for you

You grinned a little and laughed as your boyfriend walked into the war room with a brown shirt and chainmail. “What are you doing?” You weren’t laughing at him, really. You loved Renaissance/medieval lore, especially the idea of knights and knighthood. You couldn’t explain why. 

Dean glances down at his outfit before looking back up and replying easily and confidently, “Because you love it.” He took your hand and kissed it. 

You bite your lip even as you can feel the blush creeping onto your cheeks. “Well, you’re definitely not wrong, Sir Winchester.”

His Knight Chapter 6

His Knight Masterlist
Author: @riversong-sam
Summary:  Welcome to the land of Elara, a kingdom split in three run by the Winchester royal family. (Y/N) (Y/N/L) is a young woman who wants to be a knight. Will she achieve her dream? Join them on a journey of love and betrayal.
Word Count: 516
Parings/ characters: Sam x Reader, John x Mary, Dean x OFC yet to be named,  Cas, Lucifer, Gabriel, Chuck, Cain
Warnings:  AU
A/N: I hope you enjoy this new Sam AU! Feedback is greatly appreciated.

You were up early and out training by yourself. John himself was up early and was watching you from the window in Sams study. He watched and knew that you shouldn’t have been put through this. You shouldn’t have been raised like that, left so early by your father. Fifteen was so young to be left alone, especially being royalty as you were. He would have been proud to call you his daughter in law, and now that wouldn’t happen.
Sighing he turns away he vowed to keep you safe and he failed. He looks up as Mary enters.
“My beloved what is the matter? You seem upset.”
“I was supposed to protect her Mary! I failed, she’s been alone no doubt afraid. It’s not exactly safe out there.”
“You didn’t fail her John. You had no way of knowing where (Y/F/N) hid her. He did a marvelous job of hiding her. It was for her protection, there are those that are very unhappy with her kingdom falling apart they blame her family. You know that John those who swore to kill her.”    
“She’s still so quiet and respectful. What if something happened Mary? What if someone hurt her?”
“John.” Mary soothed him taking his face in her hands “She appears to be fine. She’s a fighter, always have been. We know about her now, we can protect her.”
“Hey mom have you seen…” Sam trails off seeing the intimate moment he interrupted.
“Seen who baby?” Mary asks pulling her hands away from her husband.
“(Y/N)? She’s not in her room.”
“Check out the window son.” John chuckles and Mary gives a knowing look. They could tell Sam was already becoming attached to you, and it was only a matter of time before they’d have to tell you both who you really were.
Over the next course of several days you learned how to protect Sam at all costs. Today you were taking a trip into the town first time as his personal guard, Sam had some business. You rode in the carriage with him, alert and ready as you scanned the area.
“(Y/N) relax I’ll be fine.” Sam chuckled. “This is routine.”
“I know that’s why I’m worried. Your enemies can know that too and amuse at any given point My Lord.”
Sam takes your hand briefly as the carriage stops, “I trust you.”
You blush slightly and dip your head “You’re confidence in me is appreciated.”
He smiles and you get out scanning the area again before letting him out and following him closely. The day went off without a hitch until you started back for the carriage. A man approached Sam and you caught a glimpse of a knife as you sprung into action and got Sam out of the way, taking a knife to the shoulder. Instinct kicked in and you didn’t think twice about stabbing the man in front of you though the heart.
Pushing his dead body away you ushered Sam into the carriage and left with him leaving two of the other guards to clean up the mess.

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I’ve had too many bad experiences with guys in real life. That’s why I live in a fictional world and have befriended fictional guys. I love my boys:

Marty McFly:

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Flower For The Lady (Knight!Dean Winchester x Reader)




These girls are idiots.

I sighed and looked up from my book to look at the large crowd swarming the knights: the Winchesters and co. Back from another war against King Crowley of the Southern lands. Every time they returned from a battle they were triumphant yet they always lost someone along the way. A few times the Winchester brothers had been lost, Dean even betraying the king to side with King Crowley before being brought back by his brother. So obviously the two boys were the centre of women’s attention.

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